How to Protect Yourself as an Empath or HSP! | Stephanie Lyn Coaching

How to Protect Yourself as an Empath or HSP! | Stephanie Lyn Coaching

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  1. Finding out that I poses these traits has helped me a ton. Being a highly sensitive empath has been difficult to say the least. Taking on others issues and problems to help is extremely exhausting! What I have learned to do is understanding what I can help with and what I can’t. I have also learned to start giving to myself more. In my opinion I am blessed to be able to feel others emotions! Thanks for sharing this topic!

  2. Thank you Stephanie for making me aware again of all the things you are talking about and things that are good for me as a HSP and Empath. Deborah from The Netherlands.

  3. This is exactly what I needed right now! Thank you so much Stephanie. Yesterday morning I helped a girl who was being molested on the train. (And I myself had been molested the day before too) Although the girl thanked me I couldn’t catch the molester and this anger and frustration have been stuck in my mind like forever… Your video has helped me ease my tension a little bit.

  4. Thank you! Great video! I never knew I had a label Sensitive/Empath and it’s really shed light on wonderful ME & why I do what I do etc. and it’s now nice to know why taking care of me by setting boundaries, avoiding negative ppl/situations and prioritizing me w/ alone time, exercise, healthy eating & habits. I know why now I’m depleted all the time and how I need more re-energizing alone time to rejuvenate my own energy.

  5. Ma'am could you please provide me your email so that i can connect with you and tell you my problems . Suffering from depression. Need help

  6. Thanks so much for this Stephanie Lyn! After so many years of allowing myself to be used and walked over I'm learning the hard way, and now can drop the inner guilt and condemnation of not letting everybody and anybody in to bring me down or exploit me. I value me and I want others to recognise that I do! I love your coaching videos you offer such simple, effective advice and encouragement 💗✨

  7. Thank you so very much for all your videos, your time, your kindness, and your compassion. God bless you and the work of your hands, mind, emotions..

  8. I needed this. Every word resonated with me. I really identify as empathetic and highly sensitive. I have been collecting crystals and burning sage and palo alto in order to cleanse myself everyday and maintain a clean protected safe space to come home to! I am working on my emotional boundaries so that I will no longer be as affected as I am from friends and situations!

  9. I even saying to your stuff for about two weeks straight when I'm at work and everything I just got out of a relationship like seven months ago but she keeps contacting me and everything I don't know what to do I gave her everything of me but then she says I didn't give her anything I don't understand what is going on I'm trying to figure it out but I do appreciate your movies I hope to hear from that

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  11. Spot on and a great reminder of how much we Empaths and HSPs really need to take extra good care of ourselves! Love your hair BTW…it looks so pretty!

  12. how do you know if you need counseling or coaching? i.e. psychologist or life coach.

  13. I checked your vids and couldn't find one on how to specifically raise your vibration. Can you please do a video teaching us how to stay in high positive energy. Thank you

  14. Is it possible for a "normal" person to enter into a relationship with a narcissist and, while they weren't before, come out of that relationship with codependent tendencies? I am recently single, and while I'm not a mental health expert, I now see many of the symptoms of a narcissist in my ex-boyfriend. I don't think I was codependent before, but after 5 years together my reactions to his silent treatment, failures to compromise, passive aggressive behavior, insistence that I give more of my time/energy for his needs without him reciprocating any time/energy for me, etc., track exactly with your descriptions in your videos. I was in grad school when we met. He definitely love bombed me, and because my attention was divided and we didn't see each other all the time, I didn't notice what I now see were warning signs. I'm still in the grief phase and am trying to put together my plan to heal and move forward, which starts with figuring out where I went wrong and what I need to do to correct my mistakes (mostly in choosing him to begin with).

  15. Stephanie, what is her problem to the narcissist woman when you just want to be yourself ? i mean just kind and chill out, nothing more. i know i am the boring one, but at least i am not a terrorist. i prefer to be single and boring than a massive killer.

