How to Disable Car Alarm

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m
going to show you how to fix a car where the burglar alarm just keeps going off
and won’t let the car start now sometimes it’s as easy as going onto the
steering column finding this little switch and flipping it, try to start
it but now it still won’t start but at least the horn stopped beeping so we
know we’re on the right track it’s something to do with the alarm system so
while we’ll unbolt this lower panel and look inside at the wiring off we go and we
can see under here that somebody is wired and aftermarket alarm system so
basically we’re just going to disconnect this aftermarket alarm they often break
well a cold front just blew through so now I got a coat on and we’ll get back
to fixing the stupid alarm now these add-on alarm systems are basically patch
on this particular one the Toyota ignition feed that comes from the ignition
plugs into this alarm system then it goes through all the wiring in the
computers and comes back on this plug that plugs back into the Toyota original
system and on this car here’s the original piece coming from the ignition
switch back here so we’ll unplug that from the stupid alarm system and the
other end of the alarm system will unplug that then we’ll get the original
part from the Toyota ignition system and plug it back into the ignition switch
plug and it set the way it originally was the power goes from the ignition
switch through the electrical system and bypasses the alarm then you can just
disconnect the alarm wiring and a little alarm computer and take it out of the
car now in some cases the alarm systems will also be spliced into different
sections of your car’s wiring if that’s the case where the two wires from the
alarm are spliced into your car’s wiring you would just cut those wires off and
then inside your car the wires that were cut off they’re always color-coded so if
it’s pink to pink you would then just splice those two pink wires of the
original wiring harness back together and seal them and that’s
why wires are color coded because otherwise you’d have all these worries
you wouldn’t know what goes where but hey they’re all color coded so if it’s
spliced into a wire that’s green with a white stripe you just look for the other
wire that’s green with a white stripe and then splice them back together after
you disconnect the wiring alarm system and before you put the dash back
together let’s see if it starts success so if your car’s burglar alarm
goes bonkers and you can’t drive it anymore now you know what you can do
about it and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from the asylum

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