How to pair, connect and progam XFINITY thermostat to system

How to pair, connect and progam XFINITY thermostat to system

hey everybody how you doing today I’m
going to show you how to install an extended e thermostat to your extended e
home system things you might need for this installation include a precision
tool kit like this this one is by RadioShack I’ll leave a description
I live in link in the description to where you ever on like that you can buy
one of these because you’re going to need the little small fine head to
install the little wires that are in your wall alright so you keep hew –
you’re gonna need this you might also need a drill anchor screws if you don’t
know how to use anchor screws to follow the link right here in the corner and
that’s the soil that I made a tutorial that I made on how to use anchor screws
so let’s get into it alright everybody so in order to for you to pair a
thermostat to your system you have to first make sure that the thermostat is
defaulted if you bought a brand new one it should be defaulted but if you’re
like me and you want to save some money and you bought it on eBay or you bought
it on a web site like Amazon used or something like that I’m gonna show you
how to default this so that it’s not installed with any system alright so
first thing you’re gonna do is pry just pull on this put your thumb right here
on the like right above the screen hold this and then just pull this up and back
and see it comes off easily alright so what you’re gonna want to do
is while pressing the hold button press and release the black reset button
alright so while pressing this press and release this while keep on holding this
and then when the temperature appears you release the whole button so I’m
going to press and hold this press that when the temperature appears I’m going
to release alright so we should be in pairing mode right now so let’s go and
try to install this I’m going to put in my code right here
I’m gonna go to home devices thermostat at thermostat it’s flashing that means
it’s in pairing mode now it’s preparing to locate thermostat I forgot that step
right there I think I have to do that over again because I waited too long but
it’s okay so hold hold press and release okay here we go hold press and release it appeared there it is pairing see perfect it’s
awesome it says it’s pairing which is a good
sign let it do its thing it’s talking nowhere on the internet can you find
this folks I even called Xfinity and they had no instructions on this but
actually they had some instructions on a website on how to reset this thing but
the agent on the phone couldn’t figure it out so I decided that you guys should
see it says thermostat right there so now it’s added to the system press done
and a total of one thermostat device has been located and peered click Next to
configure them next and press the thermostat icon to configure it so I’m
going to press this and right now I’m going to rename the thermostat I’m going
to call it Allen’s Allen house Heat Allen’s house heat thermostat no that’s
fine now how’s he done okay next and so now we’re ready to go to go
downstairs and put it on the wall all right every want to have my old
thermostat removed I had a Honeywell and this is the nukes any thermostat that we
just mounted I mean we just added to our Xfinity home system so now we can
actually control it from the app actually now we can’t after we hooked up
to these wires you can precaution that you want to take if you have an HVAC
system which I don’t you’re going to want to go to your house power and turn
your HVAC system off I’m not a professional about any ways by any means
necessary I’m not a professional but I’m just gonna show you how to do this
yourself so you could save a bunch of money and don’t have to call a
technician now as I usually do in my tutorials so if you have an HVAC system
which I don’t turn make sure you go downstairs to your power box and turn
that HVAC system off before you do this so you’re going to want to take apart
your old thermostat take both arms that off the wall and then unhook the the
cables with your precision screwdriver but one important thing you want to do
is you want to make sure that you secure these lines so that they don’t fall
inside of the wall because if they fall inside they’re law that’s not going to
be a good day guys alright guys if your system is simple like mine just
adjusting the thing here let’s bring some light over here if your system is
simple like mine then you’re going to follow these instructions okay if not
then I’m going to list some instructions for you at the bottom but basically if
you have yeah if you have more wires than me I’m going to list those wires at
the bottom of the screen and where you should plug them in if not then just
follow my lead if you have the same setup like me and you only have three
simple wires I have old radiator style heating so it’s basically going to go
green to green white to WI and the yellow goes to RC all right so let’s
hook this up the first one that’s sick stick in there
why to the WI I mean the white to the WI so I just stick that in there and I use
this to get in there and twist just twist it and it locks it into place
