How To Clean And Protect Leather Seats

How To Clean And Protect Leather Seats

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how you can
clean and protect the leather seats in your car now leather seats look great
and feel comfy but after all they’re made out of dead animals and you do need
to take care of them or they’ll crack now I’m using this leather repair company
cleaner and then the protection cream later because this car may be 15 years
old but look how good it’s kept the seats really not bad for seats that are
15 years old and the hot Texas Sun now what I like about it is its water-based
the alcohol-based ones they can clean but they crack the seats this helps keep
the seats from crack first you spray the cleaner on the parts that have the
biggest stain then you can get an ear cleaner like I use and rub on the stains
hard and look what happened those black stains they came off on the q-tip swab
but not on the seat anymore well in large stays like this one you’re going to
have to spray it a few times and keep rubbing but eventually it will disappear
it will be nice clean leather and it doesn’t wreck anything now just don’t
use it on your cats because cats are self-cleaning then once your done
cleaning you get the production cream and wipe that all over, you use a
microfiber towel and you want to rub it in a circular motion until it’s all
absorbed because you want to protect the leather it will actually absorb right
into the leather keep it supple so it won’t crack in the Sun here we go with
nice shiny supple leather seats that can last for years and years more it’s a
little bit of work I get to do the two back seats and the driver seats clean
them up and polish them but when I’m done these leather seats are going to
look fantastic and can last for even maybe another ten years and if you
really want them to last you can apply this stuff three or four times a year
just like whenever you wax your car three four times a year put this stuff
on hey it’s made in England and the English are really into leather so that may be a bit
too scary for my YouTube videos if I delve
any further into that aspect of England I remember you got any questions just
visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel.

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  1. You just got that car for your wife. So how did the leather cleaner keep the cars seats clean for 15 yrs if you just bought the car and just bought the cleaner? Come on Scotty we aren't stupid

  2. If you want the best leather cleaner get leatherique, it's a two step system and it's fairly expensive but man it works wonders.

  3. Help us out on an argument here Skotty. Distilled and deionised water. Is it the same thing?
    Which one can we put in the windshield washer?

  4. Hi Scotty, I have been watching your videos for a while and I have to say, Thank You!!
    Your videos have helped me a lot even more since i have a Pontiac vibe which is similar to the Matrix that you work on.
    Keep making awesome videos.

  5. But Scotty. Leather seats today, even in your favorite cars like Mercedes, and Beamers, and Rolls, are coated in a colored Polyurethane coating. It is PLASTIC. The leather itself is not exposed. You only have to use a good cleaner, a brush and or clean rag and clean like it was a plastic surface. The BEST thing then it is to use Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. You can use this stuff on ALL surfaces EXCEPT THE BRAKE pedals, GAS pedals, carpets, and any cloth surface. Try it. By the way, do NOT take my word for the polyurethane coated leather, look it up for yourself. It is NOT exposed leather like the old days. Clean it like ANY other plastic or painted surface then WAX it. "WOW" you will say!!

  6. Can you take one car and drive it for a month and show how to fix any problems and how your supposed to take care of a car

  7. hey scotty, I'm cleaning a carburetor of a 4g37 engine, problem all the kits are not useable, I try to look for a repair kit most of the store don't have the kit for this type of carb, is a 4k carburetor repair kit compatible with this type of carb? or if I convert it to a 4k carburetor what might be the problem? can you help me , thank you

  8. Hey I have a 2000 neon that sounds like an rc car when I accelerate the sound comes from the serpentine belt area, anyone know how to fix ? It's not the belt. Also it shakes a lot when I'm on the highway if anyone can help with advice it's very appreciated

  9. I think this guy is amazing. but is there any need to pop out of boots or slide out of cars at the end. and the beginning gets tedious too but not as bad as those endings. maybe I'm just being British

  10. Hi Scotty, what brand is that leather conditioner from England you are using. I currently use Autoglym (by appointment to HM.THE QUEEN).
    So it seems our queen is into leather goods too!

  11. thanks , now i can maintain my dads 2011 tahoe texas edition seats
    i'm saying because you live in texas , and all my ex's live in texas:p

  12. Nicely done! Garaging does a great job to keep that Texas sun at bay….unless of course, you're out in your cool convertible….with the top down. My 2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible leather seats still look new 16 years later….because I clean/protect them (as well as garage the car when not in use).

