How to Protect Your Fruit from the Birds for One Dollar

How to Protect Your Fruit from the Birds for One Dollar

Alright! This is John Kohler with
Today I’ve got another exciting episode for you coming at you from my backyard garden
and today we’re going to talk about a problem I know I have and probably you guys have also.
That’s why you’re watching this video, that’s why you clicked on it. It’s the birds!
What we’re looking at here is actually my tree collard plants that every year they seem
to go to flower which they’re actually not supposed to and they make seeds. They make
lots of amazing seeds but unfortunately I failed to cover them up and basically the
birds come here, they peck the little pods, the seed pods and they eat the seeds because
after all that’s their natural food. So I’m glad I could feed the birds some of
my extra tree collard seeds. Some of them I do get to save, some of them fall on the
ground because they don’t get each and every one, looks like there’s actually a lot on
the ground that I could sweep up. Sometimes they fall onto the bed next door and they
get all these little sprouts come up. So I always have continual plants but I don’t have
any to send out to you guys in any large quantities because the birds get them.
So beside the birds getting my tree collard seeds, sometimes they’ll pick out seeds that
I plant in the garden under soil and sometimes they’ll even eat baby plants. But most of
all, what pisses me off the most is when they eat my damn tomatoes. So let’s go over to
my little tomato patch and share with you guys how I’m going to prevent the birds from
eating my tomatoes for just one buck. So now we’re looking at my tomato bed here,
I think I have maybe almost a half dozen plants in a four food circle or raised bed. I got
some, actually smallerish tomato cages on them, they’re about four feet tall and I got
all these little cherry tomatoes coming up on me. So what happens is on these little
baby cherry tomatoes that you guys are seeing the birds will see that they’re red, they’ll
see that they’re ripe, they’ll see that there’s food, they contain seeds, they contain water
and birds in nature, especially here in the desert they are hungry little creatures.
They’ll go in there and they’ll peck it once or twice and they’ll go somewhere else. Meanwhile
I got pecked tomatoes which is not good for me because I don’t like to eat pecked tomatoes,
sometimes I’ll cut off the pecked half, compost that and then I’ll eat the good half. But
why do that when you can protect your tomatoes with just something as cheap as one buck?
This is what I got from the dollar store right here. It’s actually this stuff, it’s actually
called the garden netting. This garden netting was at the 99 only store, they have stores
I think in California, Nevada, I’ve seen them in Texas and maybe some other states. A lot
of other dollar stores may carry some things like this and some others may not. If you’re
a dollar store owner, yeah carry gardening stuff man, us gardeners will be buying your
stuff especially for a buck to protect our valuable tomatoes.
So what that this garden netting is do, is just create a barrier over my plants so that
the birds can’t get in there. This is a very simple solution. I mean if you got some old
fish netting if you’re no longer fishing and the holes are small enough, hey use it for
your garden. Basically anything you can put over it to protect your plants from the birds
is a good thing. They also have fruit tree netting at like a standard nursery and what
not. It’s going to cost you a lot more money than a buck but your fruits are definitely
worth it. So we’re just going to go ahead and unfurl
this stuff right here, see how long this is. It kind of stretches out, look at that! I
don’t know if you guys could see that, this is nice and huge. So you could just wrap this
around, tie it with some twine or something like that. But I got something else at the
dollar store, but I actually usually have a lot hanging out. So I have extra ones, but
I got these plant clips. So these plant clips I normally use them to
basically stake up my tomatoes, my peppers and other plants, cucumbers, and I have so
many around here, just hanging out. I’m just going to use these to clip down the netting
to my tomatoes, to the cages so that I could actually just easily remove it and get it
in there and actually harvest my tomatoes when I want to. So let’s go ahead and put
this on and wrap it around. Alright so as you guys can see I’ve been working
on getting this netting stuff all the way around my tomato cages, it’s working pretty
good and I have man a lot of material left. This is really cool, I started trying to put
it around and this bird netting is actually pretty cheap netting stuff, I mean what do
you expect for a buck right. I got a little bit more time than money.
So yeah, this is working good but you have to untangle this and furl it out and be real
careful, it kind of gets, your plants kind of get stuck on it so you kind of got to like
push all your plants in and keep them inside so they’re not running into the netting and
that could be a problem later if you’re not paying attention, you know your plants will
grow through the netting and then the birds will able to get the stuff on the outside
then you won’t be able to get it on the inside to take it off. So you just got to pay attention
to that. The technique I’ve been using actually, I’ve
been going around to the bottom of the netting, basically it’s I don’t, it doesn’t tell me
the overall like length, but I figure if I stretch it out it’ll probably be about like
6 feet tall which is an amazing deal. It’s like 6 feet tall by 32 feet, so that’s a huge
piece of netting for just a buck. Now, they do have this netting that I bought
which is in the long skinny pack and that’s the good deal one, 32 feet. They also had
a different kind of netting that was like in a square pack, that was significantly less
netting for the same price, although the netting wasn’t as thin, it was a little bit more thick,
but I want to cover the maximum square foot area for the minimal cost. So this is the
one that I got. So anyways I went around the whole bottom, pinned that up, I kind of draped
of the top and I got to pull this tight and use all the rest at the end to go up the top
to make just a big enclosure so that the birds can’t get in there. I’m going to go ahead
and finish this up and come back at you when I’m all done.
Alright so as you guys could see I got the netting all the way wrapped around my tomatoes
and now they’re protected against the birds. I had so much extra netting actually I could
of went double high, so actually I just put a cage upside down in the middle one only
to make like a little house or round hut shape, although maybe later I’ll go back in, put
upside down cages on each one of these guys and make it double high so that my plants
have more room to grow. The easy thing about this when I want to get in there I just clip
off the bottom and roll it up and that’s where all my tomatoes are at the moment, they’re
near the bottom, roll it up, get the good ones, roll it back down and then let my tomatoes
ripen up without the birds getting them. Now whether you guys have problems with birds
and tomatoes or whether you guys got gophers or rabbits this is an easy way to protect
your plants, simply put a covering on them, you don’t need to use any kind of like anti-bird
deterrent, streamers, ribbons flying in the air, pinwheels, fake owls, although you could
get an ally cat and let them roam your garden, they’ll probably get the birds. But you just
need to protect them and cover them with some netting like this, I got for a buck or if
you got the real stuff go to a nursery get the real bird netting, that stuff’s a lot
easier to work with because it’s lot more thick then this thin stuff, but hey, if this
lasts me a season and I get tons of tomatoes out of my garden and the birds don’t for a
dollar I think it’s definitely worth it. The other thing you could do of course is
use something like chicken wire to surround your garden, build that around your whole
garden to keep them out and if you got things like gophers and whatnot, put chicken wire
even a bigger, thicker gage wire on the bottom of your raised bed so that they can’t get
in from underneath. There’s always a way to protect your garden naturally without using
any kind of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, anything like this by simply protecting them.
That’s why you guys lock your doors at night right? So the burglars don’t come and break
into your house and steal your stuff. I don’t want the birds stealing my hard work and eating
my delicious beyond organic tomatoes and neither do you.
So now you guys know how to protect your tomatoes for a buck, if you don’t have the 99 only
stores near you check your other dollar stores or you’ll just have to go to the nursery and
spend more money, maybe some website online maybe sells this stuff for a couple bucks,
but nonetheless there’s always a way to protect your food today, all animals do this.
So if you guys enjoyed this episode hey please give me a thumbs up to let me know. Also be
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I have over 1100 episodes teaching you guys all aspects on how you guys could grow your
own food, protect it from birds and bugs and pests and all kinds of stuff, everything you
guys need to know so that you guys could be successful at biologic, organic gardening.
So once again my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next
time and until then remember keep on growing. Latest Episode on Growing Your Greens!
Alright! This is John Kohler with Today we’ve got another exciting episode for
you coming at you from my beautiful backyard garden on a beautiful spring day. Summer’s
almost here! Hopefully you guys got your garden’s planted out

