How to set up Annke 1080P TVI dome security camera system-DT41Y/DT81Y/DT61Y+CT1CG

How to set up Annke 1080P TVI dome security camera system-DT41Y/DT81Y/DT61Y+CT1CG

Hey, everyone, today we’ll take a look at
the ANNKE 1080P TVI smart dome video surveillance system. The model here is DT81Y+CT1CG*4. It contains an eight-channel DVR and four
pieces of 2-megapixel dome cameras. First, let’s take a look at the DVR, on
the left side of the front panel is the ANNKE logo, and the buttons and indicators are on
the right. Such as the power indicator, HDD indicator,
status indicator, navigation button, you know, left, right, up and down and in the middle
the OK button. Menu button, ESC button, infrared receiver-to receive signal from your remote and USB port for USB mouse or USB backup. On the rear panel are the eight BNC video
input ports, it’s where you connect your analog HD cameras.BNC video output, USB port, HDMI and VGA output, Audio in & out, LAN port, RS485 control port, DC 12V power-in and the power switch. Now let’s move to the camera, it is a 2-megapixel HD-TVI dome camera, the 2MP HD lens is surrounded by numbers of infrared LEDs which provide
crystal-clear night vision. At the end of the cable, there’re two ports,
one BNC port for video output, one DC power-in port from which the camera can get power supply. Before you get the system hooked up, you’ll have to install the hard disk in the DVR first. You can find two HDD cables in the accessory box, one HDD data cable and one HDD power cable, plug them into the corresponding interface of the main-board of DVR and the hard disk. When finished, fix the DVR casing tightly
and then you can connect the cameras to the DVR. First, plug the power port and BNC port of
the camera into the corresponding interface of the BNC cable. And for the other end of the BNC cable, we
use a 4-to-1 power splitter cable to connect to power port, so four cameras can be charged via one power adapter. The BNC port on this end goes to the BNC input port of the DVR, and then the camera is well connected to DVR. Plug the power adapter into the DVR, the HDMI cable of the monitor goes to the HDMI port on the DVR. And last, plug the power adapters to the socket, turn on the switch. While starting up, the ANNKE logo will first
show on the screen, then goes to the activation process, create a new password for the system and confirm it to activate the DVR. The number of characters of the password ranges from 8 to 16. And letters and digits are all valid. Then you can select the video input status
of each channel, it depends on which type of cameras you are connecting. The default signal input status is TVI, for
this kit, you don’t have to change it. Then goes to language settings, choose your most common use language and there’re several languages available including English, Spanish, French, German and so on. Here comes the Wizard Setting. First, you can set the system time, you know, time zone, date format, system date and time, once done, click next. For other network settings, you don’t have
to change them, just click next. As we’ve installed a hard disk before, so
there shows the HDD, check it and initialize it for the first use. Click next, and the entire wizard settings
are done. Then let’s take a look at the main menu. Playback is where you play back the recordings, there’re different playback modes you can choose including Normal, Event, Tag, Smart, Sub-Periods and External File. In normal playback, you can choose the specific channel you want to playback and it also shows the maximum and minimum playback channels on the top right of the screen. Click on the play button to playback the video. The color bar indicates the recordings during that period of time. And you’re allowed to skip to any timing
of the recordings via the time-line at the bottom. Export is where you export the recordings;
you can set the searching criteria and search for the videos you wanted. Click on search and the results are presented on the screen, check to export, select the location, video format and save type for your recordings and click on export. Select video or player and click on OK. Wait a few seconds while it’s exporting. Once done, exit and you can experience other functions and do the settings of the system via the following items including: Smart Search, Manual, HDD, Record and Camera. In Configuration, you can modify the basic
information of the system, like time zone, VGA/HDMI output resolution and so on. So this is all for the ANNKE 1080P TVI smart dome video surveillance system. It possesses all these smart features such as: 1080P HD Recording, H.264+ Video Compression, Smart Search Playback, P2P Easy Remote Access, Motion Detection, Instant Email alert, Smart VCA Search, Clear Night Vision, IP66 Weatherproof Cameras. This will definitely bring you peace of mind
in home and business security.

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  1. Unbelievable!>>>    great camera works on my existing system and for way less the price of a replacement from the company I purchased the system from.

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