How to protect your computer from malware

How to protect your computer from malware

JEREMY LUBIN: Hi. I’m Jeremy, a consumer
experience specialist at Google. Today I’m going to talk to you
about malicious software, also known as malware, and how
you can protect your computer from infection. First, let’s talk about
how you get malware. Malware is often installed on
your computer without your knowledge when you visit
certain websites. Sometimes these are good sites
that have been compromised by malware creators, and other
times, they’re simply bad sites built to distribute
malicious software. Malware may also be installed
when you download a file that appears to be legitimate, but is
actually doing things that you didn’t want or
expect it to do. Malware has been known to do
things like delete data on your computer, steal personal
information such as credit card numbers and passwords,
send spam email, or even attack other networks
and computers. One of the most common symptoms
of malware that our users report is being taken to
an unexpected site after clicking on a search result. These sites are often spammy. But malware can also cause
pop-ups, unwanted tool bars, and other strange behavior. To avoid malware from infecting
your computer in the first place, it’s a good idea
to follow a few general guidelines. First, upgrade your operating
system and all of your software to the latest
versions. Check for new versions
regularly, and if possible, turn on automatic updates. Be careful not to click on links
that you don’t know the destination of or download files
from a source that you don’t trust. Similarly, before
you download email attachments or click links in an
email, make sure you trust the sender. And finally, make sure that
you’re running up-to-date antivirus software. If you think you’ve already got
malware, you can usually also use antivirus software
to detect and remove it. There are a number of programs
that can remove the most common malware, although you may
need to try more than one to catch every instance
on your computer. And again, remember to keep all
of your antivirus software up to date. If you do find a site in our
search results that installs unwanted programs on your
computer or redirects you somewhere that you did
not intend to go, please let us know. Your report will help us improve
the quality of our search results. To learn more about malware,
please visit our help center. Thanks, and safe browsing.

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  1. When I install Wondershare Filmora ( Video Editor ) It installs other apps by it's own! I NEED HELP! I CAN'T REFRESH MY PC BECAUSE THERE IS NO RCOVER ENVIRONMENT! When I uninstall all of them IT'S STILL HAPPENING! HELP ME!

  2. I reinstalled chrome and firefox and they both still do annoying things on my browser, well firefox doesn't do it as often

  3. There were two instances when I attempted to go to YouTube and I got a security alert to remove a virus. THAT SUKED!!!!!!! I think it was the top link that did that….

  4. Hi! I had to repair and restart my whole pc to remove all my viruses twice.. I was wondering how can I know that files I download is safe? I am running on windows 10 with McAfee already installed. Is it safe to have this? Another thing, last time I downloaded a safe program called Inkscape (for my drawings) it downloaded it but after a couple of days it installed another program which is in Japanese. I didn't know what it said because it's not my language. It have been infecting my computer so many times. I tried to fix these problems but it didn't do anything.If it's possible, I have been sticking to the new web browser for windows 10 (Microsoft edge) and it worked fine. The only problem is that it's not like the other web browsers like chrome and firefox. I'm afraid to reinstall these web browsers because I have been seeing people saying that it does infect your computer or something with that. Watching this video about malware, it seems it have been on chrome and firefox.Anyways, it would be a pleasure if you can give me advice of how to avoid these type of problems. Possibly some answers to these questions? I would really appreciate it 🙂 Please reply ASAP!-Kylie

  5. Another advice: Check your installment list of your computer. If you see any unfamiliar or untrustful installments, uninstall it. And for kids, if you have no idea if that software should be in your computer, ask a parent, though my parents are techy, so I don't know about yours.

  6. Good video. You can protect your system by using an antivirus software and a firewall protection. Antivirus and Firewall security acts as a barrier and helps in preventing the malware without entering the system. Comodo Antivirus and Personal firewall is the best security solution program you can veer find, it is very securing and maintains your PC without any network and security issues.

  7. mi idioma es español sí entiendo inglés pero no lo escribo entonces un saludo a todos los que ya me vieron 👋💝

  8. im a malware creator, but i warn people before they run the software it gives a pop up are you sure you want to execute this file? this file is malicious and will harm your computer. so yeah, google, i totally agree with you that malware is not fun and im warning people before running because i want to make sure their security is good. so yeah.

    -thanks 😛
    user that is anonymous and creates malware 😛


  10. Any computer and or device in this world can be infected with a virus with a single click, even if the device is turned off. Just take it to Africa and you'll see how fast the Ebola Virus downloads on any device, on or off.

  11. is this actually google's channel? lol why dont they have like a 1 bil subs and like 100million likes on every vid? xD

  12. What is happening, Why is my homepage, But then it redirects me to, What is going on! (Edit: Scheduled tasks and a roommate.)

  13. I have this thing that pops up on my pc and says that an addon on my web browser may slow down my pc, what should i click?

  14. Dont know but like until last month, whenever i tried to google anything, instead of showing results on, it showed me results in Yahoo which is one thing i don't like.

  15. Hopefully Google will build an antivirus for his users.
    But for now you can try one of those 2 options :
    a. Setup 2 users on your computer(Admin & Guest)
    b. Never download under Admin except ONLY ONLY for sure sources & OS update
    c. Use Guest session to browse on internet
    d. Keep update software & browser
    e. Don't open any email you don't know the author.
    f. Scan any devices connected to your computer before use
    g. Clear browser history often(Shift+Ctrl+Delete)
    h. Use common sense.

    2) Use this antivirus – 1Click Fix

  16. The best way to protect your PC from malware is by using best free antivirus software.
    Know more:

  17. You said you may have to run more than one program to get rid of software, but you DON'T mean have more than one antivirus running at same time, I guess. What malware and/or antivirus programs to you recommend? Thx

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  19. I don’t want to like this video… because spams will come… it’s disastrous and may contain lots of viruses…

  20. yo you looking at something behind the camera? seems to me you dont know what to exactly say in what order so you have probably some board behind the camera you are reading off

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