How To Properly Clean & Protect Leather to Prevent Damage! | Chemical Guys

How To Properly Clean & Protect Leather to Prevent Damage! | Chemical Guys

– [Man Behind Point Of View Camera] Uh oh. (Men talking faintly) Take two. Hey, it’s Junior! – Hey, it’s me! What’s up? (liquid spraying) (scrubbing) – You hear the brushing and it’s like and you’re like ah. (laughs) – [Man Behind Point Of View
Camera] All right, guys, let us know if you want us to make a detailing version of ASMR. We’ll do brushing, we’ll do
high-speed polishing (laughs). (vibrating heavy bass) What’s going on, everybody? Welcome to the Chemical
Guys Detail Garage. Today it’s really hot outside. I’m as serious as a rod knock when I say it’s really hot out there. So we decided to come
in here and do a little of interior cleaning. And also to make it a
little bit more different, a little fun, we’re giving
you a bird’s eye view of what it’s like through my eyes to clean something this bad. So we have this Toyota Highlander and the leather armrest
here as well as the seats, the steering wheel, is coated in lotion, makeup, spilled drinks because
this is a soccer mom’s car. And we’re gonna show you a quick way just to clean it up and
make it look its best. So to start off, we’re gonna jump right in to what we have, leather cleaner. We’re gonna just spray it
right onto the surface here. (liquid spraying) We’ll give that a second to
kinda penetrate the hide there. We’re also using a horse hair brush. (liquid spraying) This is a very gentle bristle so it helps to gently
lift off any staining without scratching the leather. (bristles scrubbing) We’re gonna try and get it to foam up. That’s the foaming action that helps to lift up any stains, any old body oils or grease that could
be harming the leather. Cuz if you didn’t know, the grease from your body or your elbows, it gets into the hide of the leather and it starts drying it out, as well as if you’re wearing sun tan lotion or makeup or say your jeans stain your leather, that’s permanent because once it gets underneath the protective
coating of the leather it’s, basically, really hard to remove it and it starts to give it
a dry look and a dry feel and then that’s when it starts cracking. We wanna clean it up and
then we’re gonna protect it so, not only are we gonna protect it against staining or anything like that, we’re gonna protect it against the UV rays or harsh elements that
tend to build up on cars because they are outside all the time and that’s what tends
to do a lot of damage. So, we’re gonna check our work here using a brown Workhorse microfiber towel. And just a pro tip is to remove the tag so that you don’t harm the surface. Or if you’re working on paint work, so you don’t scratch the surface. (slow electronic music) And there you go. A lot of people think that
leather’s supposed to have a really gloss finish but it’s actually naturally matte, so we wanna go back to that original look. (wiping) Looks a lot better already,
feels nice, at least. And this is just a great way to bring some life back to the interior of your car because this is where you spend a lot of your time or at
least most of your time, if you’re driving the car, at least. And this is just going
to give you a better overall feel of the vehicle,
also add some longevity to the panels in here and it’s gonna help your overall resale value of the car. You can see down here
we’ve got all this kinda spilling on the seats here. It looks like some kind of milkshake or something nasty so
repeat the same process, get it on the plastic. It’s also safe for vinyl
or plastic or faux leather. (bristles scrubbing) (liquid spraying) I’ll do a little 50/50 here. Just gently scrub it in there. (bristles scrubbing) And like I mentioned, the foaming action is what’s really helping
us do the cleaning. So before you start with
any interior detail job, especially if it’s on
somebody else’s vehicle, you wanna remove any
kind of personal effects, bag it up, put it in the
trunk or somewhere safe. And then also you wanna begin my vacuuming so we get as much dirt off
the surface as possible, especially when you’re working on leather where it could bury it in the crevices or it’ll start scratchin’ the surface. (bristles scrubbing) Just a great way to take some precaution but create best overall finish. Same process, we’ll take this towel and wipe away any excess. You can just see there was a layer of some kind of junk on there. (scrubbing) It’s also safer on the
stitching on your seats here so don’t worry about that. Let’s buff off the excess here. And you can see a difference
from the stained side, where it has this chalky look, to the more natural look and feel. It also feels softer,
which is a great thing because over here it feels really brittle. Now it’s nice and soft on this end. So I’m gonna finish off the seat here. We can also wipe away any of
the overspray on the plastics. And we’ll just finish
off the interior here before we move on to the protection stage. Same process will be repeated, though. We’ll just spray it onto the surface, just giving it a moment to penetrate, help lift off any of the staining. (bristles scrubbing) We wanna scrub. Lot of people ask if it’s normal if you lose hairs in
your horse hair brush. Yeah, it’s normal because in the factory when they’re finally
done, they get laser cut to the same length and there’s always gonna be some kind of strays. And as you scrub vigorously,
you’re gonna start wearing out the bonding in there. So it’s normal for some hairs to fall out. If you’re noticing a lot
of hairs falling out, then you’re probably scrubbin’ too hard. Just wanna take it easy. Just let the cleaner do its job. You’re just here to assist
it, help agitate it. (bristles scrubbing) So this is the same process for all the leather goods inside of the vehicle, so I’m going to continue this
and you guys just stay tuned. (bristles scrubbing) So now that the leather’s
nice and clean and dry, we’re gonna go on to the protection stage. Using a little bit of leather conditioner, we’re just gonna apply it to a towel here. You can also use an applicator but if you don’t have one, or maybe they’re in the wash, just
apply it to the towel. It’s the same process. We’ll start by blotching it out then we’ll work it into the leather. I’ll show you a trick if you’re working with perforated leather or you’re got a lot of stitching. Easy way to avoid clotting or build-up is just by simply applying it or giving it your dots to the surface,
applying your dots to the applicator and then rather than going directly onto the leather, what you’ll do is just take your finger and spread it out, this way you don’t have a high build of product in one area. And this way if you’re working on seats like, Porsche’s is a big one that have perforated leather,
but if you’re working on vehicles that have lots
of intricate designs or if you have stitching or just the perforations for heated seats, this is a great way to prevent
any kind of build-up so a little Nick pro tip for ya there. Now it may look glossy right now but that’s just because it’s still wet. What we’ll do is we’ll
just finish working it in, and then we’ll take our clean towel and then buff off the excess here to give you more of that natural look. It’s also not slippery. But a lot of people
like that glossy finish, so you can also add multiple coats or you can just leave it here to dry and it’ll give you somewhat of a shine. Take a clean towel. And this is reviving that leather scent, keeps it nice and soft and supple but it’s also going to help prevent any kind of U rays, harsh elements, anything else that could
damage or stain the surface. (wiping) Plus we get your leather lookin’ its best for as long as possible, prevent any kind of cracking or tearing. And there you have it, just nice, smooth, soft leather. Dry to the touch, not gonna be slippery. And we’re gonna repeat the same process on the armrest and then we’re gonna go on to the driver seat, the
steering wheel is disgusting, and we can also clean up the back seat. That’s Octavio over there filming. The guy behind the camera all the time. Three, two, one? Is
that what you just said? (laughs) But in the meantime,
guys, you can check out these products on our
website,, or your local detail garage. If you liked today’s video, be
sure to give it a thumbs up. Let us know if you wanna do more of these point of view videos and also any kind of other question you may have and we’ll see you next time, right here in the detail garage. (smooth, calming electronic music)