alright put the green inside twist it locks it into place and the yellow to
the are see now if you have an HVAC system you have to make sure that this
little jumper thing I don’t know if you can see that but there’s a little jumper
thing that goes from double RC to RH if you have HVAC system you got to make
sure that jumper is in there so that it connects kind of RC to RH alright so
that should come actually in your system already and as you can see gives us a
little tug make sure they’re in there so now I can make sure I can release this
and it won’t fall inside of the wall it’s just hang in there alright almost
there guys alright so now I have previously installed my screws my
drywall screws if you want to know how to do that
like I said watch my drywall my mom how to use anchor screws tutorial basically
what I do is I would have just put this up on the wall like this make sure it’s
make sure it’s flush right using a leveler if you have one or you could
just eyeball it and then take a pencil make four little marks in there
one two three four at the bottom I’m using them out a little bit so you guys
can see yeah I make one two three four take it off
make your drills make your drills with the appropriate size drill bit and then
push yeah after you’ve done that push your anchor screws inside that’s
basically how to do it without watching my tutorial but watch my tutorial okay
so the next step you’re going to do is get your screws
get your screws I’m gonna show you guys how to do the whole thing I don’t I
don’t skip in my in my tutorial some people just show you how to do one thing
I want to show you how to do the whole entire thing so I’m gonna get my screws
you can fast forward past this part if you want to straight to the part where I
show you how it works in the Xfinity home app because that’s what I’m going
to show you next I’m going to go on my Xfinity app and see if this number
changes when I change it just to make sure it works
oh gosh all right here we go so I’m in my Xfinity home app see the Heat’s on 72
right now I don’t know if that’s accurate but I’m going to scroll down
and it’s app right here but it says off so I’m gonna turn it on temperature hold
hold on holding on okay let me turn this off oh wait a minute all right so let’s
see I’m gonna go to heat and we’re gonna go up see how long it takes this thing
to work I just heard a click there you go hurt I
don’t know if you guys heard the system cut on but I heard it and you guys see
the flame came on on the screen so now we know that we’re definitely synced up
and we can operate our Heat straight from our phone so you’re driving home
from work you want to get home to nice toasty house you turn the heat up right
here from your app and let’s take it a step further let me show you guys the
app on the phone I mean on the computer right so connecting to the home ok so
now we are at click on the thermostat alright we see the manage schedule click
on manage schedule right here and look at this this is the schedule for your
days of the week so you can click on Monday and you can see what we have it
set up you can click if you like that and you want to do it all week
apply to all week you see it just applied it to all week if you want to
change Tuesday all right and then I’m gonna change Tuesday and apply to all
days apply all week no yeah you can change that you can slide that like this
so around 6:15 you want the heat to go up want the heat to go up just double
click on that and press up around that time that day and around this time you
know okay I’m gonna be going going to work there’s something like that so you
want to heat to go down you know I mean stuff like that so you can pretty much
program your heat for the whole week and how awesome is this this is the greatest
easiest way to make controlling your heat so user-friendly and easy and look
here’s the name I put in my system right there Allen house heat so yeah guys
thank you for joining me and watching this tutorial I wonder if any of you
guys was excited as I was when I found that last feature that you can program
your a whole week out with the app on a computer it’s pretty
dope but yeah if you like this video if it was helpful for you then make sure
you share it with one of your friends so they can save some money on their
heating bills on their cooling bills and things like that with the extended ehome
system not I’m not sponsored by Xfinity anything but I just really like the
technology and I think that they can make it a lot simpler by well they do
make it a lot simple simpler by a lot of the stuff we can do ourselves but this
is like awesome being able to hook this up yourself and you saw everything works
everything’s great so yeah if you found this helpful then leave a comment if you
have any questions give the video a thumbs up and don’t forget to please
subscribe to my channel all right talk to you later peace

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  1. Man you can’t believe how happy I am finding your video! I really appreciate you man ! Thank you so much !!! I didn’t try it yet but I’ll update and let u know , oh and the fact that it’s an old device but a current upload date made me confident it’ll work

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