How to Defend against a Knife to Throat | Krav Maga Defense

How to Defend against a Knife to Throat | Krav Maga Defense

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  1. " what happens if there's a wall behind you?"  Good question.  In Krav Maga, we train for just those types of situations too.  You could use the same technique – sliding against the wall moving your right foot forward at the same time you grab and strike – all one motion.  But, this is not the only technique for such an attack.

  2. No. You want to know what happens when someone wants just to kill you with a knife? Watch "This is what a real knife fight looks like 2" stop peddling bullshit about rehearsed moves, someone might watch this and get themselves killed.

  3. IS it just me, or was anyone else thrown off by the description being of cake making on seeing this video for the first time?

  4. If I would be the man holding the knife, I'd have an opposite grip. You secure it on the neck. I would never do what that guy does with the knife. Just my opinion.

  5. Don't listen to this nonsense you'll be surprised for one so you can't respond the same as in practice you'll get killed at best paralyzed.

  6. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody in hell will EVER come at somebody straight to their face and demand for money. I mean what kind of idiot would do that. I mean if someone did that to me I sure as hell wouldn't be scared. Plus how are u gonna let somebody put a knife to your throat and you won't at the very least run away. I MEAN C'MON HOWCAST

  7. So what happens when you make your move,and he knees you in the groin, shifts his position and starts stabbing you??

  8. I learned this move in a white belt class when my parents put me in Shotokan when I was 10. It really works!

  9. If you ever happen to be in a situation where there is a knife to your throat, DONT DO THIS…. Slightest move will cut your throat right open if the knife is too close..

  10. this master it will die very fast on the street..
    Knife attack it will never be like in the movies or like in your classes , they come and go very fast you will not even feel the pain … if you want to defend your self against knife you shod run fast or keep the attacker away from you in any possible way .. and everybody its born with defense technique, but you will use it when your brain will fell the danger ,, you just need to do what you will fell in than moments …
    THIS IS THE BEST AND THE TRUE WAY .. and stay away from problems , don't be a bully ..

  11. i guess that could work as long as your attacker KNOWS HOW HE IS SUPPOSED TO REACT  like his student here.

  12. This stuff is awesome and should be a mandatory class in schools so all people can defend themselves from would-be attackers. Pretty hard to use something like this as an attack, so I don't see much harm.

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  14. like – He would stand there llike a captain america movie and wait for u to do your litttle kung fuu -_- … dude , i can vouch that this trainer never fought anyone with a knife . :3
    i think he never fought in the streets at all

  15. You need to be reasonably strong to do some of these moves as well. A mesomorph on steroids can't be resisted on this manner by the average human…

  16. All of your techniques require the attacker to calmly rest the knife conveniently against your chest. This is bullshido.

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