How to Protect the Eyes from Blue Light – 5 Tips

How to Protect the Eyes from Blue Light – 5 Tips

so exposure to blue light is becoming a
major concern to both science and medicine because there’s data that
supports that blue light can affect our sleep cycles, contributes to eye fatigue
and could even hurt the retina in the back of the eye. Well in this video I’ll share
with you five ways and how you can protect your eyes from blue light.
let’s take a look. hey everyone this is dr. Joe Allen here from doctor eye
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videos. when it comes to protecting your eyes from blue light the easiest
solution is often to pick up a pair of anti blue light glasses. now there’s many
different brands out there of course if you’re a prescription glasses wearer,
purchasing from your local optical stores often get you the best quality of
glasses including blue light filters. otherwise if you’re somebody who doesn’t
wear glasses that much or doesn’t have a prescription and just needs some type of
blue light glasses filter then a lot of times you can find a lot of cool brands
online now this one I actually got from a store called Glassy who actually has
more of a specialty in blue light protecting glasses. this is actually
called a sleep pair of glasses and you can see how dark yellow they are on my
face you know that’s gonna be a lot different from other designs like these
ones which is a little bit more clear but maybe has the kind of a purple blue
hue coming off of the lenses so that’s one of the biggest things you’ll notice
with blue light glasses is that there’s a huge wide variety of different frames
and lenses out there now the reason for the darker yellow lenses like these ones
is these ones actually block more blue light than these ones do. the blue light
filters are actually built into the lenses here and that makes them kind of
a yellow color and actually blocks more of the longer wavelengths of light that
affect our sleep cycles hence while they’re called sleep glasses. otherwise
if you’re somebody who doesn’t like the yellow kind of look here on my face then
perhaps using a pair that just has more of a clear lens and this anti reflective
coating that actually bounces the blue light off of the lenses and therefore
reduces the blue light getting into the eye however keep in mind that these sort
of clear lenses may not offer as much blue light protection as these yellow
lenses. I personally usually wear a type of clear lens most of the day
and then when I’m home at night in front of a computer screen I’m wearing more of
the dark sleeping lenses. so the second way to protect your eyes from blue light
is if you’re not a huge fan of anti blue light glasses consider switching over
and picking up some type of anti blue light screen protector from Ocushield
here now they have different screen protectors that fit all different
sizes of laptops and desktop screens but they also do make different screen
protectors for cell phones so if you’re somebody who uses an Android or an
iPhone they make screen protectors for you now
I am not sponsored by Ocushield but I have reached out to them and they were
cool enough to give us a discount code of 15% when you use eye health at
checkout. the third option is if you have something like a cell phone or digital
device that has the ability to go into a blue light mode or a night shift mode
then go ahead and turn that on that’s gonna shift the light coming off of your
digital device into more of a yellow filter that way it reduces the amount of
harsh light entering your eye particularly at night time when people
are staring at their phones right before going to bed. now I know a lot of desktop
monitors do not have this app capability so there are actually are different
software programs and one that I’ve used is called IRIS. now IRIS actually has the
ability to have a kind of a subscription service I use the pro version it
actually allows you to kind of switch between different levels of blue light
protection whether it’s something you want really faint or something that you
want more intense so you can definitely look into that if you were more of a
desktop user now the fourth way to protect your eye from blue light. is to
consider taking some type of eye vitamin now there’s a lot of data that suggests
that blue light could actually increase the metabolic stress of the back of the
eye and that could actually lead to cell death and damage. now there are real
reason by supplementation and eating a lot of healthy foods is good for the eye
is that it increases not just the amount of antioxidants inside the eye but the
it actually increases what’s called the MPOD or the macular pigment optical
density. now this product I’m holding here is the one that I actually take and
is called Eyepromise Restore and this one is specifically designed NOT for people
with macular degeneration but to increase your macular pigment optical
density to help prevent future eye diseases and damage from things like
blue light they also even have one specifically for screen protection for
people who are younger than age of eighteen there’s a lot of other benefits
in the literature about eye supplementation as well mainly in that
they increase your ability to see better in low-light situations and it improves
contrast between colors. I always say that before taking any supplementation
make sure that you talk with your doctor and read the ingredients listed on the
back to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients also if you’d
like to see a more information about this product specifically I have
included a link in the description below. now the fifth way to reduce blue light
exposure is often the hardest and that is to reduce the amount of screen time
that you have throughout the day. I know from being at work all day or being at
school we all have basically computer screens or phones that were looking at
all day long but I think if you are certainly winding down toward the end of
the day and if you can just try to put your phone away for the last two three
hours of the day that’s at least in some way that you’re gonna reduce that blue
light exposure and at least not affect your sleep cycle. so Eye health question
the day. which of the five options mentioned here was your favorite? go
ahead and comment in the section below I’d love to know what you think. alright
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48 Replies to “How to Protect the Eyes from Blue Light – 5 Tips”

  1. Dr Eye Health: What strong evidence shows that the retina is actually damaged in any measurable way by blue light from electronic devices? Seems like it’s theoretical/conjecture at this point?

