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Hello friends and welcome again to our channel,
“The Teacher”. In this Excel 2016 tutorial video, you will
learn to Protect an Excel Workbook. Last week, we had published a video regarding
how to protect an Excel Worksheet and if you have not watched that video then I will recommend
you to give it a look, so you may better understand the difference between protecting a worksheet
and a workbook. To protect a workbook, click the Review tab
from the Ribbon and then click Protect Workbook. Password is optional and if you don’t want
anyone else to unprotect the structure of your Workbook, then I will recommend you to
use a password. Only the person, who knows the password will
be able to unprotect the structure of the workbook. Then below you have two options, Structure
and Windows and the Structure option is checked by default and Windows option will be disable
in Excel 2016 and 2013. I will explain to you that why this option
is disable in a minute. After entering the password, hit the OK button
and you will require to reenter the password again to confirm it. So, now let’s come to the main point that
what Protect Workbook option does because you will not notice any changes and you will
still be able to work inside a worksheet as before protecting a workbook. The Protect Workbook option does not stop
you from working inside a worksheet instead this option protects the Structure of the
workbook, so no one will be able to Add a new worksheet, Delete an Existing Worksheet,
Rename a Worksheet, Hide or Unhide a Worksheets, or Move a Worksheet. To confirm this, you can right-click on any
worksheet tab and you can notice that all the worksheet options are disable now and
any unauthorized person will not be able to modify the workbook structure. If you ask me then I will say that if you
are using Protect Worksheet option to secure your worksheets contents, then it is advisable
to Protect the Workbook as well, so no one will be able to Delete or do any other harmful
changes to your workbook structure. To know if either a workbook is protected
or not, you can either right-click on any sheet tab and if the said sheet options are
disable, that means the Workbook is protected or you can click the File menu and under Info
menu, you can check either the workbook is protected or not. Now, let’s talk about the Windows option
which is disable by default in Excel 2016 while protecting a workbook. If you have worked in Excel 2010 or earlier
versions, then you might have notice separate Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons for each
workbook. But these buttons are not available in Excel
2013 and 2016 and you cannot resize or change the position of an individual workbook. But in earlier versions, you can restore a
workbook and can even resize a particular window. Then while protecting a workbook, you can
also make a check mark on Windows option along with Structure and then nobody will be able
to even resize, move, maximize or even close the workbook. So, this was all about protecting a workbook
Structure and Window and I hope you will find this video informative. Don’t forget to hit the Thumbs Up button
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