How to protect WhatsApp chat history(crypt7 only): Old: Educational Video

How to protect WhatsApp chat history(crypt7 only): Old: Educational Video

Hello guys welcome to a brand new episode of hackzmaroo tips and tricks today I’m going to show you how to hack and how to protect your WhatsApp in 2014 whatApp had over 500 million monthly active users and 700 photos and 100 million videos are shared and the messages system handles more then 10 billion messages every day normally I used to get lots of messages from my friends in that most of them were asking the
same question do you know what is the question the question is how to hack my
girlfriend WhatsApp chat so I have planned to make a video
for those guys who want to hack their girlfriend whatApp chat and this video is not only for those guys but also for those good always having these
type of my friends nomaly whatsapp will create backup of are our chat history that will be stored in a database file and these databases a different from different version of
what if anybody got here whatsapp database file they can easily read your
chats so let’s start the first question is from where you can find a database file to find that we have to go to our
manager you can use any file manager I’m using
my default file manager then select sdcard0 that is my internal
memory then we have to go to the whatsapp folder->WhatsApp then we have to go to Databases folder here we can find the database file the file database maybe, .db or .db.crypt5 or crypt7
these database has created by whatsapp and its
contains our chat history so if he got whatapp database file, then how can you read it it’s very simple we have got to a website called and we have to upload the database file in this site. then we can read it, we can use our mobile phone to upload these file but to get a better view am going
to my PC and I’m already copied this database file into my PC so going to and then we have to select the SQLite file the SQLite is a lite version of SQL database and select the database click open then click here to accept that
terms of use and click processing and wait for few seconds now you can see all the chats and also you can see some of the information like file type and the cryptographic hash function that it SHA1 And some other details so what is the solution? the solution is you have to update your whatsapp often, that is whenever a new update came you how to update your whatsapp because
may be the last version of that app contains some problems like misconfiguration or bugs etc maybe all those problems fixed in the new update so let’s see what is the difference in the
updated whatsapp so I’m going to delete this database because it is the old
version of whatsapp database then am going to my updated whatapp and I already told that whatsapp will create automatic backup but here I am going to make a manual backup to show the difference in the database file to do that i’m going to do settings chat settings then click backup conversations then we are going back to our file manager sdcard0 whatsapp
and databases folder now we can see the database is changed before it was msgstore.db but now it is msgstore .db.crypt7 so what is the crypt? it is mean that the databases protected so now we can’t read the chat using lets try im copied these new database
into my pc going to upload this see it is showing some error like crypt7 extension is not supporter and they are giving a Google play link to download whatapp try-crpt but I’m going to
use whatsapp DB-Converter app and you can find the link in the
description of this video and then I’m going to whatsapp DB-Converter app click first button convert crypt7/5 to crypt database this app will help
to convert crypted databases into a normal database I think it is successfully converted so let’s go to fine manager sdcard0->whatsapp databases now you can find another file name msgstore.db .crypt and now we are going to upload this file I have already copied this file PC and now you can see the chats so again you may ask what is the
solution right the first solution we already mentioned update your whatsapp whenever
new updates came if you’re updating you whatspp you did your half part because after updating whatsapp the database file will be created in a
encrypted form so anybody got your whatsapp database and
they want to read the database then they have to convert this crypted form into normal database to
do that they required DB-converter like whatsapp DB-Converter this app will work only in rooted phones rooting is nothing but an Android device giving similar access to administrative
permission on linux or unix like operating system so
most of the people don’t have that rooted mobile phones so they can’t use the whatsapp DB-converter app so if you are updating your whatsapp half part your secure so another question if they have a rooted mobile phone then there is only one solution so the solution is go to your whatsapp and delete the conversation you can delete even single conversation or you can delete entire conversations,to do that select any conversation and delete the conversation
also you have to go to the file manager whatsapp and databases and delete the
database which is created by the whatsapp so if there is no database,then nobody can
see your whatsapp chat, I hope you guys enjoy this video don’t forget to like in our Facebook page and also don’t forget to click here to subscribe our channel, until see you next time hackzmaroo is signing off

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