  16. Have you already read the Alice Millers books? They are wonderful and very eye opening. Also Pete Walkers work are informative. I wish you all the best

  17. Thank you for this very helpful,informative video. As an Empath and HSP , your advice hit home and described exactly the people i attract into my life. Everything you mentioned in this video resonated with me. Thank you for the time and effort you put in doing these videos,and for the help that you provide.

  18. Stephanie , U are so Awesome and soothing. I as a Fellow Empath see paranormal everywhere, and I see demons especially in people. There are so many narcissistic people on earth, hence We(Empaths) have to as U said not take on everything at the same time, and Protect Us by learning from bad experiences!

  19. I was just told that I am a empath & sensitive person that explains my massively confused & emotionally traumatized moments.
    I came across this information because for the 1st time in 30 plus years I am dealing with a number of issues that surfaced from the results of a finding my birth family after 53 years because of having to deal with over 18 months of a bunch of lies, secrets, games, drama and false accusations/ blame from 2 full sisters as well as being rejected again by birth mom.

  20. OK, i normally love your stuff, but you are making suggestions that should never be suggested to your Christian subscribers. Mentioning "Negative Energy" is a Wiccan concept, it also is embraced in Hindu theology, evident in forms of Yoga. Actually, the controlling of spiritual energy is present in almost all forms of the occult. Using "sage" to spiritually cleanse a space is "Native American" witchcraft. The only power (in Christian theology) that cleanses locations or persons from evil or "negative" energy as you state is the Holy Spirit. Really liked your stuff till now, it's time for us to break up. So long.

  21. It is difficult, I pray for the many of us that deal with this struggle. Love, complete healing, true joy and peace to all the Es and HSPs. Thank you so much Stephanie!!!

  22. Lol you've just perfectly described my situtation with my ex before. I gave her too many benefit of the doubt and let her walked all over me instead of protecting my boundary as I have in the beginning. Anywho, it is me who have learnt from this lesson and must strive to protect my soul and integrity from so many toxic people in the world in a good way for me and for them. Great Video!

  23. I hope you can answer this question. I very rarely go to a mall or crowded events because when I walk into a situation like that I literally pick up all negative energy from people that I walk by or stand next to it literally it takes all my energy away. I can walk into anywhere and immediately pick out the toxic people without even knowing them. I love people but many many times I cannot be around anyone it’s to draining. This has been happening to me most of my life and I turn 61 in November. Hope you can help

  24. Learning to distance from church and feel somewhat guilty for it but I’m important too and I have to take care of myself. Thank you 🙏

  25. Ugh! I really needed to hear ALL of this! Learning to create & IMPLEMENT boundaries. Thank you so much, sweet girl.

  26. Great video, so true! You expressed yourself amazingly and you look amazing. We all need to find a Stephanie Lyn for our lives🙌🏼 lol. Keep the videos coming.
    Much love,
    – From one of your now new Supporters "Stacks" over here in Central Florida, (Co-Founder of KQ 93.7 FM) (Radio Personality/Producer/Humanitarian on the rise)✔️

  27. This explains a lot about me. Looking back at past relationships I tend to gravitate towards women that have been abused. I just want to take care of them and help them and let them know that not all men bad. I haven't been in a relationship for a few years and have recently met a beautiful, wonderful, golden hearted woman that had just recently left a very abusive 11 year relationship. She's not ready for a relationship yet so I try to be as good of a friend to her as I can to her. A family member said that I have what she calls is "care giver syndrome".

  28. Hi Steff, Thank You very much for this video. I appreciated it very much. It is clear, brief and comprehensive. I value Your message You share on Your channel. I come from a different background as You so not everything fits my experience, but a lot of things is very useful. Keep helping people. You do a great job and are obviously very aware of life.

  29. Yes, alone time feels wonderful. So does nature. Exhilarating. A walk in the rain – there is nothing quite like that!

