How to install Google Nest Protect (Wired 120V)

How to install Google Nest Protect (Wired 120V)

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  1. At 2:16, when they turn the power back in it shows them flipping a 50 amp breaker. I have a feeling if you connected a Nest to that circuit the 240V supply would blast it right off the wall.

  2. I feel sad that Nest products are not supported in my country… I don’t know why!! It’s supported in UAE but Oman not!!! Even they refused to ship for me from USA or at least update their app so it’s included Oman. I am not talking about myself only but about widening Nest products and business

  3. do yourself a favour and avoid this garbage product – instead of simply warning you of carb monoxide you will be required to create an account with names, address , emails etc, – this garbage is data collection not carb mono protection

  4. Great device>>>   I had this device installed professionally and I’m glad I did . It works with my network and I can control my ac via my IPhone.

  5. I just installed mine but I have 3 white and 3 black wires already coming down. Not sure which one to use but I connect the nest white with all the white and black with all the 3 other black and twists with the cap. I hope I'm doing it right as there are more wires then I see on this video.

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