How to make a Laser Light Security Alarm/ TUTORIAL

How to make a Laser Light Security Alarm/ TUTORIAL

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  1. can anyone Tell me the things he used
    And will this also works with high voltage like 18 volt battery on buzzer side just to make buzzer sound high?

  2. You should do a video and make a motion/laser triggered GoPro recorder. I would love to see something like that.

  3. Э че за хуйня ? Почему на канале роман урсу ( все идеи ) ты озвучиваешь видео ? Обьясни ка

  4. That Sound is just on when the laserbeam is broken by an object … you would just hear it fo a second … thats not usefull at all …

  5. Роооомаааааааа тыыыы гдееееееееее?????

  6. Great movie 😁 For my humble opinion You can use thermal shrink tube instead isolation tape 😎 It's looks better ☺️
    Best regards 😎

  7. Súper!!! Me gusta mucho tú canal. Como tú lo enseñas, haces que pueda tener confianza para que yo lo pueda hacer también.

  8. Yes good video, is there a parts list also? (for those like me who are clueless?)
    I hear what you say but circuit board might have been more straight forward?

    I might a have a go even so , like you say its too bad!!!

    Once again , nice job.

    Liked already subbd.

  9. हजारो.हात.आसमानपे.ऊटते.लेकीन.दुवाये.सबकी.कबूल.नही.होती

  10. LANDU thumbnail dale kuch aur dikhae kuch aur hum toh lazer ko laang ke tumhare gar ghus kar daaka dalenge ek gyanki baat-agar tum lazer ka refelection mirror se hote hua ldr pe daalo gai tab bane ga real lazer security.Samjhe LANDU OO SORRY L KE JAGHA G THA GANDU

  11. почему ты теперь всё делаешь по онглиски было же поруски

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