How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone and EMF Radiation

John: Alright, this is John with
with another exciting episode for you. I’m actually coming at you from the Pure
Living Expo here, in Sedona, Arizona and normally I’d try to make a review of this whole event,
and I’ve been running around, filming my talks. Actually interviewing so many different people. I haven’t had time to make a review of this
whole event but what I thought I’d do in this event is actually make a video of one
of the vendors here that I feel is so important that you guys should know the information
that they are sharing here because it will change your life. So anyway, next let’s go ahead and head
into the vendor area, to share this vendor with you. Alright, so now I’m in the vendor area and
there’s like, you know, 3 dozen or more vendors here and they each have cool booths. I mean, the booth in front of me is like “Looking
for the best natural skincare” and it’s on Botanicals and they have like “edible
skincare”. You know, I mean if you put something on your
body, you know, it’s going in your body and you should be able to eat it. So it’s like really cool that they make
all edible skincare products. Of course, there’s raw food superstores
with every different food item in the world and all kinds of different stuff. There’s some cool water companies selling
different water apparatuses that add hydrogen to your water, all kinds of cool stuff. But I’m going to go ahead and share with
you my favorite booth here at the Pure Living Expo in Sedona. So this is the only vendor at the Pure Living
Help Expo that I want to share with you guys. It is actually called the “smartDOT” and
what the “smartDOT” – what they’re selling is these little dots, I actually just
bought one. Actually in the back of my queuing here. That’s supposed to increase and enhance
your body energy fuelled to protect you from cell phones. Now that being said, I really like this, you
know, aside from trying to sell you guys a dot, they give you a hand out to let you guys
know what you should do so you don’t need to buy this smartDOT, right? I mean, it’s on the back, this lists that
if you have electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms, you may get headaches, migraines, vertigo,
dizziness, heart palpitations, skin rashes, tingling, itching, insomnia, brain fog, blurred
vision, irritability, behavior disorders, tendinitis, shortness of breath, nausea, nerve,
muscle pain and food allergies. So you should not use a cell phone, you know,
turn off the WIFI, use a wire signal, you know, try to minimize all the electrical wires
in your house and all this kind of stuff. I mean that’s basically what they’re telling
you instead of trying to sell you the dot so on this “EMF Safety Check List”, the
things that you guys should do and I would encourage you guys to do as many of these
as possible. Well, I’m not perfect, I’ll admit. I like to use some WIFI and I like, you know,
to have some electronics in my house but I try to minimize my exposure much like I encourage
you guys to eat a healthy diet, eat as most fruits and vegetables as you can. You know, minimize some of the negative, you
know, toxins which is the EMFs and the cell phone radiation so actually I don’t use
a cell phone. While I own a cell phone, it’s 100% in airplane
mode, I have no cell service and I only use it for WIFI when I’m at airports and travelling
and what not. So here’s the list here. “Reduced EMF Exposure in your Living/Work
and Public Areas” and you want to “decrease the use of cell phones, computers and wireless
devices”, “keep your cell phone away from your body, use a speaker option, take out
the battery when not using, take advantage of the smartDOT energy emitting devices, go
back to hardwire internet and phone where possible, do not use WIFI or cordless”. So yeah, I mean basically, I encourage you
guys to get rid of cell phone. You don’t need it, I mean, everybody on
this Earth can make their own choice, if they want to get rid of it or not, right? And there’s always pros and cons to everything
and I want you guys to just be aware of the pros and cons so the pro would be to use a
cell phone, you can be in connection with loved ones or business or whatever. The con is that it will probably impact negatively
your health, in my opinion. I mean, when somebody is using a cell phone
around me because I don’t use them, I get a headache and that’s my body, it’s telling
me that this is not a good thing for you, John. And we need to listen. If you’re getting some of these symptoms
that I talked about on the other side, when you’re using your cell phone or later in
the evening, even if you’re already on a healthy diet, maybe you need to start, you
