How to install anti theft alarm for All Bikes || Remote starT

Hi guys today im going to show how to install anti theft alarm This is the HRU anti theft alarm diagram This is antenna Controller Pink wire for starting coil Blue wire for self start main wire This two yellow wires for indicators orange wire for indicator flasher This black wire for battery and actually that is not Gray colour wire its red colour i changed it so guys u will get red wire with kit gray wire also but ignore that gray wire Lets start installation Open your bike side covers and seat connect pink wire to stating coil white and pink wire connect blue wire to self start main wire now we need to connect both indicator wires that means yellow wires Do not connect to black wires This is indicator flasher connect Orange wire to flasher brown colour wire now we need to connect red and black wire to battery Check once your wires properly connected or not connect speaker to main controller Don’t confuse this is red wire i changed to gray you wil get red with kit Now we need to test our installation …. You will get four buttons with remote 1.Bike locator 2.remote start unlock lock Yeah successfully installed …. Thanku for watching

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