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  1. Which really makes me sad about the situation, is that we’ve been talking all over the social media for at least a year now about people trying to kidnap by pretending to be Uber’s. I remember reading about cases more than once, and reposted them to warn people. We have been warned. Unfortunately when drunk people cal Uber’s, they don’t think about anything but getting a ride ASAP to food and bed.

  2. Thanks this helps me alot I use uber to go to school every day this will help me alot I will check all of this

  3. This is why I bring my knife on me because God knows that if I'm being taken away I would kill the person trying to take me

  4. Honestly this could have easily been avoided if she had asked some questions to the driver and if she checked some things to make sure it was the right car. Also why would she drink alone? I’m not saying it’s bad to do it but it’s always better to have a friend around who you go to the bar with and come back with

  5. Government should consider regulations that mandate Uber and such companies to have something similar to a taxi top light on the roof of the car. It won’t eliminate the problem but can surely help and add an additional layer of security.

  6. parents: never go in a stranger's car

    her: mom dad stop repeating its really annoying

    parents: just making sure

    her: walks straight in a stranger's car

  7. When I use Uber I am always on a call and I am watching the app to see if it is taking me to where I need to go. I started checking the liscense. Plate

  8. Been taking yellow cab sense I was 10 years old. I'd taken at least 100 taxes over the past 15 years and nothing's ever happened to me. I will never take uber or anything else.

  9. My father’s trucks has an electronic child safety lock so all he was to do is push the little button and both door lock electronically

  10. I remember I got in a Uber, the man was from Europe or something cause he didn’t speak good English. Anyways when I got to my destination I realized he had on the child lock. I wonder what would’ve happened if I was a female…

  11. I would say carry a weapon or some sort of self defense weapon and (not sure if they really exist to the public) something that can break open the windows. I don't know how childlock on windows work though. Also, sober up a bit to have a clearer mind before you try to use Uber or Lyft. Then maybe you'll remember to ask questions and check things. Note to ladies, a purse with a shoulder strap can be a weapon too. Heels too. Just try something instead of nothing. I'm sure she tried and I hope this never happens again.

  12. Video:How to protect yourself when using Uber.
    Ad:Uber Driver
    Well thanks a lot. I never trust uber drivers.

  13. 1990: don’t talk to strangers and don’t get in strangers car 2019: literally summons strangers from the internet to get in the strangers car

  14. There is a very simple way to prevent this type of tragedy!
    Passenger must confirm the name to the driver and the driver should be able to confirm their name to the passenger.
    I’ve run into passengers that get upset when I asked if they ordered a lift or an Uber and asked for their name to confirm their identity for some reason they think I’m getting too personal by asking them their name even though I’m just simply trying to confirm their identity not to mention people should have to upload a picture that matches their state ID or drivers license.
    It’s a matter of safety for the driver and the passenger not to mention the passenger should have to share the real first name not the name BOB’S or B or some unknown letter that matches no name.

  15. How dumb do you have to be to go in the WRONG car, it says their license plate, car model, and you have their number to know when they get there

  16. God bless her and her family but you she took the risk and didn't decide to ask if that was her Uber which is unfortunately what got her killed

  17. I have a friend that drives for Uber and he said the wrong passengers get in occasionally. I’ve rode in Ubers a lot and they give you more than enough info to know which car to get in.

  18. She was coming out of a bar in the wee hours of the morning… Wouldn't someone she knew and trusted have the good sense to accompany her to make sure she got home safe… Also, in addition to ETA, the Uber app gives the driver's name, image, make, model, color of car, and the car's plate #… If someone had been with her, they could've noticed the discrepancy on the transport info and kept her from entering…

  19. Okay when I heard about Uber
    I figured this is what could happen.
    You’re gonna let a stranger drive you too your house? Come on

  20. Is it that hard to match the vehicle make, model, color, license plate and driver to what the Uber app shows you? Oh yea I guess it is when you're drunk.

  21. What the hell is so hard about following some simple safety rules…
    1. You have the driver’s PHOTO!
    2. Make & Model of car
    4. Driver’s NAME!!!
    5. Before climbing in… OPEN THE DAMN DOOR AND ASK FOR THE DRIVER’S NAME!!!!

    Stop being hypnotized by your fkn phone! Or stop over-drinking!! Or both!

  22. You should carry a weapon! Keep your phone charged! Just in case you wanna call the police! And take a picture of the licence plate! Problem solved

  23. Adults in 1999: Never trust strangers on the Internet and never get into a stranger's car.

    Adults in 2019: Here's how to safely summon a stranger from the Internet and get in their car.

  24. Why did he kill her for? What was his reason? Just to know cuz nobody is saying anything about the reason so i can only speculate

  25. He wasn't an Uber contract driver, he was a 'Murderer' looking for prey. In this case she came straight to him. Hopefully other young innocent girls will take note, but probably not because they're Clueless.

  26. DO NOT WORRY about any sticker or LOGO, check the (license plate #), and ask the driver his name b4 getting in. If it doesn't match Do Not get in.

  27. I always carry something with me everywhere that potentially could be used as a lethal weapon, but it's totally legal to carry everywhere.

  28. A similar incident happened to me I got into the wrong car it looked very sketchy. I got out of the car immediately reported to Uber and the police. They did absolutely nothing. They played Hot Potato for weeks. Uber has no affiliation with their drivers they're all independent contractors and could care less I would never get into an Uber or let alone call one again. This company is a disgrace.

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