  30. Stephanie (or anyone who an relate), for the past 2 years I have slowly opened my eyes to the fact that my wife is, if not a narcissist then she has many narcissistic tendencies, and I have been suffering from NAS that it cost me a promotion at work and had me very low emotionally. I am a people plearser to the core, partly with how my parents raised me and partly from a religious background (that whole 'it is better a mill stone were hung from your neck and you were thrown into the depths of the sea than for you to harm a child or a woman' really sunk in deep into my upbringing). The more I have studied narcissism the more I see how it s a practical blueprint to our relationship to now. It got so bad that I've basically emotionally detatched. I try not to feed her supply. And Iu have a firm(ish) date that I will walk out. Howeever, since that time that I detached and made that plan of leaving (no one knows about this timeframe so she doesn't know about it through anyone) she has actually been mostly good and less controlling. So now I'm questioning is this change for real, can it last, or is it a charade and will go away when I "act like me" again?

  31. Takes on too much. That's me. Has been forever. All of what you're describing. Left me in a position of being depressed because I was too focused on taking care of someone else and their dream while I neglected myself. And now I've been discarded and blamed. What a story!

  32. Thank you making this video!!!! I am literally entering a phase in my life where I’m beginning to seriously hate who I am as highly sensitive person/empath!!!! Perfect timing! I really need to learn how to use this gift appropriately and not let it be something that crushes me

  33. Stephanie you are fantastic!! So extremely on target, helpful and I have shared your coaching videos with so many people of many ages. Your lessons about dealing with narcissists are true learnings. Keep it up please! Thank you for all you do!

  34. Thankyou so much. I am an hsp empath that today ended a toxic relationship with a selfish narcissist and feel terrible. I really needed this video! Xxx

  35. Thankyou for passing on your wisdom. So glad i found your channel. I don't practice meditation but i pray instead .

  36. Is there a safe way or place to meet other HSP or empath friends?

    Thanks for making your videos. They have been a breath of fresh air and a form of support where none currently exists for me. 💖

  37. Love all your suggestions! I am an RN & going through a divorce from a narcissist after 15 years. Every step in this process is a step towards my healing & reclaiming my boundaries in my personal & work life.

  38. Thank you Steph, going no contact from a toxic group after alot of years sucked. I went through the "save every woman " after my other lifestyle. My experiences are so simular. Bob

  39. You are an inspiration Darling. A rare wonderful, beautiful Lady, with a good heart. If only I can find a helpful Wonderful Lady like you xx

  40. These videos are great and having gotten out of a really strange, complicated relationship with a narcissist, this does help. I tend to acquire narcissists through working with them and have a hard time differentiating what is going too far and what is within the parameters of my job. At least in the moment lol.
    But I do have a question specifically for the subject of this video. Sometimes my work takes me on the road with very little down time, how can I find ways to take time out to do some of these things to take myself out of possible bad situations or to recharge?
    It's probably something that needs practice but I was curious if someone could help me find a solution?

  41. I usually don’t like labels but this describes an undeniable part of my personality. I’ve hated this part of me for so long but I’m realising that it’s not our of your control. You aren’t destined to be used and abused, you can take responsibility and set healthy boundaries. And you don’t have to enable the narcissistic dysfunctions. You can make a conscientious decision everyday to CHOOSE you!! Prioritise YOU. When you have healthy love for yourself it can protect you from the ones who tend to leech off us. Thanks for the video ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Yes, that is me to the core. I need to spend more time with self-love and self-care. I have been neglecting that area in my life. Thank you for your wisdom. I really appreciate it.

  43. Yes! I have always known I am an empath. Meditation and being around my animals is how I regenerate my energy. I have also learned to let people know if I can’t make it out, if I am feeling drained. The older I get, the more I relish my alone time.

    I am also a Pisces, and have wondered if my astrological sign plays a part as well.

  44. Im still not totally sure what I am but I have always said there are givers and takers ,, Im definitely the giver. I know Im very sensitive even thought I make out Im tougher.
    Makes sense why Im exhausted each day and I thought it was just me get older. I am also learning , I think I married a narcissist or at least has very narcissist tendencies if such a thing exists. She is destroying me and I dont seem to be able to get control of a happy marriage , My answer is simply stay away which leaves me sitting at work so often. Well at least I found out something here .