97 Replies to “How to Protect Your Fruit from the Birds for One Dollar”

  1. LOL!! Just add a water bowl or bird bath. They are thirsty that's why they only take a couple of pecks and go. They want water after flying around your garden and eating a bunch of bugs. Netting is so annoying!

  2. I like it when you have episodes that are shorter like this please try to make more shorter so you can watch them and not have to sit down for an hour so I'll use you to watch a whole bunch of short episodes and a 45 minute long one keep up the good work man

  3. I just put some water in red Solo cups , next to my tomato plants and they don't touch them! Thanks for the video and bring this topic up. Great job!!πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…

  4. I bought some "mosquito" netting on Amazon that you put over a cot during camping. It was about $10, but worth it cause it looks stronger than the one you have, and its rectangular shaped so it fits perfectly over my garden beds. I haven't eaten any of my strawberries yet this year cause the birds always get there before I do. Works on Cabbage moths and other pests also.

  5. We have lots of citrus trees in the yard & flocks of parrots come & just make holes in the fruit to eat the seeds…… We hung old cd's in the trees & they quit……….. This might also work with your birds…..

  6. I hope it works for you but netting isn't just a deterrent. Birds, lizards, and snakes get caught in the netting and die.

  7. Why not place a bird bath for water and a seed feeder so the birds have what they need…? IMHO you will have a hard time self pollinating all those buds because if the birds can't get in the bees can't. good luck.

