100 Replies to “How To Protect Yourself From LOSER-INFECTION (Why Your Friends Hate Self Help)”

  1. Awesome content in this video! The deeper topics you go into are spot on what is going on in the world, when people can bring presence into everything they do they can live the life they truly want they just dont see it as even being a possibility being held back by thier belief systyms of who they are Thank you, much gratitude for sharing this information with those who truly want to heal themselves of the mass brainwashing🙏

  2. Don’t save her she don’t wanna be saved-J cole. Like if you came her after J Cole's fire performance at the NBA All Star Game!!

  3. @40:25
    Before Insta and SnapChat there was religion, patriotism, TV, porn, sport etc
    There's nothing new under the sun!
    Some people take shit too far.

  4. Fucking epic breakdown of this! I've struggled with being the almost only one in self-dev in my friend group, and it felt problematic in the beginning. I got called out on it and stuff in groups, but now it's fucking hilarious when they try to nag me with; 'Oeeh yeah you BEmindfool enlightened asshole…' and we all laugh about it a lot!

    Still going strong on my channel though 😉

    Mindset and perception, baby!

  5. I love your long videos. I often listen to you guys for hours a day while I'm working on other stuff. You're a breathe of fresh air in a world where most people are stuck in their head.

  6. I love the thought experiment about how we live could be living in different levels of frequencies and we perceive reality differently. If you think about it scientifically, atoms are 99% empty space. The things that we see and touch are possible because we are vibrating at the same frequency as these objects. It's very possible that we can consciously ascend/descend and vibrate at different frequencies to perspective a realities.

  7. Tyler's energy in this video is really bad, you can sense the anger. Normally he is way more composed, probably tired or something

  8. To my childhood friend, thank you so much for holding me back as long as you could, you where a great friend however as we know now, i'm one of those weird fucking idiots who are willing to evolve and adapt and unfortunately, i tried invite you to the same journey as me, but you would only find it weird and desperate to go out of your way to meet women. Still i want to thank you, if it where not for you. I'd still feel miserable and never take care of my shits in life, but just cause you existed i where fed up with being a pushover kid who everyone can lay their hands on, you helped me realize that just by spending time with you. Thank you Dearest friend.

  9. I know people who dislike Owen and prefer his other coaches, but i wish owen would focus on his own thoughts and teachings and shed the other instructors. because even Julian is light years behind Owen. just saying. or Owen, get out of pickup and do your own thing already. please.

  10. Hi Tyler or anyone working at RSD/with knowledge on this subject; this video was very profound and I'd like to dive deeper into this material. Addiction to low vibration energy/negativity/cortisol etc. Essentially why we keep falling back into old patters and keep rationalizing them and how to break them. Are there any books/website you'd recommend?

    Thanks, Hugo.

  11. Tyler has to learn to shut up a bit, no disrespect totally admire him, but as he said, it is Max event even his girl is right there, not cool, shut up a bit and let the main host talk

  12. Hola desde España!! Algún español por aquí? Llevo 7 años en el desarrollo personal y quiero ampliar contactos.

  13. Estoy haciendo un comentario y traducción en mi página web. Echadle un vistazo rápido. https://alexfrago.com/como-protegerse-de-la-infeccion-de-los-perdedores/

  14. Can anyone tell me what the song at the end is?

    The subtle but loud way it appeared scared me cuz I'm watching it in a quiet office and it felt so 3D like a phone was ringing really close to me haha.

  15. Could you tell me what you mean with the hamster wheel metaphore. What real action is stepping to the right out of the hamster wheel.

  16. hey guys, i started pickup a year ago and i have to tell you its all possible. i enjoy my life, i can talk to anyone i want and i think this skill is gonna help me in business too. im in my last year of college. peace.

  17. You talked about people being zombies through shortened attention span from social media. So in what way are people watching this being zombified by your content? 😀😀

  18. Was listening to this while at work, delivering meds around a hospital. Had female staff eying me up while walking around. Weird effect, man.

  19. This is the video that started it all for me. Where would i be today if i hadnt stumbled upon this video…thank you owen

  20. Maybe this guy is a loud mouth, red face, bossy, Scottish, beer drinking manipulative screaming psychopath!

  21. Maybe it's just the natural order of things. Maybe the success barriers are there for a reason, to protect humanity as a whole, there's only so much space for success, so much space for the leader in a tribe, or executives at a company. Even if self-help was taught in school, along with meditation and all kind of that, if everyone had equal education, equal worth ethic, the bar would be raised, there would be less rewards for the work, since everyone would "get it", and everything would revert back to normal – the people who want it baddest, the people who are toughest or the people who are in the most shit and have nothing to lose (but that wouldn't happen since everyone would be educated on wellbeing), would find a way to get what they want, while the people who aren't like that, which is the majority, would back off.
    But should the default be that the majority of population are derping zombies, that's a completely different matter.

  22. I remember a friend of mine was calling me a misogynist when I shared some of the things I learned from RSD. Then came a day I let him and others know this girl I went on a date with was moving, he said and I quote "She's just saying that so you'll stop texting her" so I responded "So you're saying this girl who you've never met is lying? Based only on that? And you called me a misogynist."

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