  45. New sub here ( : thank you for the solid advise. I was able to easily understood your logic. Very helpful. Thank you ,💚☘️🕊️

  46. Oh my gosh! This is so true! I feel like I am so broken because of it. Its hard to become whole again and I think its because I dont set healthy boundaries to stop getting to involved in other people or taking on their energies

  47. Listening to this (and your other videos) so much about who I am is making sense to me now. And all the ways that “friends” and my husband pushed me to be different than I was, to not listen to myself. That voice inside me was right!

    I so appreciate your videos. I feel like these are tangible things I can do to really take care of myself and honour myself and be who I truly am. Thank you.

  48. Thank you so much for this video! it has really helped me understand alot of things about myself that i need to work on. What is a guided mediation app that you use. I agree with you. I am starting to do mediation but it is very hard for me so I wanted to try out some of the guided mediations that worked for you. Thank you again Stephanie 🙂

  49. It's like you had nanny cams hidden all around me. Especially with your narcissist videos. I lived pretty much everything you described about a narcissist. Horrible horrible experience!!!

    So relieving to know that I'm not alone, I really didn't understand how I feel other people's feelings, and it seems I feel them more than they feel their own emotions. Thank you! It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in absorbing other people's feelings/emotions. so nice to know that there's nothing wrong with me, it's just my normal and that it is normal. I have also recommended your videos also to many people that are going through much of what you discuss in all your videos. Thank you!!!

  50. after watching this video I found that I am really empathetic person as well as emo, I thought that no one can feel me, but this video and you let me know that I'm not alone, this video would really helpfull for me to help myself .

  51. Wow. You are speaking my language. It's a gift not a curse. 😬sigh… So grateful I found your channel! I've followed you for a while I never realized you were a really sensitive person!!!!!!😳

  52. Completely identified with everything stated in this video. This has been truly a struggle for me the past couple of years, especially in the workplace. Often times, I have become the person in the corner of the room staying away from everyone because I lose my mental function around negative emotions and others looking at their cell phones such as facebook and playing other meaningless games. Taking on their energy means I take on their personalities from being around them all the time which greatly slows me down for my goals. The good news is this has caused me to continue going to school for nursing in order to work with other empaths. This is what works for me… Going to church especially an adoration chapel. God loves you and he will recharge you and guide you according to his will. I made Jesus Christ my personal master and savior which I think is very important in asking for help because I cannot do this on my own otherwise I suffer. Another way in removing toxic energies is simply praying for others randomly. I still have my struggles, but this is what helps me the best.

  53. Any tips on how to be an empath in a workplace full of others that are not empathetic but are Takers and complainers ?

  54. I’ve always known I was sensitive (even as a child).
    As a late teen and early 20’s I learned that I was highly empathetic and had an uncanny ability to connect with people, understand them, and/or read them like a book (even the deeper or hidden stuff).

    But the BIGGEST piece of the puzzle that is my personality came recently when I finally gave in and took an MBTI personality test… and found out that I’m actually and introvert!! I took 4 other different tests to make absolute sure, because I had always just assumed I was extroverted because I enjoy connecting with people (although it’s at its best for me when it’s 1 on 1). The personality profile was downright creepy how accurate it was in describing me (I’m an INFJ for those of you that are curious).

  55. Excellent video! For one so young, you are doing great! There is so much more good info available now than we had in the 70s. It is hard to come to terms with being an HSP and an Empath, swimming in the depths of life's ocean; and coming to terms with the realization the most of the others are swimming in the shallows. I seek only to get close to Empaths now and help the few shallow swimmers who are willing to learn and grow. Teaching for over 40 years has taught me more than I ever could have imagined. (-: God bless you………….

  56. I became negative… my ex's lack of awareness and inability to take care of myself really made me nasty. I started criticizing him and tried to leave, but he wanted us to stay together. We finally ended it after a year, and I can focus on me instead of worrying about us and our future. We should've just stayed friends lol.

  57. I love being outside!! I loved OR but its so depressing in the winter. They have so many hiking trails though. Right now I'm in central CA, its so ugly but there is a decent park across the street. I don't know where to move… I'm thinking WA or British Columbia. Maybe moving between states so I don't have to experience dreary winters.

  58. Have you listened to "Permission to Exist? " She has a fantastic vidio on demonic posession that is the narcissist.

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