How to Install a Security Screen –

How to Install a Security Screen –

Congratulations on the purchase of your
security screen, built to provide you with years of trouble free service, provided it
is installed and maintained correctly. The security screen
is easy to install by anyone using everyday tools. Installation generally takes about
15 minutes, so please watch this video carefully and take some time to download and read the
written help guide as well. First, check that you have all the included
hardware that arrives with your new security screen.
• Security screen • Security driver
• 3mm drill bit • 4mm drill bit
• Required number of powdercoated pan head 10Gauge — 25mm security screws
You will also require the following tools; • Metric tape measure
• Pencil • Cordless drill
Okay let’s go ahead and fit your security screen
Place your security screen into the flat plane on the outside of your window over the opening
section. Take note of where you can attach the security
screen to the window on all four sides such that the fasteners will not interfere with
any moving panels or components on the window. Take the security screen down and pre-drill
equally spaced holes with the 4mm drill bit on all four sides. Ensure you are a minimum
of 60mm from the corners, have a maximum spacing of 400mm and that you have enough security
screws for the number of holes you will be pre-drilling.
Place the security screen carefully back into position.
Pre-drill the window frame with the 3mm drill bit through one of the holes taking care not
to come in contact with the glass. Insert one of the powdercoated security screws
provided. Repeat this process for all remaining holes
Operate your window over its entire range ensuring there is no interference. If required
remove and refit the security screw that is causing the interference.
Your security screen is now installed. Great job! would like
to thank you for your business and remind you to like us on Facebook if you found this
video and instructions helpful, this is the finest compliment we can receive from a satisfied

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  1. Do you have someone who we can hire to install in the Northern Brisbane area? I'm not a very handy person so I won't even know how to measure this properly.

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