How to set up and install the Google Nest Hello video doorbell

How to set up and install the Google Nest Hello video doorbell

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  1. I just installed mine, but surprised on how easily a person can unclip it and steal it. I thought it would be more secure with a screw or something. Any ideas on how to secure it better?

  2. Sweet… so anyone's phone's SIM EJECT PIN is all that's needed for someone to steal my $200+ fancyshmancy doorbell #firstworldproblems

  3. Is it absolutely necessary to shut the power off when we are dealing with low voltage wires? I know its the 'proper' way but is it necessary?


  4. Well…I guess the point is make you pay for the monthly subscription to prevent your doorbell from being stolen XD

  5. Get one for only $275.99 with free shipping in Canada and we ship to the UK & Europe!

  6. One of the constraints of the Nest Hello is the lack of a battery. This means that if you do not have a doorbell already installed you can't use it. We created a plug in power supply to make it easy to power your Nest Hello anywhere you have access to an outlet. Check it out:

  7. This is a great install video. I have one too and I just posted a full review to see how the nest hello and its facial recognition if anyone's interested!

  8. Can I use this like a video intercom instead which means I don't need a chime. What I want is to install one in the room of my 90 year old dad. So if he need anyone of us he can just press the button, and anyone can answer him.

  9. can the wires come out of the top half of the mounting bracket if those wires are connected from the top instead of the bottom?

  10. The one thing I got from this video was that i only need a paper clip to steal this $200 gadget. . Thanks google

  11. Where is the closed captioning? I'm Deaf and I am trying to understand the installation instructions, but because of no closed captioning, I am unable to get it working properly!

  12. Hello. I have the ring pro. They have amazing customer service. I also have several nest cams. I wanted to add an additional camera (Nest Hello) and let me tell you about he experience. I installed it and the video quality is amazing. The alert time is horrible, between 30-60 secs. And then to answer the alert sometimes works and doesn’t. I went back and forth with customer service and they told me that many people weren’t have the same problems basically blamed the issue on my WiFi but yet all my other Nest cameras work flawlessly. I kept asking if they were working on a fix and they again told me many people weren’t have the same issue so no fix. They also told me if I wasn’t happy return the product so I did. Bottom line, if you want security and reliability, stick with the Ring until Nest fixes the problem!!!!! Rings notifications are also instant so be aware of this. Do yourself a favor and wait.

  13. To be honest… This thing just screams "I have a shit load of expensive shit in my house because I can afford a 300 dollar doorbell!" Cameras are ineffective with masks. These things make true theives salivate

  14. Would love to see her demo the notification. Nest doesn't want you to know about the 18 to 20 seconds lag time for the notification, then wait 30 to 45 minutes for the "cool down" time the notification will work again! Check out Nest's support site for all the posts about these problems.

  15. why turn off the 30 amp 2 pole breaker that one never used for the door bell circuit
    usually a single pole 15 a breaker,,, really bad directions

  16. i think to install the doorbell won't work for me, what do you think of this wireless doorbell?

  17. I am sure the door bell is great but they sure don’t seem like the care about giving you any paper documentation they act like you know nothing about electricity and they suggest a pro every other step were really all they need to do is give you a diagram where voltage 16-24vac goes where the ringer goes in very disappointed with how the handle this not happy with there support at all!

  18. I am a deaf individual, and I am shocked that your installation video does not have closed captioning. You truly should add closed captioning to the video so that deaf buyers of the Nest device can benefit.

  19. Ooo…they haven't answered by opening the door, they've just spoken to me using their remote doorbell gizmo. Obviously they're not in so I'll break in in a little while when it looks like I've gone!

  20. So easy to use. So convenient>>>   I love that it has a scheduler that turns the heat down automatically when we leave the office. It’s also nice to be able to change the temp from home if I know someone is going in durning Off times.

  21. Got one and I'm totally happy with it!
    The chime is not loud enough to be heard upstairs. Can I add another, or a repeater for the upstairs area?

  22. It would be equally as viable for an intruder to steal the bell as well as breaking into your house and stealing its items! It’s a good idea but overpriced

  23. Word from all the new customers, including me is that support has totally abandoned shop, is not offering service or support, and yet is still selling products.

  24. First off after the breaker it’s going to a transformer. The nest only need 24volts so calm down everyone it’s not 30amps.

