How to Store Your Home Defense Shotgun / Shotlock Solo-Vault

How to Store Your Home Defense Shotgun / Shotlock Solo-Vault

What’s up guys let’s talk about the best
way to store your defense shotgun in your home. At some point we all
struggle with this decision. I want to have my shotgun ready if
someone’s breaking into my house but also want it locked up so my kids can’t
get to it. Unfortunately most of us end up doing
one or the other, either we’ll just lean it up against the wall behind the door
or lock it up in the safe where we can’t easily get to it. Now let’s go inside and I’ll show you
what I came up with to solve the problem. Alright guys, this is the Shotlock Shotgun
SoloVault. They run about a hundred and twenty bucks
and if you want to get one for yourself i’ll put a link in the description below. Now they make these in a couple
different versions, there’s an electric version and mechanical version. I went
with the mechanical version because i like the idea of never having to rely on
batteries. They also make one for a pistol and one
for AR-15. All the Shotlock vaults are made of a military-grade 14 gauge
steel. It’s got what they call a no-pry lid, so it’s
hard for people to pry it open. And it has double internal locking
hooks right here. It also comes with two trigger blocks
that are mainly supposed to be used with a semi-automatic shotgun but the way
that works is there going in like this right here and your trigger guard fits
right in there and that’s what holds the shotgun the other option is an ejection port
hanger that goes like this and your ejection port fits over that to hold the
shotgun in place now i mention i went with the mechanical version that has
over four-digit combination possibilities and it doesn’t rely on
batteries what that means is this thing is always
going to work, your combination is always going to open the vault and you never
have to worry about forgetting to replace the batteries and as you can see
there are plenty of mounting holes in the back so you can mount it pretty much
anywhere and the mechanism is really simple to operate just put in your
combination turn it to open and it opens right up when you close
it turn the lock and it won’t go and just
in case for some reason you forget your combination it does come with three override keys
I’m obviously not going to show you what my combination is i’m just using the
default combination you can change it to whatever combination you want to now I went with the trigger blocks even
though i have a pump shotgun and we’ll go over why did that in a little bit but
first let me show you a problem you’re going to run into if you have a
side saddle on your shotgun like I do this thing is not going to
work it’s not going to close all the way
because of that side saddle now from what i’ve read this is a pretty
common problem with people that want to use the Shotlock but they also want to
have a sidesaddle on the shotgun but don’t worry I got the solution for
you unfortunately guys we did have to take off the shell holder part of the
Tacstar but what that left us with is this perfectly flat plate to apply one
of the most tactical tools known to man velcro! we just have to apply some loop velcro
on the plate and some on the exterior door of the shotlock what that allows you to do is use one of
these velcro shotgun cards I got this one from soe gear now all you
do is slap one of your loaded shotgun cards on the outside of a shot lock that’s not going anywhere now when you
unlock the shot lock and pull your shotgun out rip it off of here set on the side of your shotgun and
you’re good to go problem solved now just to show you that
this is going let’s put a shotgun cord back on the
shotlock open her up and set the shotgun in place
and there you go closed up tight and once you decide
where you want to mount your shot clock just follow the install instructions and
now you have a safe way to store your shotgun that still gives you easy access when
you need it I’m also mounted a light right here because we all know
whenever that emergency happens you never going to have the perfect
situation so just in case the lights are off turn in here tap that light and that way
you can easily see the combination now i mention i’m using the trigger
blocks instead of the breech-block the reason I’m doing that is because of how
i want to stage my shotgun the way I prefer to stage my shotgun is you make sure visually and physically inspect it to
make sure it’s completely empty and you’re going to pull the trigger then you’re going to load your ammunition
into the magazine – what that does is when you get your shotgun out of the Shotlock all you have to do is and you’re ready to
shoot you don’t have to worry about engaging the
release because you’ve already pulled the trigger now if you were to use the breech block
with a pump shotgun you have to put it in like this which means when you take it out of the shotlock
you have to go forward, then engage your release, and then rack it that takes a lot more time a lot more fine
motor skills and in an emergency situation you just might not be able to do that
very well as you can see you can keep your shotgun pretty concealed especially
if you have some clothes hanging from I’m just going to demonstrate how to
deploy the shotgun when you need it thanks for watching guys make sure you
go over and check out my other video on how to set up my bedside gun please like share and subscribe stay
safe and protect your home

