How to Password Protect Dropbox Links, Files and Folders?

How to Password Protect Dropbox Links, Files and Folders?

Hello guys Securing your dropbox links with the password
is super easy. But unfortunately, this option is only available
for dropbox pro users. If you are looking for a free solution to
secure your dropbox links with the password, I’ll tell you how. Stay tuned! Hello guys, I’m Ankit from and today, you will learn how you can secure
your dropbox files and folders with a password. So, first let me show you how you can secure
your dropbox files, folders with a password using dropbox inbuilt feature. Open your dropbox account and point your mouse
cursor in front of the file name which you want to secure. Now click on it and you can see an option
Send links… If you click on it, dropbox will give you
the option so that you can set visibility and expiration Click on it and now, as you can see only people with the
password but you can’t choose this option why? because this option is only available if you
upgrade your account to dropbox pro. So that’s why a normal dropbox user can’t
secure his files with a password. But don’t worry, as I already told you I’ll
give you a free solution so that you can secure your files very easily. For that we have a website On the homepage, you will get an option choose
a file via dropbox. Click on it Simply choose the file which you want to secure
while sharing the link So, I clicked on get started.pdf file and
click on choose button. Now passdropit will select the file and it
will give a default password. You can go with the same password or instead
you can choose your own password also. So for this example, I’m putting password
12345 and click on confirm and save. Now you have this URL. You can copy it and you can share it with
anyone. If you try to open this file, passdropit will
ask you to enter a password. So, anybody who want access to this file,
need this password. So, our password is 12345 So let me put it here and click on submit. And now you can see your file is ready to
download. You can click on it and download it easily. So guys, this was the method to secure your
dropbox links with a password. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Then kindly upvote the video, share it with
others and leave a comment in the comment section below. I’ll see you in the next video.

8 Replies to “How to Password Protect Dropbox Links, Files and Folders?”

  1. Hi, can you confirm that once this process has been followed, when you go back into your DropBox account and share the now password protected file that the recipient can view the file but can't download it unless they've been given the password? I want to be able to share a file so the person can view but not copy/download it….any tips much appreciated!

  2. i want to be able to share a file on my website. i can upload videos and images but not files (webnode). i have a google drive account, tried that, now a dropbox account, and i'm trying to get familiar with its features. silly me, i'm trying to figure out how to make this file donloadable but read-only. it's an Excel file, i used to do this all the time! for some reason, i can only save it as read-only, which i think users can override and save changes to the file in dropbox, or encrypt with a password, which defeats the whole purpose because i want the file to be downloadable by anyone with internet access. thank you for the video!

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