How to Enable Alarm Monitoring on a Videofied System?

this video will demonstrate how to
toggle monitoring on the videofied system so first we want to ensure were logged in under
access level 4 and we’re going to scroll to the right to configuration and press
ok to enter that menu and then we’re going to scroll over to the left here
and press ok on Central Station configuration from tell security
parameters are going to press ok to enter that menu and currently front tell
security is disabled when this parameter is disabled the system will be unable to
communicate alarm signals and this could be extremely useful when servicing the
system to ensure that the system does not try to transmit unwanted alarm
signals to the monitoring station in order to toggle this parameter here
we’re going to press ok got a cold in there and we can now use the arrow keys
to toggle the parameter once this is complete press ok the colon will
disappear and that lets you know that the setting is saved in the videofied panel
programming so again if you’d like to modify the settings simply press ok we can use the arrow key to toggle it
back to disabled and then press ok again to save that parameter

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