How To Protect Carbon Fiber Roof – Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today I’m going to be showing you how to protect
carbon fiber using Carbon Flex C9. So before I get started I’m going to tape
off this weather stripping so I don’t get any Carbon Flex on that. Also I’m going to tape off this glossy black
painted trim piece. You can get Carbon Flex on this but since
today I’m just demonstrating how to protect carbon fiber I only want to put the Carbon
Flex on the roof. So while I’m back here I’m also going to tape
off this weather stripping between the roof and the back glass. You can get Carbon Flex C9 on the glass but
I don’t want to get any on this weather stripping so I’ll tape it off to protect it. So I’m going to use Carbon Flex C9 on this
carbon fiber roof because it’s going to give me a durable protection against UV rays and harsh
elements since the sun beats down on the roof which causes carbon fiber to typically yellow
out or discolor over time. It’s going to put a nice barrier which will
protect it from scratches during regular washes or objects brushing up against it. So to apply Carbon Flex C9 you need the Foam
Block and also the micro suede towel that is included. Wrap the towel around the block. Now taking the bottle of Carbon Flex C9, pour
onto the applicator in even lines. Apply it to the vehicle in straight even strokes. It’s important to note that I’ve already clayed
and polished this surface. It was prepped for Carbon Flex C9. With one application I’ve covered almost half
of the roof. It’s important to note the recommended dry
time for this is twenty minutes but that all depends on the climate you’re working in. Here in California it is warmer so it only
takes about ten minutes to dry where as in colder climates it may take longer like twenty minutes. So that plays a factor in the dry time. I’m going to let this sit for another five
or ten minutes and I’ll buff off any excess or residue and we’ll see what kind of
protection we’ve got. It’s already been about ten minutes so now
with a clean microfiber towel I’m going to wipe off any residue or streaks. Since this towel is going to be covered in
any residue from the Carbon Flex you are going to have to throw this away because it won’t
be good for painted surfaces and it will start to get dry and hard which you wouldn’t want
to put on a clean car or sensitive paintwork. As I’m buffing off the Carbon Flex I can feel
that the surface is really smooth and slick and it has a really nice high gloss shine
while also having a durable protection. So now with proper maintenance this Carbon
Flex C9 should last up to 36 months. We do recommend waiting at least twenty four
hours before washing the car this way it has the proper time to cure and bond on to the surface. After that you can apply your favorite glaze,sealant
or wax and really maintain the Carbon Flex C9. So if you want to learn more about these products you can check them out on our website Also if you liked this video be sure to give
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