  8. yeah I agree a tomato with a few holes pecked out is discouraging. I'm ready to upgrade it to a hoop house with shade cloth. and two layers of overlaping chicken wire 2 feet down. then add lots of beneficial insects. with 18 tomatoe plants and only 3 unmolested tomatoes to harvest. I'm mad that I have the only big garden in 4 surrounding neighborhoods. the birds have slim pickins.

  9. damn Squirrels ate my Apricots this year and all of them too, in the process they broke some branches as well which really pissed me off. I don't mind sharing but don't break my tree. πŸ™

  10. I used the netting on my peach and almond trees and was saddened to find a lizard had gotten trapped and died. I will throw the netting away and try the CD's.

  11. Doggone it. I didn't even think to look at the dollar store. I got a bunch of cheap tulle. Off to the dollar store I go! Thanks.

  12. Well, they won't touch my blueberry plants that I have out for them. I do have around twenty different feeders in my backyard and garden area, along with two baths. I was hoping to share my blueberries with the robins and waxwings, however that's not working. I guess more for me.

  13. Why fight nature? You need birds in your garden! Some of your videos are good, but this one is just plain dumb.

  14. just a thought… the lady across the street from me uses similar netting… she's got hers stapled to skinny dowels that are as tall as the saskatoon berry bushes she's trying to protect and just walks around her bushes like she's saran wrapping it πŸ™‚ might be easier to open back up to get at the tomatoes? πŸ™‚

  15. Either plant extra for the birds or put plants in for the birds and you won't have to fight with them. I'm not a fan of sunflowers (for consumption) but I plant those to keep the birds fed and draw the bees to the yard. They don't take up a ton of room and come in all sorts of colors and sizes. My neighbor dries out his sunflower stalks at the end of the season and uses them the next year for free homemade trellises for vines/beans/etc.

  16. I recommend using wood vinegar to deter birds they don't like the smell hang up a few bottles with holes in top of it watch the japanology episode on charcoal

  17. Make sure the nets are checked each day, unfortunately I had a fatality. Suggest you use a denser fabric to avoid this.

  18. Great vid John. always enjoy and appreciate the information you share. the birds peck and go because they are easily scared, lol. otherwise they would stay and eat the hole thing. im sure there in the desert they are looking for any water sorce they can find. i like the netting but i really think the bird bath will help allot. good luck john.

  19. i did that exact same thing from the 99c store last month. besides being so much and a little hard to handle its so worth it

  20. I put the Lowes wildlife netting over my raspberry bush and the bird got every raspberry except for one. I wonder what I did wrong . She still got her beak through the squares in the netting- I saw her do it. I wonder if the netting squares are too long? I would like to figure this out before my tomatoes ripen. What if tomato is taller than the cage? Can the netting go directly on the plant? I have landscape pins. Are those good?

  21. Hi John, I've been using this cheap stuff but it deteriorate on the sun quickly and end up everywhere in your garden, also some birds can get trapped in it. I started using better quality netting made from fine material and in big sheets to cover whole bed so that birds can get trapped while trying to go through some holes. But agree that netting is the best way of preventing birds !!

  22. Great tip about the dollar store netting. Another thing that's worked well for me without the worry of tangling up other creatures is to loosely place a plastic sandwich or snack bag over the tomato when it gets close to ripening. I leave them open at the bottom so not too much moisture accumulates inside. Not sure why, but the birds leave my tomatoes alone now (maybe its the texture of the bag or sun reflecting off the plastic). A bit tedious to do if you have a lot ripening at once, though.

  23. Cheaper solution to plant clips… go to walmart and ask them to same pants hangers for you. Cut both ends off and BAM… 2 plant clips for free…they also double as chip clips. πŸ™‚

  24. Using nets does work, but they're a real hassle: 1. Tomato branches and leaves quickly grow through the holes in the net and its about impossible to untangle them. 2. Birds get trapped under the net, then get their feet tangled in the strands and end up helplessly hanging upside down under the net. You have to cut the net to free the birds.

    A bird, when he is trapped under something, he ALWAYS looks 'up' to find an escape route. That's why those hollow pyramid looking bird traps work even though there's an easy escape route at ground level that the bird could've used to escape. Thus when you use nets to cover your crops, any birds that get under the nets will become trapped.

  25. Hi, MI Live In So. Cal Santa Clarita valley and my problem with gardening is squirrels…any recommendations

  26. New to the Gardening world so I might be wrong here, however.. Standing water ( bird bath ) = Mosquitoes and West Nile. I think I saw some bird baths on the cheap that had a small pump for water movement. I just talked with someone today that lives 5 miles from my house. His father passed away from West Nile. Standing water scares the…. you know what out of me.