48 Replies to “How to Store Your Home Defense Shotgun / Shotlock Solo-Vault”

  1. I don't like those side saddles for the fact that it covers your serial numbers. If you shoot someone in your house or if law enforcement gets a hold of your shotgun, it's going to be a hassle to take it off to check the serial number. I also hate how it makes a groove marks when you take it off. I'm going to go the velcro way on my 590a1.

  2. I'm surprised, there's Barely enough room in there for the gun much less a gun turned sideways and the hanger….you may have it mounted wrong… the hanger comes with multiple layers to allow for different guns, are you using all of those?

  3. the adhesive on the Velcro I put on my shotlock doesn't hold. I find my velcroed sidesaddle on the floor. how did you get the adhesive to hold to the shotlock?

  4. That shit is gay as fuck…First off. If you have kids that would fuck around with your firearms without your consent. Then you are a shitty fucken parent for raising kids that don't respect/fear you…If you want to raise kids that wont get into shit their not supposed to. Then your going to have to pull up them big boy panties and start putting your hands on a mother fucker when they fuck up

  5. No thanks! Flimsy 14 gauge sheet metal mounted to wood studs, can be ripped off effortlessly. Just grab the barrel and the stock and twist it off the wall. 2×4's break easy. Plus, all the holes for "easy mounting", weaken the already weak sheet metal. I'll stick with my American Security safe.

  6. Good video bro some good points too. I didn't know how you was going to pull off the side saddle but that was a great idea. Most wouldn't like it but, it's like carrying your pistol you wouldn't carry without a spare mag….. would you!?! 👍🇺🇸

  7. When the bad guys here the velcro, they know trouble is on the way… or something like that. NIce product info and good tips. Thanks!

  8. No round in the chamber???…..STUPID for a home defense gun……it should be ready to go with one chambered and tube full. Have safety on when storing it and you only have to flick safety off and be ready to fire.

  9. Glad to see you store your shotgun in the same manner I do. My wife is not as versed with firearms as I am, but prefers the shotgun over a pistol. Therefore The shotgun stays ready to pump with a loaded tube, safety on. Last thing I’d want is for her to panic and not remember the action release button.

  10. I'd take a old fashion gun lock any day. You keep one key on your keys another spare hidden nearby under the carpet. You don't need to take off she'll holder. And you can just store it with a gun magnet

  11. A locked gun is as useful in a home defense situation as having no gun at all. By the time you get to your gun, get it unlocked and cocked, you're already dead.

  12. I like the state of the gun you recommend, except with the ShotLock without using the action mount, anybody (like a curious child) can go into your closet and chamber a round via a back/forth pump while in the gun lock. Right? And MAYBE even fire a round if there’s enough play to get to the trigger, even with a tool. Any way to keep it locked in this lock, and still know with 100% certainty that the state of the gun is what you expect when you get it? I was thinking of keeping a round in the open action, locked with the action mount, then when you need it all you have to do is push the forend forward and you’re ready to go. Steps to get into that state: load 5 rounds, pump forend back, hang on action. Thoughts?

  13. This was really helpful. I bought one and installed it after watching. 870 tactical didn’t like the trigger guard configuration, though. Also appreciate the suggestion about Velcro for a side saddle – sling with shells hangs down out of the shotlock, but the side saddle is much closer to hand… Thanks!!

  14. Another Useless gadget to fiddle with in the dark and heat of battle.Better to not have any kids then you can leave guns and ammo all over the house like I do. got shit in every room

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