How To Set Up ONE PT | LaView Security

How To Set Up ONE PT | LaView Security

LaView Security ONE PT indoor camera Hi, this is Cesar with LaView Security today we will be going over how to set up your LaView ONE Series PT Camera Let’s open your box Inside you will find the following ONE PT LaView envelope which will include your quick start guide, user manual, warranty card, and stickers. USB power cable mounting accessories place your camera onto the desired location plug in the power cable to the back of the PT cam Remember that the ONE PT connects via wi-fi but you may choose to directly connect to a router with an Ethernet cable Move the lens housing up to insert the micro sd card This will allow your camera to record locally We’ll cover cloud storage later Press and hold the reset button for up to ten seconds until to hear the two beats The status light will flash blue and red when ready We are ready to activate your PT cam Let’s open the LaView ONE app You must log in or create an account Click on “add a device” Tap on, scan QR code which will allow you to scan the QR code that is in the bottom of your PT cam Your app will identify your new device Tap on the “connect to a network” Your mobile device must be connected to the same wi-fi as your PT cam After the set up, you can access your camera from anywhere enter your password Your device must be within two inches of the camera in order to sync Remember to adjust your device to a high volume. Tap on, “send sound waves” Once it’s connected your ready to view and control your ONE PT Thanks for watching. If you have any further questions, Please feel free to contact our support team. LaView Security ONE PT Indoor Cam

5 Replies to “How To Set Up ONE PT | LaView Security”

  1. I thought you were going to cover the sound cloud. If I'm saying that correctly. Do you need one for this product? Thank you for sharing

  2. Can you only have the camera on one device. App on hubby phone. Wont let me add camera to mine. It says device already added??

  3. What Should when I can’t connect it to WiFi?????
    Here’s my steps:
    1- Plug in the power cord (blinking red & blue)
    2- downloaded the app
    3- set up an account
    4- press add device
    5- scan QR code (which is I did)
    6- now it’s asking me to connect network so I pressed CONNECT NETWORK then I pressed * this device is up and running for the first time*
    7- NOW it’s saying PLEASE CONNECT TO ROUTER’S WI-FI and when I press connect to WI-FI it takes me to my phone WiFi networks which is already connected to it, I put my password, I even deleted the WiFi and connected to it again and it’s always stuck in that screen! I even if connect WiFi cord to it but it won’t work!

    I don’t know what to do! I’m a nerd and I sell electronics for living this is my first time stuck like these… Help please!

    Do I need to have an SD card to be able to use it too??

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