How to Connect a Twist-on BNC Connector

How to Connect a Twist-on BNC Connector

This video will demonstrate how to connect
a twist-on BNC Connector to coax cable. The process is the same for both RG59 and RG6
coax cable types. We will use RG59 in this video.
Here’s the piece of RG59 coax cable, that I’m going to use. I’m going to use a TL22
wire stripper. The inner blade is actually on the bottom of the tool, and if I insert
the coax so that the end is about flush with the edge of the tool, it cuts it to just the
right length. I’ll give it 2 or 3 spins around. That’s actually making 2 different cuts in
the cable, which you’ll see in a second. The top 1 strips away both layers revealing the
inner core of the coax, and the 2nd cut just cuts away the rubber shielding and leaves
the copper braiding. That’s important, you’ll need that.
Just peel that copper braiding back. Then the perfect length from the core to the edge
of the rubber casing that was cut is about 9/16ths of an inch. That works out to be about
perfect for the BNC twist-on connectors that we supply. You can tell, if you push it on
like that, you can just barely feel that inner mouth grab the core of the coax. That’s how
you know the length is just right. But again 9/16ths of on inch I’ve tested a bunch of
times, that’s about perfect. Push it on and give it about 9 or 10 clockwise spins. You
don’t have to over tighten this. Actually if you spin it too much, you could damage
the core. Just until it gets to be pretty tough to turn further. Then give it a couple
tugs to make sure it’s snug. That’s it; that’s a good connection right there.
To learn more about how to attach BNC twist-on connectors to RG59 coax cable and for additional
information about the BNC connectors and wire stripping tool used in this video, please
visit Thank you for watching.

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  1. Attaching Twist-on BNC Connectors to Coax Cable
    This demo video teaches users how to connect BNC twist-ons to RG59 & RG6 coax cable.

    When done properly, twist-on BNC connectors are a secure and reliable solution for BNC cable installtions. It is important to make sure that the coax cable is properly stripped, the cuts are the right length, and that the connector is tightened securely, but not over-tightened.

    Installers can follow these steps to help ensure a successful and reliable connector attachment.

    1) Make sure you know the recommended length that the two different cuts should be on the coax.

    3) Remove the copper braiding, but it OK if some of the it gets removed. Limit this to not more than 25%.

    4) Press the trimmed end of the cable into the connector and make sure that you feel the inside of the connector grab on to the coax core.

    5) Press and turn clockwise to tighten. 6-10 turns should be fine. The connector should be snug but do not feel like you need to over tighten.

    Note: the process of attaching BNC twist-on connectors is the same for RG6 and RG59, however you must use the proper size connector for the cable.

    For more information,, please visit this page.

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