  25. I just installed my Nest hello. It was as simple as the video. I bought Zmodo smart doorbell. I could connect the doorbell to my network. Nothing worked. After tech support frustrated me I demanded my money back. I bought a bundle deal with the new Google Home hub and Nest Hello video doorbell. It took me only about 20 minutes maybe 15 to successfully install the nest Hello. I recently installed nest Thermostats E and love them. I have a Google mini and Chromecast. I can tell the assistant to display the video from the Nest hello on my TV that has a Chromecast. Next, I am going to add to a Philips Hue White and Color started kit and see how that goes. I have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in my home. So I am going to upgrade with the Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide since I have a fireplace in my living room. Great product as advertised.

  26. I’ve had this since launch day and it’s been really bad connectivity and delayed notifications. Stay clear till of this till it gets fixed.

  27. Garbage product. Continual drop outs, only works on 2.4ghz network. Support is dreadful, designed for usa market. No mention that you need a transformer and almost certain pro install. Struggles to connect to a netgear nighthawk x6 router with another ac router upstairs acting as an access point. Added bt home mesh wifi system too and it still drops out off the network 3 times a day, despite every tablet and phone get good 2.4ghz connection and regularly 180mpbs on wireless ac 5ghz. I work in IT and Telecoms and have done so for 30 years, most of it freelance. This is the worst tech product I've ever had, so annoyed as support are do unhelpful. it's not my bloody wifi, internet, router, carrier pigeon….its the nest doorbell. I am 100% certain its faulty. I will try a replacement but I might go back to a normal doorbell or maybe ring pro.

    Also who charges for cloud storage nowadays. Wtf

  28. Yep figured out what is happening. Its a dumb device. If you add a new mesh device to and existing mesh network, nest wont connect to it. It will only connect to the old ones it knows about. You have to restart nest wifi config. Dumb

  29. My door bell is powered by a battery within it sooooooo… And our chime box is connected to the bell via Bluetooth so I have no idea how I'd install this

  30. i followed all the steps, compatibility and no original door chime doesn't ring the worked fine before i installed the Nest Hello. I went out and bought a new electronic door chime and it won't ring (and yes, I'm sure the settings in the app are correct). Is the door chime supposed to ring or does it just ring at the button outside the house? The app itself is working fine, but not everyone in the house is connected to the app at all times.

  31. I've fought for an hour to mount this thing. It's not easy when the wires are 2 inches long and the back plate has such a tight tolerance that the wire extenders won't fit behind the doorbell. Should have given a little more room for the people who don't have 2 feet of wire and a large hole to tuck excess into. I might have to return this and go back to my ring

  32. I'm very disappointed for the delay notification. I hope nest will look into this video and correct it, otherwise Nest Hello Video Doorbell will lose lots of business.
    This video encapsulates all the notification issues I have with Nest. At least with Ring you get immediate notifications.

  33. So disappointed, this cámara do not broadcast 1080p resolution… looks like 720… I thought it was my internet but after switching to at&t fiver optic still the same, and notifications is a huge problem….up to 20 seconds delay…WOW enough time to somebody to breaking in to my house…..

  34. Nest really needs to remind us more than every other 30 seconds to have one of their "in house" pros install their doorbells for us. I don't think they're getting their point across.

  35. 2:25 "The nest app will then guide you" … directly to this video.

    If you actually followed the app you'd get stuck in a loop going between this video and that step of the app without ever actually installing anything.

  36. I work for Dish and we sell/install Nest products. You don't need to mess with your brakers to install Hello. That's a bunch of crap.

  37. **DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA** – You don't own it

    In a move which has outraged customers like me, Google/Nest has recently removed functionality from this device. It shows that Google/Nest considers this device to be theirs, and that they can unilaterally make changes to your device without your permission.


  38. excuse my language.but who the phakk is going to explain which wire goes to where.some dumbass needs to upload a video telling the newcomers.if you dont have a doorbell at all how you wire the mechnical doorbell and how you power the phaking dorbell from the transformer .which wire goest to transformer and which one goes to chime.all these mofos are loading incomplete shitty videos.need a simple video showing wires to the destinations and explaining why and how it works.we are all not pros here.and yes i dont want to pay$300 dollars professional install .find me a 1 video which shows fresh install.

  39. If your door chime is wired to a 30 amp 2 pole breaker as shown in the video, you will probably need the smoke detector as well because your house is going to go up in flames.

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