How to disable vehicle alarm immobilizer without disconnecting the wire | Turn off Car Alarm 3 Steps

How to disable vehicle alarm immobilizer without disconnecting the wire | Turn off Car Alarm 3 Steps

:Alarm Buzz” Do you guys like this sound. This is so annoying
99% of Swift car owner don’t actually know how to turn it off. But this is KapDx here, to help you solve
this issue in few simple steps How are you guys doing today Intro Music If you press this two buttons of your key
less entry then press the unlock button The buzzer won’t produce any sound. But you can turn this off permanently. Most of us don’t really care about that. Or they don’t actually know how to turn it
off without disconnecting the wire from the alarm
I am gonna show you guys exactly in 2 minutes how to turn this off permanently. Let me show you First, you need to Open the driver door of your vehicle
It has to be opened while doing this process Then this ignition key
Insert in your ignition Turn it to ignition
then again turn off No need to start the engine
after that, you have to Press and release this alarm button 3 times
1 2 3 then you have to press and hold it after that
3 chirps will be there from the alarm 3 sounds 3 buzzing sounds
then you have to press the lock button of your key
two chirps confirms that the siren has been silenced Press the alarm switch thrice 1 2 3 hold “Chirp Chirp Chirp” Now press the lock button of your key lock “Chirp Chirp” Okay, Now turn the ignition ‘ON’
Then ‘OFF’ Let’s see what happens when pressing this
lock button Unlock Let’s press the unlock button from outside and see if the siren buzzes or not see Thank you so much for watching this video
If you have any questions put down in the comments below
and If you wanna know anything related to automotive
Please subscribe to this channel Until Then peace guys
Bye bye hei….

50 Replies to “How to disable vehicle alarm immobilizer without disconnecting the wire | Turn off Car Alarm 3 Steps”

  1. I have old swift vdi I setup a sencer lock in my car after market but when I lock or unlock my car the sound is not coming what I do and plz tell me where is the sound big in old swift vdi under bonate

  2. Thanks for the vid man … itโ€™s very educational…now my question is …can you program a different remote control different brand to a different brand of alarm car ???

  3. Thank you!!!!! My wife's Santa Fe wouldn't start and the alarm was blasting in Boulder Colorado, she called me all freaked out. I searched for a video on this subject and yours was just the ticket to silence the alarm and start the car. She only used the fob part, not the ignition. Now she's taking ME out to dinner, like I am the hero. I'm sure she would treat you to if you were closer! Thanks again.

  4. He seems like a cool dude to smoke a joint and knock a few beers down with at the train tracks. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  5. Hi… I have old zen estilo vxi. I have tried your instructions but it won't worked with my car. Any suggestions in it.

  6. Brother I have 2015 model swift dzire , please tell me how to activate the shock sensor activation system . I mean if some touches or hits my car , the car shock sensor sound system starts producing the continuous chirping sound or shouting sound. Please reply me fast.

  7. At first i thought he looked a little bit strange, thn the last thing he did before the video ended suggested he was a special

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