know, finding the thing that’s causing your issue and in my opinion, it may be the cell
phone or other electronic devices. So let’s even move on besides just cell
phones, there’s a lot of other environmental toxins in your household including “remove
your utility smart meter from gas, electric and water”. So you know, I do not have a smart meter on
my house, I denied getting one and actually paid a premium to not have one because I do
not want excess – any excess, you know, EMF, WIFI, radiation that I need to get. So “call your utility company then be placed
on a company opt out list, make every attempt to keep analogue meters on your residence. If your smart meter is already installed,
exchange it for an analogue meter and do it for health reasons”. And the other thing you want to do is “remove
electrical objects from your sleeping area”. So in my room, I try to have the least amount
of electrical items plugged in as possible. And you could, you know, “move clock radios”
and convert them to battery operated instead of using electricity like plug-in. You know, “remove television, cell phones,
computers and WIFI routers”. So recently I moved the WIFI router out of
my bedroom so that it’s further away from me in the house and one of my goals is to
turn it off in the evening time when I don’t really need it and I’m sleeping so there’s
no purpose for it being on. The next thing is very important and I started
using this maybe about a year ago, it’s using grounding to your advantage. So “use grounding, it repairs radiation
damage”. So you know, the free way to do this is take
off your shoes, go on the bare Earth, go onto grass, get out into the nature, be in the
middle of forest and ground completely, sleep on the bare ground or, you know, if you’re
not that hippie then you could get a grounding sheet, which is what I’ve been using to
ground myself and I’ll feel much more calm and relaxed, and then I sleep better because
of it. So it says, yeah, “ground by laying on the
ground, sleep on the ground in sheets, utilizing grounding math while working on computers”. And the next thing is, of course, what you
guys are hopefully doing watching my channel is “eat high antioxidant foods to offset
the sailor damage, vitamin C and E, green tea and ginkgo biloba” is what they’re
recommending but I recommend that you guys eat high antioxidant foods or nutrient-dense
foods. So most nutrient-dense foods are the leafy
greens, get plenty of leafy greens in your diet. You know, there are studies on broccoli sprouts
that, you know, can negate cancer and all this kind of stuff as well as deep, rich-colored
fruits. So highly pigmented fruits, you know, dark
cherries, blueberries, all the different berries, you know, cactus fruit. Dark, deep, rich cactus fruit’s the number
one antioxidant fruit and eat a variety of them, right? Don’t eat blueberries or strawberries, eat
them all. They are so good for you. And then, you know, the other thing you want
to do is wear natural fibers as synthetics attract electricity. So get rid of that polyester stuff, man. If you’re stuck in the 70s, get out of that
that aint cool no more “Wear cotton, silk, linen, wool and avoid polyester”. So I really like that they’re actually trying
to educate people about how to do the right thing even before buying a smart DOT but of
course, if you still are using your cell phone because you can’t pry the cell phone out
of your not-alive-hand, which it might be if you can use it, you know, they do have
a testing, actually if you look back in the picture. I don’t know if you guys can see that, there’s
actually live blood cell testing with the – for your red blood cells. For one hour on the cell phone and all the
blood is clumped up, clumped together, that means you’re not working efficiently and
optimally, and over the other side, it has one hour with their smartDOT on and the blood
is not as clumped. In addition, I have seen the picture of before
using the cell phone, if you don’t use it and it looks better than one hour without
the DOT on. So you know that is the true answer but if
you’re going to use your cell phone, you know, according to this, it appears that this
DOT may help. I know there’s a lot of different DOTs and
different protection devices and I’ve seen many of them and I haven’t fell for any
of them, you know, but I do believe, you know, this is a real thing and I will be doing future
testing in the future. Now another thing is, that was really cool,
is they actually have a group garden cress seeds. Actually this is what caught my eye and brought
me to the booth. They grew garden cress seeds in a room with
WIFI signal yet that WIFI that you guys use and not too many seeds germinated and they