  2. Hello Doctor Eye Health! I wanted to add a few things from a computer stand point. Windows 10 computer come built in with a "night light" setting that takes the blue out. Beyond that I was wondering if you would be able to elaborate more on ergonomics of the eye for computers (I manage an IT department in Minneapolis MN). A few things i have heard was the position of the screen makes a difference. If you have the monitor's top in line with your eyes (so you are always looking slightly down). I have also heard that if you get an eye strain headache you can look at something 25 feet or more and that will "rest" your eyes. Lastly having the light in the room you are using a device be at the same level will lessen the strain as well. Thank you for the videos! Sorry for the long post.

  3. Great video! I like to use Flux software to adjust my pc light., not too terrible as a free option. I’ll definitely be picking up a screen protector.

  4. People, I have been using a free program (might also be able to find as an APP, but not sure) to auto adjust my screen color. It is called f.lux and really makes a difference.
    Using 'google', I just tested searching for : f.lux It worked for me. Some search bars may not FIND the software, but 'google' did, as well as my 'Firefox' search bar.

    Hey Doc! Mega heap THANKS for what you do for us all!

  5. Have you ever seen the Lutina from Tokai optical? It protects as much as blutec but doesn’t have the champagne color

  6. Hey, a fresh new haircut. Noice, doc. 😁
    I use such glasses. The green-blue-violetish glare from the glasses doesn't bother me.
    Are there any harm effects expect sleep deprivation, tiredness and retina damage, which you mentioned?

  7. Great vid, thanks! Is watching TV (large screen LCD, 10 feet away) as bad as sitting in front of a computer monitor??

  8. I bought blue tinted glasses. You are saying this is bad? The optometrist said nothing. Glasses like these have been sold for years. Please clarify..I'm worried cause I really like how clear everything is. Btw I love all the info. I have bad floaters since a pipe bomb blew up when i was in the coast guard on a boat stuffed with marijuana back in the late 70s. The floaters have gotten much worse over the years but the v.a. just shrugs. Just got blue glasses to wear maybe half the time. Sorry for rambling.

  9. I always wanted to chalk this up to conspiracy on par with the WWII "carrots give you better night vision". Blue light requires the most energy to produce, I always liked to think this wasn't a legitimate health issue, but just a means to get people to use less energy. Have never gone down the rabbit hole to research any health claims tho ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Hey doc I really like your videos! If I can make a recommendation, I think lots of people could benefit from a video on extensive computer use and it's effects on the eyes and how to prevent harm

  11. Hi. I know it's not related to this video topic but i didn't know where better: I have just been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis by my eye doctor. I went because of some black dots that I thought are eye floaters and I wanted to have it checked. Can you maybe do a video explaining about how toxoplasmosis affects the eye and why it causes me to see black dots? Thanks 🙂

  12. Doc please do a video on Stargardts high myopia nystagmus strabismus pvd choroidal sclerosis
    I have all these conditions since birth. I am legally blind.

  13. Hi Dr Joel,
    Do you have any opinion about "MSM eye Drops"
    Is it truly effective for anti inflammation for eyes. I heard good review bout them.


  14. I'm considering getting new prescription glasses with the blue-purple blue light protection. however, I have two questions: will the blue filter affect how I see other colors in real life as well or just when I look at my computer? and second: I want the glasses that you can clip over a pair of sunglasses, will the bluelight affect my vision with the sunglasses?
    thank you 🙂

  15. こんにちは!🤗🤗
    Thank u for ur informative video as usual. My place we have 3 options, Darkest, Darker, Dark yellow. I took Darker, the middle one. bacause a staff told me that if i took too dark color, it would make me sleepy. 🤔🤔🤔Is this true? I put a protection glass on my smartphone for preventing bluelight. 😄
    意味不明な英語でしたらすみません🙇 😅😱

  16. Great info as always. This is the first I've heard of a supplement for eye health. I'm definitely going to check that out. But first, I'm going to take 55 min and learn all about blue light. Thanks, Joseph. I love knowing so much about my eyes. Next time I see my eye doctor I'm going to toss out some fancy question to see if I can get a rise out of him. I call him Dr. Stoic because he is SO serious and quiet–but very kind, so I don't want to be mean. But I do want him to know that I am actually interested in my eye health, rather than a patient who is on a 'need-to-know' basis and simply follows his instructions blindly. (yes, that was my best attempt at an eye pun…)

  17. I'm lucky enough to have blue light filters on my tablet and phone. I also wear the Amber lense glasses, so sorted! 😎

  18. Ay, thanks Doc!😊 I'll go ahead and take measures to protect myself from the harmful blue light.

  19. Need recommendations for a light bulb. Most of us work in florencent light all day. That is what triggers my headaches since elementary school. I am not looking for night lights. All day light to work in. An anti blue light light bulb.

  20. I got a question, do they protect your eyesight, my eyesight is slowly getting worse. So i thought these might protect my eyesight and eyes. Will they actually protect my eyesight so it doesnt get worse.
    Please answer as this is very important to me.

  21. Does the yellow tint make everything you see look yellowish? Who cares how they look on you, I just wanna know if you see clearly through them or not

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