How to install an exterior light, motion sensor flood light. Easy! Home Mender.

How to install an exterior light, motion sensor flood light. Easy! Home Mender.

Hello, this is Dustin with Home Mender
and today we are going to be replacing an exterior front porch light and we’re
going to be putting in a motion sensor floodlight. Great for keeping prowlers
away. Let’s get to it. First, we’re going to kill the power at the switch. Done. Now we’re going to remove the old fixture. I got a couple nuts here on the side. The
other one is busted off. So we’re going to go ahead and pull this off. Disconnect
your black first. White. Now disconnect the ground wire. Old light fixture gone. Next we’re going
to remove the old light fixture mounting plate. I like to save these box screws
because sometimes fixtures do not come with them. Now let’s install our new
mounting bracket. New bracket goes on Secure.
Now we’re ready to mount the light. We don’t need all this ground so we’re
gonna nip some of that off and hook up the ground. White wire and then our
black. Perfect. Now we’re ready to secure the
fixture. This particular style has one single screw that goes in the middle. ..and secure the center screw. Fixture good and secure. Now let’s assemble the light
fixture. Now some of these exterior fixtures come with a rubber gasket. This
one did not. Don’t forget to install that first if you do have one. With this one,
it’s attached to the brick, so we’re gonna run an exterior grade sealant
right along the top so no water runs down from the brick and gets behind our
light fixture. Once our light fixture is secured, we’re
gonna work on the bulb placement. Spin these around where needed and tighten
down the ring. Now I’m going to position mine so they point out away from the
front porch so we can illuminate the whole area when triggered by the motion.
There we are. I like that. Now I have some major bushes right here so we’re not
going to illuminate the bush. I want this whole general area, front porch and
sidewalk in front of it, to be lit up. Same with the motion sensor. Next, we’re
ready for the light housings. Those just twist on. Now that we know our light placement is
correct, we’re going to go ahead and give the nuts one final turn with a wrench. Got my little screw hole nubby here to
pop it in the hole and install my exterior flood bulbs. Now let’s give it a
test. Looking great! Definitely consult your directions. You
can set the sensitivity on it. You can have a test mode where you can stay lit
all the time. We’re going to set this light pretty sensitive because we want
it to come on even if a squirrel passes by. Now that’s sensitive. Now we’re going
to try to sneak in front of this light fixture and see if we can set it off. BAM!
I’m caught. Now a prowler is going to think twice before he comes to this door.
All that’s left is to apply some exterior grade sealant around the top
lip and down on the sides. You don’t have to do the bottom but we definitely want
to stop any rain that’s going to drip in behind the fixture. So that’s it. We just
installed a new motion sensor floodlight on a front porch. It looks spectacular
and this one is good to go. So for Home Mender Inc, this is Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if you did don’t forget to click subscribe. Thanks
for watching.

15 Replies to “How to install an exterior light, motion sensor flood light. Easy! Home Mender.”

  1. Thanks for tip man! Installed my motion flood lights on my backyard and front porch. Got the wife off my back.

  2. Thank's lot's for this video. this was vary helpful and saves me some bucks. I do have a ? Why dose the base let out signs of voltage when the light is tuned on. I have a voltage tester that go's on ( red ) only when the light is on,yet I can touch the base with out getting socked ? Is this normal ? Thanks again for whatever help you can provide

  3. Thanks for the video. I did this today and I have 2 wire system on front light of the house. My problem is that the light stays on all the time. i already mess with the sensor to a 1 minute and idk how i can get the light to turn on with the motion sensor. It only turns on with inside switch any recommendations. Thanks in advance.

  4. I just installed a fixture today it was very easy. The range is terrible, it doesn't detect motion until you're 10 feet from it…any ideas how to improve range?

  5. I hate the Newport coastal brand by Home Depot, I just wasted an entire morning installing two and they click but lights don’t come on.

  6. Could you please tell me how to adjust last mounting screw to the inside hole. I have done all installment except this. The outer screw can not find the inner hole. Thanks.

  7. Instead of leaving the switch on, can't you just remove the switch and pigtail the two wires from th switch together and cover the switch with a cover plate? Then it'll always be on?

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