didn’t really work well. And then in a room away from WIFI after 12
days, you can see the sprouts worked and grew amazingly. And the final picture on the bottom shows
your energy field, if you’ve ever had a photographer, anything like that, the energy
field, you know, without wearing a smartDOT is kind of all messed up and all this stuff. And then it shows it wearing a smartDOT, it’s
a lot more cohesive and you know, much better. So I mean, this alone does not necessarily
prove anything to me and I’m quite sceptical by nature and I want to encourage you guys
to be sceptical by nature otherwise you know a fool and his money are soon parted. But you know, then here’s the thing, this
is the thing, straight up. The thing is that, you know, I just bought
one of these smartDOTs like whatever, $50 or whatever and I put it on the back of my
Q-Link, I got one for my router at home and I’m going to see if I feel a difference
and if I feel a different, I’ll let you guys know and if I don’t, hey, I’ll let
you guys know too, and I’m pretty electrically sensitive and all this kind of stuff. So I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. Worst case, even if it doesn’t work, you
know, as it says but I believe it works then it’s working. I mean the true test is because I do get headaches
if there’s a cell phone next to me. If somebody now uses a cell phone next to
me with this DOT and I don’t get a headache, that would be amazing, not that I want to
still be near people that are using cell phones because I still even – with the DOT, you
know, don’t want that stuff near me but at least I wouldn’t get headaches because
of it. So the next thing I want to do in this episode
is actually interview one of the doctors that actually wrote a book on EMF exposure and
also on sunscreen exposure and how toxic that can be to your health, to educate you guys
more about this topic and how important it is because this is not a topic that is often
talked about in the raw foods or health communities, you know, everybody just uses a cell phone. I got plenty of events where people are on
cell phones all the time and I’m like “man, that stuff is so toxic. How could you eat a healthy diet and then
negate some of the effects of your healthy diet by using a cell phone?” I have no clue so let’s go ahead and talk
with one of the experts to share with you guys, you know, why it is so bad and how you
can – what you can do to change it to minimize the risk of EMF, cell phone and WIFI radiation. So now I have the pleasure of interviewing
Doctor Elizabeth Plourde and she’s a 30-year medical researcher as well as a whole bunch
of other things and she’s written these 2 books here, “Sunscreen Biohazard” and
“EMF Freedom”, and before we get into the content of some of these 2 books that
are actually quite big, Doctor Elizabeth Plourde, what other things do you do besides being
a medical researcher? Because I know, you know, you have been in
the health field for a long time. Elizabeth: Well, I’m a clinical scientist
so that’s my basic foundation and then along the way, I did a lot of research on women’s
hormones so I became a North American Menopause Society certified menopause practitioner,
and because of that, I got into research on the radiation because I was having women call
me and say “I must be going into early menopause, I’ve got headaches, I can’t sleep, I’m
really tired and I’m really irritable”. And so when I looked at their whole profile
I have them fill out, I knew it wasn’t hormones and so I talked with each one in depth and
a common denominator was that they had had a smart meter put on their home, a smart meter
that does all the measuring of electricity with and it’s a microwave that’s pulsing
multiple times per minute, 24 hours a day. And that is just really taking people down
because it is a 24-hour day. Our bodies are designed to repair, you know,
repair the DNA breaks that have been caused by the radiation but when it’s 24 hours
a day, there’s no chance for the body to repair. John: Wow. Elizabeth: So that’s why I started writing
the book on Electromagnetic Radiation. John: Awesome. So yeah, I mean if you guys have a wife and
she’s like irritable, maybe it’s because of that smart meter and the number one reason,
the thing to do is not get some kind of smartDOT for it but to take it out and get that out
of your house, right? Elizabeth: Well, and some states allow you
to get it taken out but other states don’t. John: That’s terrible. Elizabeth: So right. And I keep believing this – I have people
leaving the state, yeah, to get to where they can have them removed from their residences. John: So Doctor Plourde, let’s talk about
