How to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft!

How to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft!

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  1. Old video I know, but you just confessed (indirectly) to being a bank robber! LOL.😉

    Long term haitus from watching hermitcraft, (18 months), now catching up.👍❤️

  2. By the way this doesn’t work at all on Xbox and I really don’t know why I think it is just because different Red stone mechanics idk

  3. an idea for the lever system system. if the person enters the wrong combination and hit the button either the button will let you pass or it will activate a sticky piston which pulls the block underneath the player and leads to a pressure plate which activates the command block to kill the player instantly.

  4. Is the combination changeable because if I made this in a multiplayer world with other people who have watched this video, then that's no good now is it?

  5. This is probably the first time I made a negative comment on Youtube. This video wasted my time completely, the dimensions where not clear and i ended up having to break through my base just to make the redstone work. I just wanted the vault door and there's no way to activate it without screwing everything up. Please be more clear on your videos, thanks.

  6. I built this, even added some simple redstone doors to open/close from inside, and outside of it has bench to hide redstone. Btw very cool video and tutorial.

  7. Mumbo: makes impossible redstone contraption all to guard a bank made of iron blocks


    grabs iron blocks and runs away

  8. I’ve manage to get the Doors open but the sticky piston isn’t pulling the red stone block back do u know why or how to fix it

  9. I know this is old and I have mine built exactly the same. However, for some reason, my alarm ALWAYS goes off. Even if the combination is correct.

  10. Lol I just spent an hour attempting go build this thing and then I realized it doesn’t work on Minecraft PE 😂😂 no hate towards mumbo though

  11. I built the whole thing but you didn’t say where to put anything so thank you for helping me waste 30 mins of my day

  12. In Minecraft memes people are saying that your building skills are confusing but if people say that I would have to agree but if I want to know how to build a bunker I’m watching the right person’s video

  13. I want to design an alarm system that when tripped drops named zombies with diamond swords and armor and then drop sand in the way of escape so that it's extra hard to escape.

  14. Instead of creating a complicated system with a piston for your combination you can just connect both the outputs to an AND GATE

  15. what about making one of those cages there fall down on people if they stand on a pressue plate

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