How to open Password Protected Excel File (No Software & 100% Free)

How to open Password Protected Excel File (No Software & 100% Free)

Okay so I have a password protected excel
file when I try to edit the Excel file it gives me this error occurs saying that is protected but I kinda wanna break into this and
open it up so what you have to do is just close this down I have it saved my desktop so I just
wanna do a new folder and drag this into here and double click
on folder so now you want to go to Organize>Folder and Search Options view and then scroll down a little bit
you’ll see hide extensions for known file types want this unchecked and then hit apply so right now you’ll see that the extension
is .xlsx we’re just gonna change this to .zip then hit enter. It going to ask you if you want to change it say yes, now its a zip file you can open that up I’m using JZip
you can use any kind archive program that you want to use click Excel Folder>Worksheets>Sheet one is the one I want to open up so im going to do open up with notepad and this is giving me I’m all the code for that sheet its im gonna do word wrap, so what you wanna look for is something that says like password
protection or sheet protection so its right here sheet protection password this isnt actually the password so you
can’t use this to open up the document but what we can do
is just a delete it and then save the file close it down. Hit Yes close it down and we are gonna change this back to the .xlsx and hit okay. yes , now if I open up again Its still protected so you just have to go
to the review and click unprotect sheet so now i can open it up edit in here and that’s it your all good
to go

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  1. Didn't help me to remove EXCEL FILE PASSWORD. As the title says "How to open Password Protected Excel File (No Software & 100% Free)" Instead demonstrate how to access and remove password from password protected page(Also known as Read only file) in excel unprotected file.

  2. Fantastic trick and was easy. I was one of the those who doesn't show the XL folder and the post on the comments made me find its way. Kudos to the uploader and those who commented.

  3. This didn't work exactly as you described, but you gave me enough information to get it to work. Thank you so much.

  4. How to unprotect a sheet with passwords algorithm , Eg:
    sheetData><sheetProtection algorithmName="SHA-512" hashValue=""

  5. Thanks for the helpful video. This method worked for me. Is there a method using which I can create VBA (or similar) or Sheet that cannot be hacked?

  6. great video you gat here man. there one stuff i will like you to add, thats the enable macros to unlock any protected sheet.

  7. Hi, I loved what you are showing but I have a plain wind zip loaded on my computer and once I change the extension of the file, I still get the message from winzip that the file cannot be opened because it doesn't appear to be a valid archive.  Would you have a suggestion of how to move around this?  Thank you!

  8. Sir If you don't mind I will sent my protected file in your email id please sent your email id and remove my Excel file password.

  9. followed all steps many times but when i went to save the notepad file it would not save it inside the zip file. BTW when opened the sheet3 file it automatically opened in notepad.
    I never found anything that said password…only the passwordAlgorithm="xxx xxx" I deleted what was between the " " and no workie. i'm working in Excel 2010…don't know if that makes a diff.

  10. Cannot open with's directly open in webpage and i can't edit or delete anything on it.. And i also cannot find the password.. It's only said "sheet protection formatRows….."
    Please help

  11. Excel 2016 – <sheetProtection algorithmName="SHA-512" hashValue="gdvCteiF1hTUNQPkwiuxhItqVCnVXGYcTpbkVI98itC6jBmpewUsVw8ox0qoJ7mGeuvn5g8VBat7DjSly+JRAg==" saltValue="EPlgloQ0IN7Y3qm9Y9xIFg==

  12. thanks duude alot
    works fine you just need to save it to newer excel extennsion version. Open your excel file and go save as word 2007 or later version it should be name.xlsx

  13. This is not password protected Excel File but the password protected Sheet. You should know the difference between the file/workbook and the sheet. My 2 cents.

  14. The file I'm trying to open is not even under read only. I saved it high secured that even if u wanna have read only, u need to have a password and forgot what I have to input.

  15. Still works for me today in office 2013.I just replaced all SHA encryption bullsh*t After "SheetProstection SHA-…" to " password="" " until there is writen "Sheets=….

  16. I am unable to open the excel file it is password protected. Anyone please help. Thanks in advance.

  17. It works for me! I have been Googling for 1 hour and downloading X number of software and this solution is so much better than any software you can find on internet.

  18. chrap method works for old office verisons!!!
    new encrytion is much stronger, only way to hack is hacer apps with library which takes a lot time if pass is strong
    dislike to u retarded ass

  19. You just saved my LIFE!! it worked !! I typed the password wrong and couldn't guess it. I have a presentation tomorrow morning and without you I wouldn't be able to do it!! Actually I would be jobless by the afternoon :'D Thank you

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  22. এটা তো রায়হান তানজিম এর চ্যনেল এর ভিডিও।। আপনার চ্যনেল এ কেনো????

  23. Does somebody has a solution to this problem?

  24. The video is good but when I try to open my zipfile (Windows 10), it says the zip file is invalid. Any suggestions?

  25. If you have a workbook (not just a sheet) that is protected/has hidden sheets that cannot be accessed, use the same process but find "workbook.xml" in the zip folder (in the xl folder at the bottom) instead of an individual sheet. Open in notepad and find

    <workbookProtection workbookAlgorithmName="SHA-512" workbookHashValue="ZIqQtlcvnEIVEK8NyRmexWB+g3M8/qOB/IEysfjOg8ABc81G5YVZBL0JaJqotkPimv4JprqmYdlkBySQt9PzOA==" workbookSaltValue="d5LqLPC0AB0gdQlYdNu88w==" workbookSpinCount="100000"

    and replace with

    <sheetProtection password= ""

    Open your excel file again, right click on the sheet tabs at the bottom of the excel file and click unhide, each hidden sheet will now be in a list.

    Works for 2016/18

  26. It worked for me, windows 10, office 2013, but there was 1 thing:

    At 1:34 he's saving the file "sheet1.xml", and a window pops up, saying "UPDATE ARCHIVE WITH THIS FILE""

    THAT'S A VERY IMPORTANT (in-between-step) WINDOW. If you didnt get that specific popup, you have to do this step manually.
    (meaning: save the file on your desktop, and drag-and-drop it into jzip => replacing the old file)

    I didnt have that window-popup … and it took me an extra 20 minutes to find out what I was doing wrong

  27. Thank you. Actually, it is even better to remove whole XML block about sheet protection, because in some new version it has been made using more logic. If you remove whole <Sheet protection ……… > it will work.

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  29. Not working………..After rename it to zip format, when i go to extract it, show—–NO ARCHIVES FOUND !!!

  30. There is no chance to manually hack a protected excel file for sure. The tip from this video is about how to hack with protected sheet only.
    Probably only tool might help but still don't know which one. If anyone can find a useful tool like that, please share with us here as well.

  31. When I open the file with 7-zip I got the follwing:

    [6]DataSpaces <– Folder

    EncryptionInfo <– File

    EncryptedPackage <– File
    how i can i solve it?

  32. hahaahaha this is work with xlsx files, just replace sheetprotection with sheetprotection password="" then boomm finish…

  33. Way to get straight to it thank you. Any thoughts on what to do if I don't have the "open with" option?

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