the “Sunscreens Biohazard treated as hazardous waste” first because you wrote this book
and it’s actually, you know, I don’t know, 200 – over 200 pages on sunscreens. And I want you to really quick, let my viewers
know there’s many different toxins occurring in the environment today and you know, sunscreens
are one of them. And she’s done research on this. I want her to share with you guys really quick,
like jus the reason why sunscreen is a biohazard and how this is affecting us all, not just
people that wear sunscreen. And even if you don’t wear sunscreens, yes,
it’s affecting you too. Elizabeth: Absolutely, it is. I was horrified. I learned how to scuba-dive 50 years ago so
I got to see all these pristine corals around the Earth and they’re dying. They’re just dead and so when I saw them
so dead and I heard that it was due to global warming, and I’m swimming in water in Hawaii,
colder than I felt in 40 years, I’m going “something’s wrong with this picture”. And so my research brain said “what’s
killing the coral”. I immediately found the proof that the sunscreens
kill the coral. 96 hours of exposure, they’re dead. John: Wow. Elizabeth: And then the hormones specialist
– when I started to tell my husband I was going to write this book, he goes “why? You’re a hormone specialist”. And they’re hormonally active, they’re
very potent hormones. John: Wow. Elizabeth: So they’re either very potent
hormones or they’re tiny, little metal particles that are zinc or titanium dioxide where they’ve
made them so small, they do go through the blood brain barrier, they do go into the liver,
they do go into the bone marrow and they cause havoc. They really do so they’re either toxic hormones,
they’re very anti-testosterone so they’re also disrupting how our children are developing,
all our babies because it’s really messing up how their sexual development – as well
as obesity. The sunscreen chemicals are like obesidans. They totally mess up the fat metabolism of
the child for the rest of their life. John: Wow. Elizabeth: So we’re really causing harm
and it’s not only killing the coral, it kills the phytoplankton. So we’re really – we’re harming the
ocean too. John: That’s terrible. So there’s something called “BP3”. What is that and how can my viewers avoid
that toxic substance? Elizabeth: One of the primary chemicals that’s
been used is called “benzophenone-3” and it’s very similar in structure to BPA – show
the structure and BPA, they’re saying how toxic it is. California said it can’t be in plastics
for under 3 year olds. Well then we’re being – we’re telling
women to put the sunscreen on them, which will go through the placenta and disrupt the
programming and it’s just as toxic as the chemical. John: Well – Elizabeth: So it doesn’t make sense to say
“outlaw this” and “put this on” when it’s just as toxic. And it causes intersex fish so – or fish
actually have a material testicle compartment and testicle material compartment, and it’s
really disrupting how our children are developing sexually also. John: Wow. So what’s the solution? Because I know a lot of people use sunscreen
to protect themselves from the sun. How can somebody protect themselves in a safe
way without messing up themselves or the coral reefs, the fish or anything like that? Elizabeth: It’s high antioxidant diet. I was just amazed at the amount of research
that had been done. It’s all in the book. There’s over 800 references in the book
proving that the whole premises is wrong because it only protects against ultraviolet, which
is only 4% of the entire solar spectrum. 47% infrared goes deeper, melanoma and skin
cancers have taken off since sunscreens were introduced because it’s a total wrong concept
and it’s oxidation damage. So if we eat high antioxidant diet, drink
a lot of antioxidant juices while we’re at the beach then we can offset this damage. And I’ve had callers call in on radio shows
saying “you’re totally right”. I had a man call in and said “I work outside
all day, my high antioxidant drink didn’t even turn color”. So it really is the answer and there’s a
whole chapter in this book on how the antioxidants all work together synergistically so you really
need the whole rainbow of colors and the sea and the E, they all work together to form
a protective shield actually in our skin. And we need that because the electromagnetic
radiation is also causing the same type of damage because it’s already the issue and
they’re proving that these high antioxidants also protect against radiation. John: Wow. I mean I totally agree and I mean that’s
the diet I eat, that’s the diet I encourage you guys to eat. High antioxidant foods and guess what they
