How to set up and install Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

How to set up and install Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

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  1. I just realized that this is the first official video on this product that I've seen. I don't even think there's an official promo video and this is the most expensive Nest cam yet. Are you guys sure you really want to sell these?

  2. Will this be available as a 2 pack in the UK? I know in the US it's sold as a 2 pack saving $100, would love the option to save £100 in the UK!

  3. Easy to install and set up. Installed 2 units today and got it running in no time at all. Resolutions are excellent.

  4. Now that I already have the first version with the 1/2” monster plug that I had to run through everything…
    Thanks Nest… 😒

  5. Do not buy it !!! I had someone broke in to a house, and cameras was blocked by simple 25$ WiFi video blocker…

  6. Is as advertised.>>>  Gives alerts on motion and records activity. If it loses power you are notified. Pretty foolproof.

  7. All consumers should be notified that Nest IQ cameras along with doorbell has a 3-5 second alert delay!!! Per Nest's technical support "3-5 seconds is considered normal" There is no firmware, fix, or anything being done about this. Unless you don't mind real time notification this camera is a waste of money. This issue has been brought up multiple times in Nest forums but Nest is sweeping this under the rug and does not want the public to know about it. Even all the big TOP Youtube review guys don't mention this. So anyone reading this I hope you see this before deciding to go with Nest. You are welcome.

  8. I regret buying this. It can't read licence plates right outside my house, even when using the live feed and zooming in, and I've got the camera on its highest settings. A complete waste of money and waste of the time it took me to install.

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