How to Install Nest Cam Outdoor HD Security Camera & Review!

How to Install Nest Cam Outdoor HD Security Camera & Review!

Now for the best part, the actual footage The Nest Cam can record up to Full HD If your wifi signal isn’t as good then you can either decrease the quality or set it to automatic and it’ll adjust the resolution accordingly the microphone has a percentage bar by default is set to 70% which is what your hearing at the moment we’ve increased the microphone sensitivity to 100% so you should be able to hear more of me aswell as the surrounding ambient noise aswell the Nest Cam itself is about half way up my 1st floor so about 14 ft off the ground and looks pretty good from where i’m standing zooming in here and you should be able to see more detail and you can set it so moving forwards all future recordings are taken at this particular digital zoom length switching to night vision its now using the 8 infrared high powered LED’s to produce this black & white image only lets fully zoom out here so considering its pitch dark here it does a pretty good job there we have it guys this is the Outdoor Nest Cam please let me know in the comments section down below what you think about the Audio / Video quality im really happy with it and its exceeded my expectations, it can actually do more than what I thought it could do so a thumbs up from me please Like Subscribe & tag along on Social Media @INAMGHAFOOR thanks for watching have a wicked day and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Was thinking of getting this.. Your review was really helpful, thank you.. Looks awesome, and can be used just as well for a front porch cam/speaker.
    (Let the delivery driver know you're coming to collect from the attic don't run off with my parcel after 11 and a half seconds!")

  2. Camera is useless without nest aware subscription, I ran out the free trial and there literally no features. It doesn't even snap shot when a person walks by, rather once their already gone

  3. Nest cameras do seem good, but their subscription prices are a blatant rip off! The more cameras the more you pay. If you're gonna pay for a subscription at their costs you may as well buy a wired system. One cost for cloud service would not be unreasonable. Criticism aside, nice review. 👍🏻

  4. For others watching , £8 per month for Nest aware, with additional £4 per camera! So £96 just to record for 10 days, for the year. Have a couple of cameras inside, few outside, do the maths!

  5. if they release a nest cane where u can have it straight hardwired, and then go on the Internet to see it so its not just dependent on wifi then I'll get it. being able to pan zoom would be awesome too

  6. Great video, can you explain, or show, how and where you brought the video cable into your home? Is it recommended to plug outdoors or is that silly since it can be stolen?

  7. Ere mate can't you invert the camera so you don't have to loop around the cable at the bottom? Best review apart from that though innitt.

  8. These are such a gimmik, nest go out of business so do your cameras. Night vision is poor you're looking directly at the camera in your test and there is no facial detail – wide angle lens anything more then 3m from the target and you won't have any real evidence with that resolution.

    You can get a good IP camera for less, use a memory card for recording and have remote acccess via an IVMS app, choose your lens for better resolution and almost anything from a main CCTV manufacturer will have better night vision – even full colour night vision.

  9. My next outdoor am is disconnecting from Wi-Fi. so followed the instructions but when I took it outside for install its not connecting to Wi-Fi. Someone HELP please.

  10. I think they both have some really good qualities to them. I like the wireless Arlo, however the nest has continuous recording. Decisions, decisions. Ty guys

  11. RIP OFF!!  Rubbish product – I had 2 cameras ripped off the wall with ease and the bad design of the product did not prevent it – DONT BUY IT!!! The service has been awful and not customer focused at all especially spending over £1,000 one would expect some service instead it has been arrogant and dismissive offering less than 6% discount – I would have expected more from a Google company

  12. This can takes short motion activated clips which is really helpful>>>  I have it in my sons room as a means to check up on him during play and sleep. Very easy to install.

  13. Buy a security camera and watch the masked burglars break into your home a steal everything, that’s if they haven’t stole your computer, laptop or TV.🙄

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