are, they’re not in meat, chicken, fish, eggs or dairy. They’re in plant food. So eat more leafy greens. The darker the color, the better. And eat the whole rainbow. Don’t just eat green food, eat purple foods,
yellow foods, pink foods, blue foods, magenta foods, whatever color food you can get, fruits
and vegetables. They’re the best and I especially love the
berries, the tart cherry juice. You know, high antioxidant goji berries, cactus
fruit like the dark cactus fruit juice. That’s amazing. And if you want the most antioxidant-rich
food that I’m aware of, you know, for your skin and there have been studies on this. It’s called astaxanthin. And these astaxanthin are pissed off, red
algae that, you know, is helpful for your skin and many other different, you know, functions
in your body. So yeah, eat high antioxidant foods. So with that, I want to transition out of
the “Sunscreen” because we all should have natural sunscreen. I mean, thousands of years ago, there was
no such thing as sunscreens and we all ate high antioxidant foods and you know, no other
animal uses sunscreen. They eat high antioxidant-rich foods either
directly from plants or getting it indirectly from animals that are eating plants so you
know, and/or they make their own actually. And whereas we need to get them from our diets,
you know. I want to Segway now to the “EMF Freedom”,
which is actually more important to me than, you know, using eating high antioxidants for
sunscreen because I see so many more people in the health movement, you know, they know
about toxic sunscreens, a lot of them. But a lot of them don’t know how toxic and
bad cell phones are, smart meters are, WIFI signals are and all this stuff and you know,
a lot of you guys might be watching this on a WIFI right now. Hopefully not on your cell phone because that’s
even worse, in my opinion. So Doctor Plourde, tell us about, you know,
some of the challenges with the EMF, the electromagnetic field from cordless cell phones, smart meters,
computers and WIFIs, and what they specifically do to your cells. Elizabeth: What they’re causing us is oxidation
damage. They actually put holes in every cell membrane,
put holes in our protective barrier, holes in our blood brain barrier, holes in our gut
lining. So this is the food allergies today because
– John: Leaky gut. Elizabeth: Yeah, likened to a machine gun
with this radiation and my experience is that when smart meters went into our neighborhood,
we opted out because in California, we can opt out. So opted on smart meter, we got neighbors
on both sides opt on and in 30 days, I went from eating all food to eating nothing because
I was reacting to all of it, because I had such a leaky gut from them on and I got a
rash head to toe. And no doctor knew how to help me. It took me quite a while to piece this altogether
because I was using a lot of the devices that are on the market for electromagnetic radiation
so I didn’t understand it because we didn’t have the smart meter so I didn’t understand
it’s creating a while electrical smog all over the whole neighborhood. And so when that leaky gut started me – my
food allergies, I knew I had antibodies to the foods because I was market poisoned 15
years ago and at that point, I had the blood test and showed 4+ on all the foods. Took me 2 years to heal my leaky gut at the
point but we now have a spray or {inaudible] , helps the pituitary release human growth
hormone, helps repair that gut. I healed my gut in 5 days. John: Wow. Elizabeth: Yeah, it was wonderful, I love
it. We have it for sale on our website because
it’s heaven. Because I love eating and I got to where I
couldn’t eat. I was even reacting to organic cucumbers and
I just quite eating. So I’m now back eating and then wearing
this, it’s called a “BioDot”. I got these from England. In 2 days, I could go back out in public because
I had been to a point that I couldn’t go out anywhere because I felt like somebody
had a knife in me. John: Wow. Elizabeth: Once the smart meters went into
our neighborhood, it’s like cumulative. John: Yeah, it’ll take you down to a level
and you know, you couldn’t handle anything anymore. Elizabeth: That’s right. I couldn’t hold a cell phone even though
I had a bunch of dots on it, couldn’t use a computer. Itchy sores up my arm and the phone, if I
turned it on, I get itchy but it sores off my ankle, it felt like mosquito bites and
so I quit going out in public, I really did. John: Wow. Elizabeth: Until finally we found these people
in England and had them send it. In 2 days, I could go back out in public. 2 days, I could be around cell phones without
feeling a knife in me. I could go back out in WIFI buildings. I’ve now been speaking all over the country,
doing toxic medical conventions, staying in toxic hotels, flying on toxic airplanes and
