how to make android as a security camera

how to make android as a security camera

hello friends welcome to tips plus tricks thank you for watching my video and if you’re not subscribed my channel please subscribe today i’ll show you how to make your android phone as a wireless CCTV camera. In this video you can learn how to be more secure by your android phone. So stay with us till the video End and for more video please subscribe and you will get my latest video at every Monday if you need to Guard a place like your office and out of your room and any Where you can use your android phone as a CCTV camera. To do this you need an android phone and a pc. For this you have to go your play store then you have to install an application name IP webcam for this you have to search IP Webcam here it is it’s name is IP webcam you have to install the IP webcam application and installing pleased with something and accept it’s installing. You have to wait a few second. installing …a great application for you that can help you for being more secure, Then open. You have to go the last of the page and click start server click start server click yes It’s downloading the video codec please wait a few seconds Here…you can see that display of my mobile that’s the camera of your CCTV. Now how to see the camera footage to your pc you have to Input the IPaddress. You can see on the display of my mobile you have to Input the IP address to your browser. now i’m using my google chrome browser i have two input theIP address of camera and Inputing the address HTTP slash 192 Here it is. Now you have to click to flash Or browser. I am clicking to flash awesome Here it is,what I’m seeing on my mobile it is here are on my computer you have valid mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to you mobile and computer both so you can see that and seeing in my mobile that I’m thing seing in my computer and it is your CCTV camera you can control your mobile from this and you can control your footage from your computer like zoom and the stream quality of your video and any other option like you can turn on your LED flashlight you can see it’s more brighter than before you can off it. again you can use your front camera by clicking without that you can check out the video by click here and you can save video it’s recording, stopped. you can get the video from video archive you can save the video this is Here so friends in this video i show you how to make your android as a CCTV camera now I have a question to you you need internet connection to get the CCTV footage but if you have no internet connection or any Wi-Fi connection so what to do in this situation now i’m going to show you it tricks about how to make your Android a CCTV camera without any internet or any intention or any Wi-Fi connection is still with us till the visual int at first you need to Start your hotspot I’m starting my Wi-Fi hotspot ,,setting more tetharing and portable hotspot, Wi-Fi hotspot, on my hotspots name is Primo F6, now you can see that my mobile hotspot name is Primo F6 and it has been connected from my mobile to my pc, now I’m starting my IP webcam starts server and you can see it’s starting video and i am going to input the IP address you can see it is capturing video advance setting landscape , You can see all the video is monitoring by my android phone thank you for watching the video and if the video is benefited you please subscribe my channel and get more and more beneficial video thank you hey guys this is tips plus tricks that people can get a huge number of tips and tricks for YouTub, logo design, web development, search engine optimization search engine marketing Word press , Joomla graphic Design ,video editor and many other social media like Google+ Facebook Twitter etc. On the display you can see some Some link and if you click this link you can get many tips fast you can see created a facebook account no email address and no mobile number that can help you to open your facebook account by clicking can know how to open the account number and email and in this link you can get how to get more friend request automatically in your facebook account in the second facebook auto message sender how to send birthday wishes all together on facebook you can know by clicking yet here. at the 3rd you can get How to confirm all friend request on facebookin one click. it’s the latest and a hundred person working tip , In the fourt you can get how to follow everybody on twitter at one click and at the last in this link you can get, To like your fan page you have to invite all your friends and the link can help you invite all friends on facebook at one click the great-great-great channel for you that can help you to get exclusive gives and takes about your IT thank you for your kind watching and please subscribe us

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  1. You can use it android to android. Ins tall IP webcam app at one phone and use another as monitor by a browser. Thank you.

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