  27. As the birds ate all my tomatoes last year, this year I placed plastic snakesΒ on each plant to "maybe" keep the birds out. Crossing my fingers

  28. Good idea,and PRICE! Are the holes big enough for the bees to get in? Must have the 🐝❀️

  29. That plastic netting may be $1 but it is an ecological hazard. This is the exact kind of trash that kills turtles, fish, sea birds ect. A lot of trash ends up in the sea. There are more responsible methods than this. Please consider an alternative aside from plastic netting. Cheaper isn't always better

  30. I notice you didn't show actually working with the netting. That stuff is like fly paper for humans! Totally aggravating. It gets caught on everything. Best solutions I've seen are frames, formed with the netting on them, then placed over the plants.
    Just googled for a solution after fighting with this stuff at the blueberry bushes. Thanks for the effort/video.

  31. Hey I got an idea why don't you grow sunflower seeds throughout your Gardens and the birds will mess with them instead of messing with the stuff you like….. will that work ?

  32. This is my second year having a gardening but the actually the first time harvesting my corn. I have a major squirrel problem, they have destroyed my cobs what can I do to protect them for next season

  33. your 1 amearican dollar is 1.36 where i live .. are you just targeting american like a *** *** ****.. youtube is www…so you need to target the world… change your tittle to a more wider viewer range of :
    "How to Protect Your Fruit from the Birds for less then a few dollars"

    i use pie tins tied to stakes or trees works great….

    also not every thing thats in amearica is available world wide…

    great videos keep up the amazing work .. i have learnt so much from you

  34. They keep grabbing my flower seeds too. So funny! I'll have to cut them fresh and dry them. πŸ˜‚ I want some too

  35. Hey Buddy, we have that cheap Chinese netting here in Australia. It is pure CRAP. Tears like tissue paper and costs $5 here.

  36. Hi, love your videos..I tried this dollar store netting. The birds cut threw netting made big holes and got my grapes and apricots. Kingman AZ

  37. Man I wish the birds only ate my tomatoes. The squires and the crows are the worst. Ground hogs are devastating bad if you get one hanging around a cat is perfect just plant lots of catnip.then again the cat might not be qualified for the job at that point

  38. We found a large snake tangled in our bird netting last year. This weekend, I found another snake tangled (and dead) in some extra bird netting on an area that hasn't even been planted yet. Yuck!

  39. Cmon man, garden netting is not practical to use. It creates a huge mess and damages the plants or trees. Even you yourself saod it will damage the plant and was a mess to untangle. There are better and simpler ways to deal with birds like reflective streamers.

  40. get yourself some rubber snakes.. birds won't go near that area.. nail them on the corners of your house if you have woodpecker problems

  41. Instead of catching birds in nets you should use red plastic ball Christmas ornaments right before your plants come to fruit

  42. Leak that netting is awfull. It traps the birds claws and they get tangled. Not nice to see them hanging n stuck. Sorry Jon

  43. I did this to protect my strawberries but it just got the young blackbirds trapped in it several times.

  44. No thanks to netting, but thanks a bunch for sharing the idea and where you get it from. May use it for other(non food) things πŸ™‚

  45. Perhaps one could create an impromptu β€œcage” by slamming four stakes around your tomato growing area that have a notch cut in the top to slide the netting into when draping it over to hold it in place. Might work better with fish netting, but I see that on sale in craft stores from time to time.

  46. We employed bird netting during one season. In early Fall, we were picking tomatoes. I noticed some movement near the base of one of the plants. A large, black snake was caught in the bird netting, his body scraped from attempting to gain freedom. I was able to free the snake without further damage. The following day we were amending soil near our peach trees, which we wrapped with bird netting. I stepped around one of the trees and noticed some movement on the ground: another snake, this time venomous. A large copperhead was trapped in the netting, its body scraped; the snake was obviously quite upset. I tried to free the snake without success. As I attempted to free the snake it struck at me multiple times. Eventually, it was obvious freeing the snakes was impossible and had to be humanely dispatched. Because we believe all creatures are part of dynamic nature it bothered us that we had contributed to injury to snakes. We no longer use bird netting. I strongly recommend using bird netting in areas where 'creepy crawlers' may be present as injury to the animal or death to the animal is very likely. The black snake I was able to free was in distress by the time we recognized it had been trapped in the netting – We hope the snake made a full recovery. I caution recommending devices, like bird netting, that, though expedient by nature, can trap unwitting animals in an inescapable prisons

  47. Kill the people who are anti Human. possessed by birds. It makes it illegal to poison them. Or blasted with a shotgun. Otherwise we're going to be overrun by wildlife because wildlife has a supernatural intelligent power to possess the human brain to reclaim from the earth that they came from…. Big question is? Who came first? Yes. Bird netting works very well!

  48. Lucky!!! I could not find anything like that at the dollar store and I live in CA. So since my plants aren't that tall yet I bought a laundry bag at the dollar store made on mesh. Hope it works since I too am having the same problem!!!

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