there was no problem. John: Wow. So you know, I know you’re very environmentally
sensitive and as am I, and I feel when somebody’s using a cell phone, I get a headache so you
know, I got one of your Dots now so hopefully, you know, it doesn’t affect me. My body is more strong but I know a lot of
you guys use your cell phone, you don’t feel a headache, you don’t feel nothing’s
happening to you. So you know, so why should somebody maybe,
you know, stop using their cell phone even if they don’t feel anything happening. Is something really happening to them? Elizabeth: Absolutely it is and it’s just
below their level of conscious awareness. The headache is because it’s changing the
electrical charge on all the red blood cells, and the red blood cells when the charge is
changed, they all stick together so they can’t deliver oxygen to the tissues. It’s the same as a high altitude headache. If you go up, there’s not enough oxygen
in the air, you start holding a cell phone to your ear and there’s not enough oxygen,
you get a headache. I can’t tell you, I consult literally all
over the nation and around the world, wherever there’s smart meters. Once the country or city has smart meters,
that’s when they start finding us for the help, for the symptoms but the cause is I
get a headache every time I get on my cell phone or I get a headache every time I walk
to my smart meter house, and it’s simply lack of oxygen to tissues. And if anybody’s had a high altitude headache
then they know what we’re talk about. John: Wow. I mean and that’s what I recommend. I recommend a high oxygen-rich diet, you know,
eating fresh fruits and vegetables, have high, you know, oxygen content whereas, you know,
eating high processed foods and animal foods don’t give you the oxygen, you know. So if you check my oxygen level, my blood,
it’s really high compared to the standard person. Now I know a lot of you guys still don’t
believe that cell phones do any damage. I mean here’s a study they did on rats and
it shows the rat on one side, you know, got cancer and the other one didn’t. And that shows with 2 hours a day of cell
phone use and I know a lot of you guys watching this may have 2 hours a day. And yeah, this is on rats and not on human
beings but in my opinion, it is devastating really, even beyond just buying a Dot to be
safe. I really want you to throw away your phone
– your cell phone – and get a landline. So Doctor Plourde, you know, if people won’t
let go of their cell phone even with their not-alive-hand anymore or body, you know,
how can the technology that you’re offering help them, you know, negate these affects? How does it really work? Is it some kind of, you know, I don’t know,
a lot of these, there’s a lot of Dots and stuff. I’ve never really seen anyone that I really
want to invest in or make a video about for that reason because I think a lot of it is
hocus-pocus. They’re from China or you know, from other
places. This one’s actually made in Europe, which
I like a lot and I’ve researched the company and there’s some studies and some good information
about it. Elizabeth: Absolutely right. What this does is they’re called harmonizers
and they actually in train. They call it “in-training”. The radiation coming off the cell phone to
be compatible with the human energy field so the company that manufactures this is called
“Fi-Harmonics” and Fi’s a golden ratio number, 1.618 dot dot dot. And so what it does is it makes it compatible
instead of toxic to our body. And wearing the BioDot, this is strengthening
our energy field and we have pictures of how much stronger the energy field is, which tells
me why in 12 days, I could go back out in public and not feel the cell phone’s like
a knife in me or the smart meters are – smart meters I feel the knife. John: Right. Yeah. So I mean that’s one of the things I want
to encourage you guys to do is always try new things and weigh the pros and the cons. I mean the pro of buying this is that you
can be a stronger person, you can have more energy. It’s going to, you know, remove some of
the challenges that you’re having if you’re feeling any EMF challenges and the worst thing
that’s going to happen is you could just waste money on a device that doesn’t work
but even if it doesn’t work in reality but you think it works then it’s working and
I’m all for placebo. And I’m not sure if this is placebo or not
yet. I’m just sharing with you guys because this,
I know is a problem and this is a potential solution and she has a lot of testimonials
from people, you know, that it does work and that’s why I got one. You know, I don’t buy a lot of gimmicks
like this. So I also want to talk about with you, Doctor
Plourde, is you know, over in Europe now, you know, France has outlawed the sale of
