How to setup KERUI Security Alarm System

How to setup KERUI Security Alarm System

Welcome to another episode of Romantic Engineering. I’m Uncle JJin, and We are going to learn
How to setup KERUI Security Alarm System today. Official name of the product is
KERUI / Standalone / Home office / & / Shop / Security / Alarm / System / Kit. This product, I think, is the most economical
product to set up the security alarm system at your home, or office. It is 4.2 stars out of 5 in amazon
so it has pretty good reputation from buyers. Let’s take a look at the components. There are different types of package in Amazon. The one I bought and my recommendation is
the package has these devices 1 siren horn
2 remote controllers 2 motion sensors
and 3 door contact sensors. One thing I love here is it has batteries
included so literally it is the complete package. Okay. Now let’s see how to set this up. This part is the main reason why I decided
to create this video. It’s a bit complicated for the first time. That’s why I think it’s worth to share
how to set this up properly. I make it as easy as possible, but let me
know if you have any questions on this. Let’s get started. First of all, it’s easy to start with connecting
remote controller. Basically you have to turn on the siren 3
times and if you press the button on the remote controller, they will be connected. Here’s the instruction in animation
There is the siren There is the remote controller. Now, we have to turn on the siren for 3 times. However, there is no switch on the siren so
what I do is plug the power for 3 times. Like this. Each time you plug, you will hear the sound
from the siren. When you do this for 3 times, you will hear
additional sound which means it’s ready to connect the remote controller. Now press any button on the remote controller. The controller will make a sound, and the
siren will make sound that now it is listening to this controller. It sounds complicated but if you actually
do it, it makes more sense. Now, let’s connect motion sensor. Basically it’s the same concept, but this
time, you have to turn on the siren for 5 times. Which means plug 5 times. Then again, the siren will make a bit different
sound. It’s ready. Please note the battery is not connected on
the motion sensor. So you have to connect it first. Now there is a switch on motion sensor. Turn it on, and it will make a sound. Again, the siren will make another sound for
the confirmation. Now, the last step. Door contact sensor requires siren to be turned
on 7 times. Before we do that, make sure the battery is
not connected in the door contact sensor. The sensor doesn’t have the switch, so connect
battery means it’s on. Now, turn on the siren 7 times. And the siren will make very different sound
for this time. Now, connect the batter on the door contact
sensor. It will make a sound, then the siren will
make the sound for the confirmation. It’s all done! In case you want to reset the connection,
just turn on the siren for 10 times. That’s it. Thank you for watching and I hope this video
helps you to setup the product. Please leave a comment down below if you have
any questions. You really have to contact the manufacturer
but I will try to answer as much as I can. If you want to see other useful videos I have,
please press the subscribe button below and visit my channel. I will bring another romantic engineering
to you.

11 Replies to “How to setup KERUI Security Alarm System”

  1. 3:16 I got it wrong. Door Contact Sensor also requires 5 times of Siren turn on/off just like motion sensor. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. I will like to conect this siren at my garage along with the sensor ,can I disconnected from the house with the remote.

  3. Thank you for your quick response,but what I really meant is If I can instal the siren at the garage with the sensor nearby,and if I can disconnected from the house with the remote control I want to scare any intruder but not the neighbors so I need to disconnected fast, once the siren wake us up we can go and check it out,you see last week somebody try to enter the garage and I need something to scare them before they clean the garage ,thank you again for taking the time to answer.

  4. What if you remote doesnโ€™t make a noise when doing this and it only disarms ? The arming function does not engage

  5. Questions: After making an error in programming it, I could not get the unit to clear last night. It seems to have cleared by this morning. Does it clear automatically after a period of time? Is there a different way to clear it? When I tried to clear it last night it would do 9 beeps and pause then a different tone and then another beep. I tried clearing it many times.
    Another question: After programming a my remotes, do I need to wait for unit to clear by making a different sound before going forward with programming sensors?
    Also where can I get better directions in writing?

  6. How does this actually work some one keeps stealing our meter from electric box so I want a motion censor alarm how would I use this to do that our electric box is beside our cabin?

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