How to Install Hikvision CCTV Camera and DVR Step by Step Process | 2019

How to Install Hikvision CCTV Camera and DVR Step by Step Process | 2019

Hello and welcome to computerstorebd, I am Rubel with another exciting video tutorial on how to install CCTV camera step by step process. So keep watching Okay, so here we have our Hikvision DVR Hikvision camera and one piece adapter This is a short piece of cable and the tools and the BNC and the connector, so We’ll pass both the DVR first We’ll open the DVR fast This is the DVR you get when you buy from the market or from the online, so this is the mouse And they start the hard disk mm and the screws Okay, this is the hikma shanti we have put a chain on libya With a VGA port and what do you mean earlier out at the LAN port and two USB cables and a disabled LSD McCammon? You have to open the four screws here to install the hardest In the circuit and this is the part like the Honda should be installed we have a four screws Which will hold the hardest to the DVF is the four screws provided to the DBR And we have not have this This is a one terabyte hard disk egged and If you want you can install up to 50 GB to 16 a bike Then depends on how much days you want to give the backup for us Install that harness to the DVR Okay, this is the heart is okay no data cable and the power And these are the ports They said that the support and the data process not for the harness So, let me connect them fast Make sure that the beam here is correct when you understand into the cables Okay after the installation as well so we go to dinner These are the hardest install and we will use taller data cables for the hard-disk This is the DC part and this is the data part Installation is finished on zip it up Tighten the screw of the tibia Okay, so it’s done Other parables counsel the DVR And again, we have a power I’ll connect it to the DVR disappoint Okay, so this support is done and here we have the mouse the LAN USB mouse Should be inserted here and This one is what is diamond is is a BGA if you have a smart TV at home, you can who stole a HDMI? but is pretty good and we have here the for BNC connector the video in Channels are marked as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 now we will make that cable And now it will make the DNC with the cabin installed So this is the camel this is the rg6 cable you can get it in the market So, let me cut the h2 install the connector In front of the part I’ll make sure one thing. Is that only by the cables from the market make sure the insulated Cable is copper. She’s built good for video Data processing. Okay. So here we have our connector Thank you will stand inside it and twist it Here is the white push on comes up You know This is same with another part white portion twisting to the white portion comes in See so once done We’ll cut the extra Layer off just for the BNC because you do not take too much of this Same data bar This is a MX BNC you can get it in the market The spring here the DVR like to hold on This is a demonstration for one camera, but Following this process you can install as much memory as you want So Stan See the port one In Stanley in this way and twist it Says dump This portion is done Another one is from the cameras This is the heat vision camera 720 pixel Model Ts to see is 16 season key. I am EF Lens is 3.6. Mm You can get it in the market Already can get it below. The link is given below the video. Ok. This is the camera Skew and And user manual And it do it in template to install it on the wall These stickers you can build this to yourself and put it in the bow Okay, this is the camera This the LEDs are the night visions and this is the lens here is the lens and this all behind it is the night vision lens of the ireland’s and it has three levels This one DC card one is for BNC energies or switch Switch Okay, I can tell you about water on the switch this switch is For supporting all the portion of the video like TV. I it is d CB I CB biggest place for five second to change the video output For example if you have all DPR this is canvas R is T. So do not support it instantly To click on the process of just hold it for five seconds. Then you change the video Setup and may come to TBI or is duty some wouldn’t okay Okay, so there are two screws here If I lose the cap screw C to move up and down and This is the for rotating the camera left and right twice So right now we opening it And that is also a Tightening screw which can tighten the camera like this Like this like this and you Tied it and do not go left or right Now is the CCTV adapter 12 volt This is the 12 volt adapter ac/dc adapter Into 100 and 240 out the signal Buddhist to amber, okay? Okay let’s Connect it to the power Will be connected to the camera And the BNC will be connected to the DVRs PNG some things ready. So we will check the night vision of the camera So lot for 5 to 10 seconds and you can see the red lights So sorry did our switch on the power okay, the power is switched on Let’s see, yes, they don’t give Abby a real big and will be again, and I get in the hard disk system stop a Potential is the hard disk at first Okay, see that I’ll show you again See the aisle it’s red lights. I’m out dude it is the night vision So everything is done by we need to correct our DVR to the counter to make the communist configuration You

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