How to make Weapons for Self Defense out of Wood

How to make Weapons for Self Defense out of Wood

Hi, I’m Robert Lisac and today we are
going to talk about how to make weapons out of wood for self-defense like this
one here. As you can imagine, this project is absolutely not for kids, not for kids,
not for kids! So it’s for smart adults only. If you’re new here, this channel is
all about being safe, fit, and prepared. Self-defense weapons are all around you.
You just have to be aware of your surrounding. You can pick up for instance
a stone to defend yourself. You can throw it, you can hit with it… There are many
possibilities, you just have to be aware of your possibilities you have. Wooden
weapons for self-defense can be easily made from branches like this one here. The cool thing if you have a pocketknife
as your EDC, this means everyday carry, is that you can make as many wooden weapons you want to. Every country has its own laws about carrying a knife and when
it’s allowed or when it’s not allowed to use this kind of improvised wooden
weapons. So inform yourself exactly about the self-defense laws in your country. I already made a video about how to make self-defense weapons out of wood. You can check it out here. Having a weapon,
doesn’t mean that you can actually use it, because you have to train how to use
it and this applies also for this kind of stuff here. And if you’re
interested in how to be safe, fit and prepared, this means about personal
safety, self defence fitness, fitness things in nature and the basics of
preparedness, click on this head here, this square head and you will be
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9 Replies to “How to make Weapons for Self Defense out of Wood”

  1. Check out my video: How to make Weapons for Self Defense out of Wood => ! Check out my video description, because there are some goodies too!

  2. That is a good idea to find a limb with a small branch sticking off. It eliminates having to drill a hole in the limb and insert a sharpened dowel. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" lol

  3. i often do thing like that when i walk in the wood. I know that you have some training in kali, and i think it is one the perfect system to use improvised or DIY weapons.

  4. So the idea is … I'm walking with a sharp thing say it's a knife.. then I go make another sharp thing out of wood 🙂 I feel sorry for te Apples though

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