How To Install Drywall | DIY Tutorial

How To Install Drywall | DIY Tutorial

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  2. Ouch, I'm only in for a few seconds and see that the wall behind him is wrong. Unless it's a rare 8-foot 1-inch wall I always start on top so that the odd taping is on the bottom. Now back to the show.

  3. Since you're in Ottawa, love Ottawa my home town, can you do a video on the proper way to build a cinder block wall and close Justin Trudeau in behind it?

  4. Would love to see how you would frame a ceiling if you were going to have a furr down so ceiling was 2 levels. I'm looking to do one that also has a ledge in the center to add accent lighting. I've seen some in homes listed for sale online, but no one has shown how they would support the drywall on the perimeter. I was thinking I would set a 2×4 along the perimeter. Originally I was going to add a stud coming off the wall, then a stud coming down from the ceiling joist (3 foot 6) then add a 1×4 on the bottom of that out to 4 feet. I would add furring strips below the studs running the perpendicular direction. At least 4, amybe also 1 at the 3 foot 6 mark. At the end or center of room, add a 1x4between runners and another on top to create a ledge that I can rock the outside edge this will hide the lights and only the reflection will be seen as it highlights and bounces off the sides and upper ceiling. My brother suggested adding a 2×10 or 2×12 as the side edge instead of studs. Also, rafters are only every 4 foot. I think I will need to add another structurte half way in between o cut that to 2 foot. Also, the room is an addon someone built with just panelling for walls, no drywall, uninsulated. one wall is 20 foot. (15×20 room). I'm planning on pulling all that down during ceiling remodel, insulating, rewire, and then rock. I was thinking TO just add 4×8 sheets running vertically. No butt joints. The lower ceiling will be 8 feet AFF. (8 1/4 so I can leave a small gap at bottom. Is there a compelling reason not to install drywall vertically?

  5. I wasn’t planning on watching this whole video. It was so excellent I did. Really great tips and knowledge about the entire process. Thanks.

  6. I watch a LOT of DIY videos. This was the BEST one I've ever seen on drywall. My dad was a carpenter and I helped him as a child, but am now attempting DIY projects on my own. Thank you for this video. I'm going to replace the 1970's paneling in my home with drywall. Wish me luck!!

  7. Hi Jeff, one of my friends had bad water damage from a flood last year, so I've agreed to go and help him renovate the basement now that it has new drains and sumps installed. But the group that did the repair cut existing drywall off about 2 feet from the floor level. (So you can imagine, it's not a very clean, straight cut). I'm wondering what the best way to approach repairing it will be. Should I use the tampered edge against the cuts? Should I pull it all off up to the 4 foot width to use full sheets? Also, I'll be install bare drywall against finished dry wall. So I assume the full walls will need to be painted after, but how would I feather the unfinished into the finished? And is there anything I should do to manage any big gaps?

  8. Loved the video sir. I had a contractor take off with a very large sum of money and now I'm left trying to build the remainder of my house. So, videos such as these have been crucial for me to be able to pass inspections and hopefully complete my house! Thank you to yourself and your crew for taking the time to make these videos. Much appreciated.

  9. Yooo you're dope as shit man. For eal, thank you for the fuckin amazing info.
    One question though: can i use 45 minute mud and do 3 coats in a day?

  10. Your putting your screws in to deep. Once you tear the paper with the head of the screw, that screw is no good. That’s where you get your nail pops. Screw are spaced 8 and 12.

  11. You dont have idea how to make drywall 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  12. Thank you so much for your COMPLETE video. I feel like I can do just about any drywall project!!! Thank you!!!

  13. I was a drywall contractor for 20 years. Dude you don't even own a drywall screw gun. There is a building code for everything drywall. You are a bunch of Cubs and dont have a clue I so would have fired you

  14. I'm really impressed with the combination of humor and simplicity that make these videos easier for non-Experts to learn/re-learn this stuff.

  15. Great video and so helpful…can you explain how to create a false ceiling with hidden lighting,,,thank you

  16. Hi Jeff

    I was wondering if you can tell me what grit of sandpaper to use on new plastered walls

    Also when painting internal walls what grit of sandpaper to use between coats

    And lastly what grit of sand paper to beak the surface when painting skirting boards and what grit between coats

  17. Hi Jeff – @ 1:12:43 – When you did your outside corner bead on the bulkhead, did you have to wet the paper of the corner bead? The same as the we do when we are taping wall joints?

  18. I'm a fan. I have a project idea for you. I also have a personal project location that needs the work I'm suggesting but it's located in Niagara ON. Anyways, project idea is underpinning and basement walkout. I look forward to your feedback. Cheers!

  19. I'm absolutely loving these videos! Not only they wonderfully informative, I like playing the long tutorials whilst DIYing…somehow, they motivate me to stay energised and enjoy the process xxx

  20. Getting ready to drywall my entire upstairs…my sister and I bought this 80 year old, 1200sq ft house in November 2017 – first thing we did was gut the entire second floor (3 bedrooms – now converted to 2 with cathedral ceilings) because only a few outlets were grounded and everything from floor to ceiling was popcorn stucco…almost 2 years later we are finally at the home stretch. (thank goodness we had other places to sleep!) This was my first reno and I had no clue how much I was getting into.. a lot of lessons learned to say the least! Your DIY vids make me feel sooo much more comfortable tackling this project to its completion. Thank you so very much!

