How To Program Your Garage Door Opener

How To Program Your Garage Door Opener

[Musical Jingle] – “Precision Door. A Name you can trust!” Hi, I’m Derek with Precision Door. Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your door opener remote
or just looking to change the keypad code? This quick video will provide you with step by step instructions for programming your garage
door remote control and keypad for a Liftmaster opener. Let’s take a walk. The first thing you need to do is locate the
“LEARN BUTTON” on your garage door motor. Pull off the lens cover that covers the light bulb. Inside, you’ll find a purple button – otherwise known as the “LEARN BUTTON”. Simply, push and release the LEARN BUTTON. Then push and release the button on the remote. The light bulb will flash once to confirm that the task is complete. The other thing you’ll have to program other than the remote control
is the wireless keypad. And doing so is just as simple. Again, just push and release the learn button.
After doing that, you’ll have 30 seconds to
get to your keypad and enter the 4 digit number you want. [Music and Clock Ticking] Once you’ve chosen your code, hit the enter button on the keypad.
light on the keypad will flash and you’ll be all set. Here’s some very helpful information you’ll need to know should
you need to purchase new, additional or replacement remotes. The latest Liftmaster models are 315 MegaHertz devices. Therefore, the
remote also has to be a 315 MegaHertz device. Older remotes controls were 390 MegaHertz devices and will NOT work on newer models. Why is this information so important? It’s because this is the most common problem customers have when they
go to their local retail store to buy a new remote. Without this information, “Joe Salesman” will try and sell you any remote off the shelf just because it
comes in a Liftmaster box. And your purchase may not be compatible with your particular model. All you need to do is find the 3 digit number on the back of your
current remote or get the top number from the circuit board of your motor. These numbers will identify your frequency and which remote to use with your device. If this video hasn’t solved your problem and you’re still having trouble, we suggest you call us
at 877-301-7474 and we’ll have one of our certified technicians come out to help you. We’re Precision Door. A name you can trust! [Phone rings in background]
[Voice off camera – “30 seconds to answer the phone…!!!”] [Music and Clock Ticking]
WHAT!?!….Oh, come on!!!

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  1. Nicely done. However, this is only instructions for LIftMaster, Craftsman, and other Chamberlain made operators. For operators made by Genie, Wayne-Dalton, AllStar, Overhead Door and Linear, the learn button may be in a different location, or may require a different sequence to program new controls.
    Very nicely made video! 🙂

  2. So … if my house's garage door comes with two remote openers (both being used) and a keypad opener (all of which are working fine now), would I be able to pick up a used remote opener from somewhere (assuming it's brand compatible) and program it to work as a third remote? Would that just add on to the others? Or would I have to reprogram all the others as well?

  3. I watched another video to Program Your Garage Door Opener; Derek's easy-follow-directions AND comical, yet a little nerdy theatrics were very memorable.

    My garage door opener, 2 remotes, and keypad are back in business. Thanks Derek! 🙂

  4. Hello,
    I have two 371LM remotes. As per your instruction in video it worked for one remote but it did not work for other. I changed the battery for both. What could be wrong with the other one? Thanks for your help.

  5. I have been in the door business twenty years. In my area at least these guys are scam artist. They charge for multiple items you do not need and screw everybody. charging $600 for a $200 job is bad business practice. Do yourself a favor find a good local dealer and ignore these national guys.

  6. Been struggling with this. Now I know how to do one door but I have two garage doors, with openers that have either one or three buttons. Do I just hit the Learn button for each door and remote?
    Loved the video, simple and easy to understand but it needs some more info. Thanks.

  7. Wow awesome video, and your instructions were great and simple for me~ I now have extra remotes programmed and the key pad~ thanks

  8. This video saved me a service call (and untold aggravation)! Simple, and t worked. After watching it, I programmed two remotes, the remotes in both of my cars, and the keypad. It all took less than 5 minutes.

  9. You guys are absolutely the best!

    Just got a new house – never had a garage door opener before.

    First you helped me fix the electronic eye – now you helped me fix a non-working remote.


    I am e-mailing everyone I know about this video series – and I will use no one else but you for this work.

    You got yourself a lifetime customer!

  10. Love it!  All this time I've been suffering and this easy to follow video is a life saver.  I don't know about anything electronic and it was easy even for me.  Thank YOU!

  11. Re-Programming a HomeLink Button in a Vehicle: To reprogram a homelink button, hold the button in the vehicle for about 20-30 seconds until the button begins to flash slowly. Then, WITHOUT LETTING GO of the homelink button, press and hold the button on the working remote for a couple seconds until the HomeLink button flashes quickly (hold the remote with your other hand a few inches from the homelink button). Then let go of both buttons. Press the HomeLink button to verify that it now opens/closes the door.

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