How to set up Annke 4CH 1080P PoE dome security camera system-N44PI/N48PI+I61FC

How to set up Annke 4CH 1080P PoE dome security camera system-N44PI/N48PI+I61FC

Hey guys, this is the ANNKE new 1080P PoE Dome Security Camera system, The model is N44PI+I61FC*4. In this kit you’ll have a four four-channel
network video recorder and four 1080P dome IP cameras. Now, let’s start from the NVR. You can see an ANNKE logo on the left side of the front panel Here, on the right side, are some buttons
and indicators. This is the Power Indicator, it tells whether
your NVR is powered. The HDD Indicator, if a hard disk has been
installed in the NVR, the indicator is on. The Network Indicator, it indicates whether
your NVR is connected to the network. Let’s move a little bit right, there’re
the navigation buttons, you know,left, right, up and down. In the middle,is the OK Button,this is where
you confirm your settings. And the Menu Buttonto display the menu, the ESC key to jump out of the full screen mode. On the right most, are the Infrared Receiver
interfacewhichreceives IR signal from your remote and the USB port to which you connect your USB mouse or USB driver. On the back panel, there’re the four PoE
Ethernet ports, you’re allowed to connect up to four PoE IP cameras to the NVR. The PoE ports power the cameras and transmit videos at the same time. So no extra power supply is needed for the
IP cameras. The Audio-In, where you connect the microphone; Audio-out, where you stream audio to a headphone or speaker. The VGA video output, where you connect your monitor to. The HDMI output, another option for you to
connect a monitor. The LAN port, this is where your router goes, so that the NVR is connected to the network. The USB 3.0 port, for USB mouse or USB backup. The Power-In, it’s where you plug in the
power adapter and get your NVR powered. And the last one,The ON/OFF switch, remember to turn it on after all the connections are done. Now, let’s take a look at the dome IP camera, here you can see, the lens is surrounded by numbers of infrared LEDs, they are automatically activated when ambient is in darkness, dark providing crystal clear night vision. In the middle, is the high performance lens, it presents 1080P images beautifully on the CCTV system and brings everything thrown into its field of viewback to life. At the end of the cable, you’ll see two
ports, one is the PoE Ethernet port, it can not only stream video to NVR but also power the camera like I said beforeas mentioned before.The extra power-in port is used for
testing or power supply when needed, but in this kit you don’t have to use it. OK, before we begin connecting the system, let’s install the hard disk first, so that we can record videos to it.Otherwise, all
you can do is live viewing. You’ll get two HDD cables in the kit, one
HDD power cable and one HDD data cable. All you have to do is dismantle the casing
of the NVR, plug both of the cables into the corresponding ports of the NVR and Hard Disk, fix the HDD and NVR casing, and then the HDD installation process is done. Now, let’s hook up the camera, plug one
end of the Ethernet cable into one of the Ethernet ports on the NVR, and the other end goes to the IP camera, remember to fix the weatherproof rubber ring and casing tightly, so that your system is totally weatherproof. Plug in the USB mouse. Then, the HDMI cable of the monitor goes to the HDMI port on the back panel of NVR. Plug in the power adapter, turn on the switch. ANNKE logo appears on the screen when starting up, and then goes to the Activation menu. Create a password for your system and confirm it. Then click on OK to activate the system. Select the Language, there’re several languages available including English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian and so on. Choose your common use language and click Apply. Then prompts the Wizard, you can choose whether to start the wizard or not when the system starts. In the time setting section, you can set the
Time Zone, Date Format, System Date and System Time. The network settings, DHCP is ON by default, and the IP address will be shown on the form if you have connected an Ethernet cable to
the NVR. Click on Next. The P2P settings, P2P is ON by default, so
that you can watch live video remotely on your mobile devices. Click on Next, there is another way you connect your system to the network, through DDNS. Just click Next, there shows the hard disk
you’ve installed, you can initialize it before use. Ok, the settings are done; let’s move to
the main menu. First, Playback. You can choose the specific camera you want to playback, and the timeline at the bottom allows you to jump to any specific time of
the recordings. Export.This is where you backup the video,
you can plug in a USB driver or other USB enabled devices and back up the recordings into them. Choose the specific cameras, the Start Time and End Time of the recordings. Click on Search, and the videos will be presented on the screen, select them and click on Export, choose the location for the recordings. Select video or player and backup. When it is done, click on Back to exit. There are some other useful functions and
settings you can find on the main menu, like VCA Search, Manual, HDD, Record, Camera and so on. To modify the general settings of the system, you can go to General in Configuration. Like, you can set the language, VGA/HDMI Output Resolution and so forth.The VGA/HDMI output resolution is 1024*768 pixelsby default, but if your monitor is compatible to a higher definition, you can adjust it to 1920*1080
pixels, and then you’ll enjoy clearer and crisper monitoring video with ease. This is the whole introduction and setup of
the Annke 1080P Dome Security Camera System, which features in 1080P HD video quality,
remote access, advanced mobile push notification, smart search, Video content analysis, Region of interest setting, PoE technology, super clear night vision, and so on. Have a try and you will like it.

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  1. my cameras wont display on the screen.
    i have read the manual, disconnected everything, reconnected… no view.
    i have emailed annke, no reply for weeks now.
    so dissapointing. what a waste of $500

  2. Hi, I would like to purchase either the 4 or 8 channel set in your links but the website says unavailable. Please advise. Thanks.

  3. The company was extremely helpful in dealing with an issue I had.>>>    Everyone who sees my footage, comments about the quality of the picture. I do recommend this system.

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