40 Replies to “How To Properly Clean & Protect Leather to Prevent Damage! | Chemical Guys”

  1. Nick, can you explain the difference between CG Leather conditioner and CG Leather Serum? Is the Serum more like a durable coating that you then apply Leather Conditioner on top of for look/feel/scent?
    PS 3 of my favorite CG products are Leather Cleaner, Conditioner and the Workhorse microfibers. 3 really great quality products.

  2. i use this on my 2015 dodge challenger srt , one complaint the smell of the chemical is terrible. every time i clean the seats with this i ask myself why did i do this again. reason why it makes everything look good just the smell.

  3. I use both of those products in my wife's Buick enclave and they work awesome!! Always get complements on how smooth an clean the seats are. Great vid! 10/10

  4. What would you recommend on leather seats that just keep absorbing the leather cleaner before I can actually do some cleaning? (I have a 2006 f-150 king ranch full leather interior)

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  8. i like the horse hair brush but it is a little to big and to soft for some leather so it is maybe more suited to be used on something like a leather couch or something

  9. Leather is my favorite thing to clean. Always comes out looking amazing after. The feeling of it after it’s dried and been conditioned is amazing, too.

  10. Is the cleaner adapted for motorbike leather gloves ? On mines I have gum from my handlebar grips and also pollution from traffic jam

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  12. timely video. I just used the leather cleaner yesterday for the first time. Worked awesome. Loving these video's Pro Tip Nick!

  13. If I want to do some detailing- wash, clay, light paint correction, then something like butter wet wax, and finally a sprayable coating, what should I apply first Butter Wet wax or ceramic spray coating?

  14. Cool Video . But I don‘t need a brush furthermore because of damaging the leather top coat. But it’s everyones choice 😁

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