How to Clean & Protect Dirty, Scuffed Doors – Chemical Guys

How to Clean & Protect Dirty, Scuffed Doors – Chemical Guys

what’s going on everybody thanks so much
for tuning in for today’s episode of Chemical Guys detail garage today I’ve
got a quick tip on how to remove something that’s commonly overlooked and
all of our vehicles and that’s down here on the door panel where as we exit the
vehicle we tend to kick this and this gets a lot of scuff look it gets dirty
it scratches it so we’re gonna show you how to quickly remove it and also keep
your interior looking its best and we’re also gonna show you how to protect it to
prevent from happening the future let’s get started now to begin I’ve got myself a bottle of
nonsense which we’ve diluted 10 to 1 which means 10 parts water to one part
product and we’re going to simply spray it directly onto the surface and this is
safe for your vinyl rubber plastics and a diluted form of safer leather but
since this is a plastic kick panel it’s going to be completely safe I wipe it
all the speaker face we’re gently removing any of the dirt
that’s on the surface and it kind of marks from your shoe because your shoes
go everywhere they’re you know gonna be standing in dirt and mud and who knows
what so that’s gonna be all in the door panel so we’re gonna easily remove that
it’s not staining it permanently and I see that we’ve got this fine scuffs and
scratches here it’s what we’re gonna do here now is remove that and also blend
it in using some silk shine this is a water-based dressing that you can use on
all of your vinyl rubber plastics interior and exterior so that includes
your dashboard you know center console door panels as well as your trim around
the vehicle your wheels and we’ll just shake it up and then spread onto a microfiber
applicator pad and then to help really work into the
service we’re going to scrub and this helps to blend in any scuffs and removes
fine scratches because of the polishing motion it’s not going to move deeper
scratches like this right here but it’ll help blending the rest of it so that
doesn’t have that awful look and this is also going to prevent any kind of future
damage from UV rays or harmful elements or any kind of staining but the scrubber
really works it into the surface and it starts bonding immediately so there’s no
need to really let it sit there unless you want that shinier effect you can
also just leave it there but for more of a matte finish just come back and wipe
off any excess as you see here a little bit goes a long way so there’s no need
to put heavy globs or heavy sprays of it put a little more on just to keep it going this is just a real quick way to enhance
the look of your vehicle this is also protecting it but I know a lot of us
this is a pet peeve especially for Detailers where you see that scuffs or
scratches or discoloration so as you see here blends it all in nicely so we’re
not constantly looking at that dirt and those stains but it’s going to protect
it so it’s great on both parts so now you’re enhance the look of your vehicle
but you’re also protecting it so it can last as long as possible and it’s
something can simply do outside like we’re doing today you can do in your
garage you can do it on the go to basically a great way to keep your car
looking its best so guys you can check out these products
on our website or at your local detail garage if you liked
today’s video if you want to see more videos with the track hawk let us know
in the comments give us a thumbs up we’ll see you next time you

20 Replies to “How to Clean & Protect Dirty, Scuffed Doors – Chemical Guys”

  1. Can you do one on light scratches on a newer cars paint it's a 2019 and I sorta lightly messed it up. Only I see them but they bother me. Being new paint and all what all is different.

  2. Hey Nick: What about really "serious" scratches – I've got a few of those in the kick panel areas and in the back of my Honda Fit in the cargo/trunk area …any suggestions? Silk/Shine works great for the scuffs, however the scratches are still there . I'm tempted to take an angle grinder to them, but …

  3. Does it matter what the color of the vinyl, rubber or plastic is? For example if the interior is tan can I still use silk dressing?

  4. I love the smell of this product. Thought I could only use it on the outisde plastics and stuff but after watching this video, I'm glad I can use it on the inside as well. Chemical guys products rock!!!

  5. Great vid! I love silk and shine but have been spraying it directly on the interior and wiping it off. Should it be applied with a microfiber applicator or applicator pad?

  6. Dude you're my favorite derailer of the group , but you have to lay off the burgers , you're getting chubby

  7. at last some one made a video which i really wanted it badly ………..Thanks C.Guys for sharing these tips , helped me to keep my car interior clean.

  8. Silk Shine has a lot of uses. I like the smooth, clean look it gives when used on tires. If you want to keep the freshly washed look on them but not going for a wet look, it's a great way to get it

  9. What is better for the engine bay, VRP or Silk Shine? Is there anything else that you would recommend for the engine bay?
    Thank You!

  10. I have a question in regards to a job I was charged for, the owner stated that he would buff and wax my vehicle removing scuffs and swirl marks within the clear coat. Problem is, when I washed the vehicle everything was present again how does that happen??
    I've never seen or heard of that oh, how can you make it look good on pick up but not say that way after a Car Wash touchless at that??

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