How to Fool IR Security Cameras

How to Fool IR Security Cameras

You are always being watched by security cameras However, you can actually become invisible with this one easy exploit Hello fellow engineers, I’m Dayton Aardema and today I would like to show you how you can fool IR night-vision security cameras by using a powerful yet invisible IR light source. And for all you scum-of-the-earth would be criminals out there: GET OUT! Intellectuals only. This is for scientific demonstration only so don’t go getting yourself into any trouble Do you remember when I used to make my videos with this garbage camera? Well, it has one redeeming quality Which is that it has a night-vision setting and I can use this to simulate my security camera It makes sense for security cameras to use an IR night-vision setting because otherwise you would need to constantly illuminate an area And it would make the location of the cameras extremely obvious however switching to an IR source means that you could potentially bathe the entire area an IR light and Nobody would even be able to see it since our eyes have a very limited range of response to color Now let’s say you’re in town, just you know, being good citizens except it’s nighttime, and you get to thinking: hmm I would like to be incognito to security cameras, but I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb So what you can do is you can put on a hat or a hood with an IR LED strapped to it Which looks invisible to anybody in your vicinity? However, to IR cameras looks like this Now just to recap when there is an intense LED source somewhere the vicinity of your face the intense light will create such a glare that it will obscure all of your features from the camera and Since it’s an event outside of our normal visible spectrum most people won’t even know that you’re essentially a walking lens glare In order to demo this I purchased some IR LED chips. The wavelength of the one on your left is 840 nanometers and the one on the right is 950 nanometers each are 10 watts And I got two different values to see which one responds better to my particular camera As you may or may not be able to see from my camera the IR LED is almost invisible except for a very faint red glow While it may look nearly invisible to you and me if we put a camera in front of it that can pick up the light In these ranges it’s not that invisible after all All right, so here. I have each of my LEDs on their own power source And I’m going to go ahead and turn both of these on they’re both set at 5 volts Now it’s a little hard to tell which LED is the brightest without a IR camera that can tell And it looks like the one on the left is a lot brighter than the one on the right Alright, I know I look a little silly but remember this is just for demonstration purposes Alright lets give this a try So, right now you’re looking at me from an IR point of view. This is the kind of POV that a night-vison security camera would have And as you can see my face is somewhat visible however I want to be completely incognito Let’s turn on the 10 watt IR LED Uh-oh, where’d I go As you should be able to see on the camera, my face is not entirely drowned out but pretty well concealed to the point where it is virtually impossible to make out any defining features about my face Even when I look around a little bit Still the glare from this light is what is causing the interference Now, although you can see this on the night-vision camera Me and anybody else in this room can’t see anything Hi mom; hi dad Now that you know how to hide from security cameras I have a question for you, what would you do if you could be invisible I’m just curious While you’re down the comments section, please consider subscribing to my channel for more weekly projects. Thanks for watching

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  1. If you're worried that somebody will use this against you, putting an IR filter over your camera will prevent this issue.

  2. If I was completely invisible, I think I would be enjoying the races a little bit more than everybody else

  3. As an alarm installer already knew that large doses of a high output light can blank out the cameras. You can use a high output surefire or similar

  4. Wear a Burka

    If the Geeks + Criminals team up
    We can take over the stupid world


    I am actually
    A convicted killer

  5. Very impressed , I am going to try this. Also , with a bit of thought and for someone who knows electronics , LEDs , etc it would be fairly straightforward to make some kind of hat or even a simple head-band carrying several infra red LEDs like this with all the wiring done properly and neatly , and powered by a battery pack.
    I am all for anything like this that beats all the big-brother cameras that are watching us everywhere and invading our privacy and I am not alone in this .

  6. With this trick you can β€œdisappear” but it doesn’t change the fact that such anomaly can be easy detected and trigger an alarm what is difficult to achieve under normal conditions. Experiment is of course well done !

  7. Some companies make hat's and jackets made entirely of 3M reflective material . to security cameras that have built-in LED's they reflect back the IR and blind the camera . if someone is ussing a camera with a flash it reflects back their flash and blinds the camera .

  8. I was wondering about this.

    Mounting on the underside of the brim would increase the obscucification even more.

    I was think that a hoody with a loop around the edges would be good.

  9. Strapping an IR beacon to your hat to blind the camera isn't the same thing as being "invisible" or "hiding".

  10. That' Sony HD 1080p w/IR is no "garbage" camera. That was the most badass handheld in it's day that caused IR to be removed from handhelds. It is still a bad mofo and I use it all the time

  11. Will an IR illuminator help a camera that isn't specifically a night camera? In a dark room, shine the IR on something with a regular camera to record.

  12. So many options, spray paint, masks, disguises, emp's , smoke grenades, fire extinguisher etc etc , too many ways to defeat them. Bottom line is , if they are monitoring them they will know

  13. Just stick your head into a disco ball. Navigate your way around with a body cam with a monitor inside the disco ball.πŸ‘» Don't do the crime if you can't do the time! 🎡🎡Don't Do It!🎡🎡

  14. These things get HOT

    I bought 4 of these a month ago because of this video.
    So far, I've already destroyed 2 of them because I didn't use any heatsink.

    I put a 20x20x6mm heatsink on, but it still gets so hot (84Β°C)
    After 5-8 minutes, I have to turn it off because it gets too hot. Even at 700mA

  15. You don't want me to have invisible powers. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I already use the powers I have irresponsibly as it is. The only good thing about invisibility is not getting caught doing something.

  16. 13 years ago i thought of a anti-paparazzi defense rather than your none suggested direction but it was still fun to watch

  17. If I could become invisible, I'd probably just sneak into your lab and use your equipment when you weren't around. Nothing malicious, I'm just kinda poor.

  18. Wouldn't putting an IR filter over the camera negate how the camera works, so yes it would stop the effect of the IR led on the camera but you would also not be able to see in the dark anymore

  19. If you're getting robbed just say no,
    the thief cannot take something that you own without your permission.

  20. Nice project, now go the opposite direction and design me a cap that is a discrete 360 degree video camera. I’m more interested in collecting evidence that covers my ass and brings justice to scumbags than I am in becoming invisible.
    I’ve seen a cap with a single wide angle lens for tooo much $$$. 360* for the same price would be nice.

  21. I have a dbag neighbor who has installed 2 cameras that points to my personal courtyard aiming to my entry door and one overlooking my side door. Laws will not protect me since the arm of his cameras are attached to his building. How can I use this to blind his cameras? Do I need a power source with battery? Please help!

  22. So solved the question to why all the Holy holiness es had a halo of light around their heads as you can depict on icons of the churches or likewise. 10W cheap chines IR lamp, you silly!

  23. A 10W LED is going to put out a lot of waste heat and burn itself up. What are you using to heat sink it? Also I imagine the power source for such a device would need to be quite large, even using something like high capacity Lithium ion.

  24. I am a citizen from Hong Kong. As you may know, we are having a large scale of protest and HK government try to install CCTV network in Hong kong to monitor the people. We are under the threat now. Is it any method to anti CCTV tech you may suggest?

  25. what would i do? πŸ˜€ im just thinking to make such a device like you and go down to the mine which is secured by night vision cameras πŸ˜€ its near my town.. πŸ™‚

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