How to Connect a CCTV System to your Phone or Tablet

How to Connect a CCTV System to your Phone or Tablet

Hi guys its Matt from again.
I’m going to do a quick tutorial video today to show you how easy if it to connect a DVR
to smart device such an iPad, iPhone or Android Phone.
Two things we’ve got here are a DVR and an iPad.
If you watch the first video that I did it goes into detail on how to connect the DVR
up, how to connect the camera to the DVR, how to connect the DVR to your router.
At the back of the DVR here we have a camera, we have power to the DVR, we have an Ethernet
cable going from the DVR to the router, and the camera is powered as well. So this is a MaxxOne DVR, so we need the MaxxOne
app; if you go to the AppStore on Apple, or Google Play Store for Android and download
the app it’s called MaxxOne that’s the first thing you’ll need. I have handily downloaded
it already, so if we open it up here. This is the first page that you’ll come to.
So we want to add this DVR here to our list of devices, so we go to CONFIG which is down
the left hand side, and this screen lists all of the devices that we can add. You can
add any number of DVRs to it, so if you have multiple sites or houses that you want to
view through one app you can list them all here. So the first thing we click is the PLUS button
in the top right corner which is this one, and we click MANUAL. From here we can name
our device, so I’m going to call mine MATTS DVR, what with it being my DVR and all… Ideally as well “DVR” should all be in CAPITALS,
but just for the sake of this tutorial I will let that slip. The next one is LOG IN TYPE,
we want to change this one from IP/DOMAIN to DEVICE ID. Clicking DEVICE ID will bring
up a QR code button, so if we click that button it turns our phone (or iPad in this instance)
into a scanner. If you look on the top of the DVR here there’s a little QR code, so
we just want to hover the iPad over that and then hit save. And that’s it – it’s as simple
as that. If we double tap we can full screen. Along this bottom row of icons here we can
full screen and flick through the different channels at full screen. There’s also another
icon along the bottom that looks like a window, if we click on that we have MAIN STREAM, SUB
STREAM and MOBILE STREAM. If we click on MAIN STREAM it boosts the picture quality ten-fold
so that’s another useful trick. And that’s it. The DVR is connected to my
iPad and if I were to leave the house now, away from my WIFI network I could view that
anywhere in the world. Hope you’ve found that informative and useful.
If you’ve enjoyed it leave us a like, If you have comments leave them in the comments section
and I will endeavor to answer them. Thanks very much!

7 Replies to “How to Connect a CCTV System to your Phone or Tablet”

  1. I'm so happy to YouTube for all those who have taken their time to come here and give explanations about DVR connection to phone this has helped me so much as I'm in Swaziland in Africa where we don't have much of everything as u do in other countries so we import things from China and other countries and once we got them we get stuck with them because all u have is manual and the box that show u that the product can do this much but u don't understand the language of the product because u have no idea but u can see on the box what the product can do. YouTube has been so helpful to me as I have connected my DVR to my phone thanks again.

  2. I set it up something ago and then suddenly it stopped working. I have done everything you suggested here, but it is still failing to connect to my device, at one point a warning came up stating parameters. Do you have any other suggestions?

  3. so have you tried using the tablet with a hdmi cable to see the cameras? so you do not have to use wifi so you have more realistic feed from the nvr. using wifi give to much lag in the feed.

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