  21. Great. I killed my back hanging ceiling bord Wow. Just cut showed me a ton. I do it all when it comes to house repair remodel gut jobs. And dry wall worst. I can't wait to use your techniques this week. Thank brother

  22. Your vids are amazing! After hiring a couple of sloppy workers who claim to know how to do stuff, I have decided I am much more capable myself and why waste another dollar on someone who doesn't take pride in their work. They do it fast, sloppy and cheap. No thanks. I will do everything I possible can, by myself. And you're helping me to do it right. All these pro-tips are total gems.

  23. I'm really intimidated by the thought of having to place new drywall when we remodel the kitchen, but this really helps. The pros make it look so quick and easy! 😓

  24. give this guy an 'a' for effort, but although he is doing somethings right, there's a lot of misguidance here. I've been drywalling since i've been 18 years old. learned how to do it by hand like he is showing, now we use mechanical tools, mudrunner…bazooka, banjo…. i don't get too fancy but after 30 years i can tell if someone knows what he is doing. This guy is rated about a 5 out of 10. Not bad, but it pains me to see this trade not being taught 10 of 10 correctly.

  25. Good video
    Just the applying part of the mud is not agreeable to me.
    I don’t use a hawk and a three inch knife.
    Instead I use a pan and ten inch knife and apply the mud in a string thread like manner by working the knife on the inside of the pan with the exact amount of mud and applying it in the exact place where it needs it.
    With a little practice it goes on there pretty quick. I tried both ways

  26. Great Job! keep it up! Just one question, which brand dry wall cutting machine are you using? Please recommend me. Thanks!

  27. I've been a building contractor for 38 yrs. and this is the best tutorial I have ever seen. I only wish it was available sooner. Thanks.

  28. I can’t thank you enough. By far the best how to video. You sir have saved me so much time and aggravation not to mention a lot of money!!! Thank you!!!!!

  29. Jeff. I'm impressed with the way you explain your techniques as your doing it keeping it simple. Being a beginner I notice that i'm more confident doing the work after watching your video. I'm more neater , but still need more work in that . Just your explaination in cutting the drywall in simple techniques with just the razor and little hand saw had me quicker. And yes , those anoying screws drives me nuts , I have been enjoying your videos watching the same parts over and over . Thankyou very much !!!!!!!

  30. I need a man to do this for me:( I don't know what the hell to do what a joke, I Have nothing but hatred for my noisy neighbour

  31. wow man. I've learned so much watching this entire video. I'm so glad I've found your channel because there are a few things I need to learn as a new homeowner. I've watched your video on painting, pluming, and now this one on dry wall.

  32. Greetings to our friends in the North. You have great advice. My husband, son and I, we enjoy watching your videos.

    I want to put insulation in my attached garage in a house that we are currently being built. I notice the builder has only put insulation on the house side, but no where else. I want to insulate the entire garage to use as a hangout area because we have no basements down here. Would that cause a moisture problem? Also we have a walkup attic space with blown-in insullation on the floor.. Could we remove the loose insullation and put insullation in the roof and drywall the space to use the space as another living room. Thank you for your suggestions.

  33. Maybe you could do a video on picture-frame mouldings and other custom finish carpentry. Thank you for your great videos.

  34. This was the most helpful video I've watched in years. Your instructions are so clear, and your hacks for mudding/taping are amazing!

  35. Jeff I really appreciate your videos they are some of the best I’ve seen even to that of “This Old House”. Anyways I’m about to redo the drywall in our bed room the problem is our attic has blown in cellulose insulation which is great but when it comes to replacing the ceiling I am not sure what would be be the best way to take it out and keep it for when it’s ready to be placed back. Should I bag it or just place it off to the side of the house that is untouched? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  36. Hi First thanks for your channel, second I bought a house with basement and I don't know if I should warm the basement during the winter or not. I heard it's good for the walls but I saw a video on youtube which told contrary. what should I do?

  37. Hi Jeff, I'm getting some of the walls that were damaged repaired now. One thing the cleanup group did was cut the corners like everything else, about 2 feet above the floor. That cut corner beads. What is the best way to attach these? Can they be "joined", or should I tear the entire corner off and put on new beads?

  38. The worst thing I saw was not getting your boxes set before you started the drywall. Oops..I'll bet after that sheet, you went around and changed the other

  39. Darn good at this stuff. It's not something you can do this well just by watching. It takes some time to build up to this guy's skill level. Frustrating for most at first attempts. Second, attempts still frustrating. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on until you have done about an entire house worth. Then you have started to build some apprentice skills. Just because you can do it does not mean you have mastered doing this fast enough to actually earn an income, or complete a job in no time at all. Practice, practice, practice. That's what it really takes. Great video for people who are wanting to learn the correct technique.

  40. Excellent video… I’ve never done drywall before but I’m doing a pretty big bedroom right now. Framed out the ceiling (first time framing), drywalled the ceiling and currently putting the walls up. Can’t wait to do the rest and see the finished product! You are an brilliant teacher!

  41. Hey Jeff, I had a question. I cant find the machine mud that you used. I found the SHEETROCK Brand Plus 3 and was wondering is that would be good to use, or would you suggest a different type of mud?

  42. Watched this without blinking and I will have anxiety for the rest of my life having not seen any colored paint, flooring, or furniture added.

  43. Speaking as someone who has renovated 5 (rental) apartments "for fun" and who went a little crazy with the Venetian Plaster, back in the day, I really wish I would have seen your videos sooner.
    Speaking as someone who is a (so called) 'Fine Artist', I just want to say how much respect I have for your high standards, expertise, and the pride you take in a job well done.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us Jeff.

  44. Starting a DIY drywall job tomorrow. Have done drywall before, bit this video was a great refresher. Great tips and tricks.

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