things like roundup in, you know, nurseries so that people can use round because it is
known cancer-causing item for animals and then they say it’s potentially cancer-causing
for humans. But also France and Europe has actually made
laws that, you know, kids cannot have cell phones and even some place in Europe have
gone so far as to outlaw WIFI in elementary and pre-schools. So you know, what do they know that we don’t
know here, in the USA because WIFI is everywhere in Starbucks, McDonald’s. You can’t even walk down somewhere in the
US and not have a WIFI signal on your cell phone or something. Elizabeth: Right, that’s true. Well they are much further advanced than we
are about recognition of the damage that these are causing. I’m very concerned about our children. I’ve talked with our local school districts
and it doesn’t seem to help. They still think they need to bring in the
WIFI into the schools and we have so many people who can’t be around it anymore. They get sicker on it. There’s a great study out of Denmark, these
9th grade girls, we have the pictures of them that show that they would get sick at school
where there was WIFI, they go home, didn’t have it and so they created a study where
they put garden seeds in the room with WIFI router in a room away from the WIFI router
and the ones with the WIFI router with Dad and the ones away from it, nice and healthy. And one of the dots that we sell in this – from
this company is the WIFI Dot and they have a picture of putting WIFI Dot on the WIFI
router, growing seeds right there, next to the WIFI router. So these do really protect, they really do
and we have pictures of the red blood cells. Person on the cell phone, all his red blood
cells all clumped together. Same person with a Dot on the cell phone and
all the cells are individual, delivering the oxygen like they need to. John: Wow. I mean that’s simply needing. So I encourage you guys to, number 1: get
rid of your cell phone and minimize any kind of EMF exposure, turn off your WIFI router. Just go wired or at least minimum, turn it
off at night when you’re not using it or when you’re sleeping at any time and you
know, get rid of the smart meter. Anyway you could reduce the amount of EMF
or any kind of pollution and toxins, whether that’s toxic perfumes in your laundry detergent
or toxic cleaners. I mean, toxic EMS is just another toxin and
we want to minimize any toxins and increase the antioxidants. Most of my videos have to do with increasing
antioxidants and I really want to also encourage you guys to minimize the toxin journal life. So Plourde, I want to thank you for having
you on the show today and if somebody wants to learn, you know, learn more about your
books, how can they contact you and get your books? Elizabeth: So we have a website for the “EMF
Freedom” book. It’s “” and we have a
website for the “Sunscreen” book. It’s “sunscreens”, “sunscreens”
with an “S”, plural, “”. So please go there and I’m available on
email, [email protected] John: Awesome and if you want to get one of
these BioDots, please check that link right down below this video. Click on it and it’ll get you one of these
BioDots so that you guys can try it out and you know, if you don’t do anything else,
you’re going to keep your cell phone, keep your WIFI router because you can’t pry it
out of your not-alive-hand, minimally get this Dot to help you negate some of the negative
effects of some of the toxic pollution out there, whether that’s coming from WIFI,
cell phone. And once again, get rid of all the toxins
in your life even if that’s an ex-girlfriend or husband if your life as well. So if you guys enjoy this video and want more
videos about other toxins that may be lurking in your home, hey, please give it a “thumbs
up” to let me know. I like to make videos on all aspects of health,
not just on the diet but other things that can negatively impact your health. Also be sure to click that “subscribe”
button. I have new videos coming out all the time. I have over 450 videos on this channel. Be sure to check my past episodes for all
kinds of episodes on eating the healthiest plant-based, raw food, fruit and vegetable-based
diet, which is high antioxidant. Once again, my name is John Koller with We’ll see you next time. Until then, remember keep eating your fresh
fruits and vegetables. Elizabeth: Absolutely. John: They’re always the best. John: This is John Kohler with This is an exciting episode for you. This is an episode in a topic I actually don’t
cover a lot on my videos and it’s actually about spirituality and how to become more
spiritual. The 2 top ways to become more spiritual…

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