How to Remove Kaspersky Password Protection – Step by Step

How to Remove Kaspersky Password Protection – Step by Step

Hello, tutorial shows you, how to remove password protection in Kaspersky Internet security, without any download Let’s say, you need configure Kaspersky settings, but you forgot the password You can’t access Parental Control options And can’t access application Settings So, follow the steps to remove password First of all, you should boot computer in safe mode Open “Run”, Type “msconfig” and press Enter Click the Boot tab Check the Safe Boot option and click OK Restart computer to boot in safe mode OK, my computer booted in safe mode Now you need to find, which windows version you are running, 32 or 64 bit Open “Run”, type “dxdiag” and hit enter As you see, my operation system is 32 bit OK, open “Run” and type “regedit” Navigate to the following folder for each version In this example it is AVP17 On your computer it can be different, depends on your Kaspersky version Find “EnablePswrdProtect” and change the value to 0 Then find, “OPEP” and make it a blank value Change boot option back Boot computer normally OK, as you see, the password has been removed successfully

100 Replies to “How to Remove Kaspersky Password Protection – Step by Step”

  1. I am locked out from my admin account after I did the first step and now I have no idea how to fix it, please someone help!

  2. My monitor wont even turn on after i restarted it in safe mode, it says “vga no signal”. I’ve tried restarting, unpluging but I cant even gain access to my computer. Someone please help

  3. For those who can not find, in "REGEDIT" just click on EDIT> FIND and to type "EnablePswrdProtect".
    "OPEP" will also appear on the list.

  4. Does it still work? I'm scared to use their product removal tool since it is a download. I'd rather do this method.

  5. I flowing you Step by step.but why it doesn’t work??? At First i am going to safe mood then going to enablepsword then edit 0 then open opnd file then cancel safe mood.finally i open Kaspersky internet security. Little time its loading then its open
    But not came new Password

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