22 Replies to “How to Secure Your Home While You’re on Vacation”

  1. Well, all these tips are cool, but…I feel like even the simpliest home cctv system is the best choice. And you do not necessarily have to turn into a special security agency. (Well, you can, but most of the time several simple cameras, computer and good and reliable software are all you need to make a DIY video surveillance system). Xeoma and Zone Minder are nice options, according to my own experience! And you can monitor from wherever you are!!!

  2. Step 1: maintain a good relation with your neighbors.
    Step 2: hire a property guardian service.
    Step 3: be discreet about your vacations.

  3. My mom tells white lies to her brother who's born with developmental disability or DD for short while she talks to him on the house phone, because it's another solution that she comes up with in times of all the luck we have in regards to becoming victims of home burglary. When she was a teen, her family experienced a home burglary back in the '70s. Boy, they were shocked to see their house robbed. It's a feeling that no one gets over. EVERYONE should depend on neighbors, friends, family or anyone else they know and trust to keep their homes secure when they're on vacation. Safety first in the words of my late grandfather. Thumbs up if you strongly agree.

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