How to make Wireless Security Lock Alarm System Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

How to make Wireless Security Lock Alarm System Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Best Channel in Electronics World. Subscribe Maaz Electronics and press bell button to get notification of new videos Assalam Alaikum , Hello Friends you are watching Maaz Electronics Friends if you didn’t subscribe and like our channel, please do now. Press Bell icon to get notification of videos. Benefit to press bell icon is that you’ll get
videos instantly. Today we make a security alarm system. this is a wireless security system. with this security system, you can protect your, wardrobe or box with important things, you can protect it with this. today we tell you how to make it. this is completely wireless system. attach the security system with the door of you wardrobe or box to protect it. you can attach this inside of wardrobe door. when anyone open this door then alarm ring. on the other side of receiver there is a buzzer or bell. it ring then you’ll know that someone open the secure door. Let’s Start. now i’ll tell you what components required to make this. firstly we need Cell 12V. came it with this bell. need 9V battery. battery for turn on the circuit that we make. 9V battery clip. need on & off slide switch. need 6V Relay. as you can the specification. you need wireless bell. this is transmitter. and this is receiver. from all above you need a main thing Reed Switch Sensor. this is magnet. this sensor is very special. this is a magnetic sensor. when magnetic field or rays came near,
it became on. when magnetic field or rays go far,
it became off. this sensor name is reed switch. you can purchase from any electronics market or shop. as you can the two terminal inside. this is one terminal. this is second terminal there is space in between both terminal. it’s mean they are not connected with each other. in this case a vacuum, special gas in it. when any magnetic field or rays came near then this gas connected both terminal with each other. when terminal connected then current pass through. then your circuit on. this is very special sensor. you can get it rare because it use in few things. you can use this any electrical projects and security system. this is receiver. with this side button you can change the tones. when you open it you can see cell space. insert two AAA cell. no need to do alteration in it, we use as it is. do alteration in transmitter circuit. first of all open this transmitter. on side there is fitting to open. open it from side. see after that put out the main circuit. this is a push button on it. when you press it then bell should on. when release button then bell turn off. here is coil, resistance and components. on back side two terminal one is positive and one is negative. we insert 12V cell in it. we have to do connection on button points. to make this take any empty box. this box i get from my 12V, 1 ampere supply. you can get any box from anywhere. for your projects. first we fit the relay in the box. we did it. remember that when you fit the circuit, 9V battery and circuit should be fit in box. see we fit this, circuit and battery. here i fit the relay. this is battery and circuit. now fit on & off button. we did adjust the button. now check it after close the box. see we complete the fitting. perfect fit from all sides. so now we do wiring. before wiring, we adjust our reed switch sensor on side here. after adjust this we do complete wiring. see i fit this sensor completely. after fit the sensor the both terminal of sensor, attach with relay. and so connection of circuit with relay also. now i’ll show you how to do wiring connections. we attach of relay center common point with any these two button points. we did as said. now attach the other button point with relay normal close point. did it. now do the wiring of battery. solder the 9V battery clip with on & off button. attach the negative point with relay. i’ll tell you how do remaining wiring. first attach the 9V battery clip with battery. positive point i’ll attach with on & off button center point. after that the second terminal of on & off button. attach it with relay positive terminal. the remaining 9V battery negative wire solder it with this sensor terminal. did it. the other terminal of the sensor, attach it with this relay negative point. i did it. when i turned on the button the relay is not working. when i close the magnet then you can hear voice of relay working. ♪ ♪ Relay working sound ♪ ♪ as you can hear the relay working voice. now do wiring of 12V cell. attach wires on both side on cell. these both terminal we attach with our circuit. first attach the negative. after that solder the positive. so we complete the wiring. fit cell in the box. now close the box completely. we tight the box. now i’ll tell how it will work. this is receiver. this is transmitter. we use magnet. first of all turn on circuit. when we on the button of circuit, relay is on position,no current is passing through. because no magnet near, when magnet came near relay should on. current pass through, sensor open its points. the button in transmitter should off, and then receiver bell off. when i turned on transmitter. it directly turned on the transmitter. ♪ ♪ Bell Ring Sound ♪ ♪ see when i turned on the transmitter bell automatic ring. when i came near magnet then relay on. our transmitter off and then bell also off. see, now transmitter is on, when i put away magnet it’ll be on position. ♪ ♪ Bell Ring Sound ♪ ♪ when magnet near it bell off. i’ll do again put away magnet from transmitter. ♪ ♪ Bell Ring Sound ♪ ♪ this is my security system working. now i’ll show you how it work on door in real. first i attach double tape with the transmitter. easy to adhesive. see this is our door. this is frame of door. we have to attach sensor in between. s you can see double tape is attach with transmitter. with the tape it adhesive with the frame in center position. the direction of sensor is towards the frame as like this. so now we have to adhesive the magnet with the door frame. after that when i open the door then bell ring. when magnet came if relay sound came then it’s mean circuit is working fine. ♪ ♪ relay working Sound ♪ ♪ you listen the sound of relay when magnet came it’s mean circuit is working fine. i’ll show you when i open the door then receiver working or not. first on the circuit from the button. after turn on bell not ring it’s mean circuit is ok. when i open the door bell ring. ♪ ♪ Bell Ring Sound ♪ ♪ when i push door little bit bell ring. now i push back the door again to work relay. now open the door again. ♪ ♪ Bell Ring Sound ♪ ♪ you can use security system like this anywhere. hope you like our video. 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