  13. Distilled water and a few drops of Woolite in a spray bottle. Best cleaner for leather and it's cheap. This is PH neutral. Bought a new Lexus LS460 years ago, this was on a placard hanging from the leather seats. Remember hearing Scotty on the radio growing up in Houston. Many of us were poor growing up and had to fix our own cars. Always loved listening to Scotty on the talk shows!

  14. I'm not trying to say your wrong by any means Scotty but my 2011 Mustang has 102,000 and I have never cleaned them once and they look fine no cracks at all and in the 6 years I've had it and the 102,000 miles I've put on it they aren't cracked at all and still look virtually brand new

  15. Love how Scotty is sprawled out across the seats at the beginning! haha. Great vid Scotty! Good tip for keeping that leather supple, clean and lasting!

  16. And that's why I love my cloth seats…not nearly as much maintenance and care needed for them to last. Cleaning, yeah, OK, maybe once a year, but even that's easier due to chemical cleaners and the higher robustness of the seat material, compared to leather.

  17. scotty, im about to see and mostly buy a Mazda protege from 1994. is there something I should be paying attention to when seeing it? do they suffer from something?

  18. Hey Scotty! You have a good way of repairing a split in the vinyl on the armrest? Its just one so i wanted an alternative to replacing the whole dang thing thing.

  19. scott, i saw the car and its honestly looking great from the motor and transmission. however it has a problem in the back of the car. it seems like the back right wheel is out he said something about a broken screw from a small crash. he is asking $700 and besides that it needs four new tires. is it a good buy?

  20. I ask this question around 10 times in your Google plus account..your email and your live cast and no answer.. I hope it not from the reason which is in my mind. However the question is "Some times engine immediately stop just after 1-2 seconds after the operation of the vehicle . This problem appears in two cases..when I add oil inside engine!! And when I turn off the car will the rpm gauge is high in morning."

  21. Scotty, I've probably watched over 50 of your videos…. the comment about the English and leather was the funniest that I have heard. Good stuff old chap! Love it. Keep making videos… I'm buying tools and doing it myself more than ever.

  22. A little tip, Scotty! Fold the microfiber towel two times. This gives you 8 clean sides to work with. It makes sure you're working with a clean side and not putting dirt back on, and you know which side you've used.

  23. The reason so many leather interiors on cars look like crap after a few years is because most people never clean or condition their leather seats. If people would just clean and condition their leather seats once a month or every other month there wouldn't be nearly as many used cars with cracked, faded, and torn leather seats.

  24. British leather!!! Reminds me of Emma Peel in her bodysuit. Ahh, The Avengers. You're right about the reference going over subscribers heads though.

  25. So walking down the street one day
    I met a total stranger
    He asked me what I wanted to be
    I said an Airborne Ranger
    Airbooooooooorne Raaaaaaaangers Lead The Way

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  27. Scotty I’ve tried to go to Scotty An can’t reach you I followed your advice on how to find a short cause my fuseable link Green Wire burnt into , An the last fuse which went to my interior light in my 1997 Nissan pickup 4wd the light went out ! I took out the fuse An hooked my fusable link back up an it started to smoke ! What am I doing wrong Please Help Frustrated An Confused !!

  28. Those products are $34 for 1ltr bottles with a 25% discount plus shipping and no reviews. Are they different from the $10 bottles you can buy at walmart. Chemical guys is what I use and work well, smell like leather too.

  29. The cleaner is from Leather Repair Company (LRC) based in England. Hard to find a way to get the product shipped here so far, but I was able to find it!

  30. One reason we opted for cloth seats in our new Ford Edge. Not so much maintenance. Cool in summer warm in winter plus they are very nice. Got covers to protect the front seats and even less maintenance.

  31. Does anyone else get uncomfortable when someone uses the word, "supple"? I feel like it's a combo of the words suck and nipple.

  32. Scotty, love your videos, I tried to follow the link to purchase these items and it seems to have changed. Any update to the correct website would be appreciated, I tried doing a search and it gave me a “shop.leather” and I tried your discount code for their cleaner and protectant, and it did not work. Thanks for any updates.

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