How to set up your Bitdefender BOX 2: If you are using ISP-provided router

How to set up your Bitdefender BOX 2: If you are using ISP-provided router

How to install Bitdefender BOX, using your
ISP-provided router. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install
Bitdefender BOX using the router, or gateway supplied to you by your Internet Service Provider,
or ISP. This is the most frequent and straightforward
installation method. If you prefer to use your personal router,
please click the highlighted link, or find it in the video description below. Before you begin, make sure you have the following
available: – A working internet connection – Your Wi-Fi name and password. This is the information you use when you connect
anything to your Wi-Fi. – Your router’s credentials. These are the username and password you use
to access your router’s interface. If you are using an ISP provided router, this
information can be found on the back of your router. – A mobile device, which you’ll use to set
up your product. To install Bitdefender BOX, first open Google
Play on your mobile device… or App Store, if you have an iPhone. Install the Bitdefender Central app, and open
it. Log in with your Bitdefender credentials. If you don’t have a Bitdefender account, you
can sign up for one. Your Bitdefender Central account is now set
up. Press ‘next’ three times, to get to the setup
screen. Press “Setup BOX”, to begin the installation
process. If you want to install Bitdefender BOX at
a later time, it’s easy. Just open the Central App, and press the More
button, at the bottom of the screen. To continue, press Install Protection, and
select Bitdefender BOX. The whole setup process should take you less
than 10 minutes, so let’s get started. Plug the power cord into the BOX power port…
and the power adaptor into the power outlet. Allow it a few moments until the light starts
spinning. Once the light spins, press Next. Go to your mobile device’s Wi-fi settings,
and connect to the Bitdefender BOX Wi-fi. You’ll be asked to type a password for this
Wi-Fi network. For security reasons, each Bitdefender BOX
has its own unique password. You’ll find yours printed on the back of the
device. Done! Now let’s connect Bitdefender BOX to the internet. Find the ethernet cable that came with your
product, and connect one end to the port marked with this sign and the other end to one of
the LAN ports of your ISP modem. Well done. Bitdefender BOX is now connected. Before we continue to the final step, please
keep in mind that you can always call us, if you have any questions. Our engineers are standing by, ready to help,
24/7. You’re now ready to secure your home network! Press “I have a Wi-Fi router from my ISP.” First, you’ll need to select your Wi-Fi network,
and type your password. Press “Clone Wi-Fi”. This will make sure your devices will automatically
connect to the new, secured network. For the next step, you’ll need to disable
your original Wi-Fi. To do this, we recommend using a different
computer or mobile device, one that’s still connected to your original Wi-Fi. Log in to your router’s admin interface, using
a browser. Turn off your Wi-Fi. Each router has a different interface, but
this option should be visible up front. Sometimes it’s referred to as ‘wireless’ or
‘radio’. For specific step-by-step instructions on
how to manage your gateway interface, we have included guided tutorials, for the most frequent
cases. After you turned off your original Wi-Fi,
press Next. If you need help with any of these steps,
please call our support number. Your Wi-Fi details remain the same, and you’ll
see them on this screen. Press Next to continue. Your app is now downloading the latest updates. This may take a few minutes. Congratulations, you have completed the setup
process! Don’t forget to install local protection on
your devices running Windows, Android Mac OS or iOS. You can easily do this from the Bitdefender
Central App. Your smart devices are now connected to your
new, secured network. We recommend restarting them, to be sure. All your connected devices are now protected
by Bitdefender BOX.

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  1. Hello, I have as ISP router mikrotik router with AC wifi + connected fixed computer with UTP cables. Is some way how connect bit defender box into one last free LAN port on mikrotik and secure this network? Something like disable dhcp on mikrotik, enable dhcp on bitdefender box, bit defender box will be propagate into network as gateway IP into internet IP from bitdefender box, so all traffic to internet will go througth bitdefender box and after that bitdefender will send this traffic back to microtik? Is something like this possible ?

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