23 Replies to “How to Choose the Best Burglar Alarm System”

  1. wow do you really have nothing better to than comment on several vids that your are "first"..?? Well I guess that's how an adopted seven year old ADD child spends his time.

  2. actualy most people who say they got a gun to protect themselfs typicly end up hurting themselfs or others [not a burgler] and what are you to do when your outside your house like at the mall and someone comes to your house to take your t.v.? you can't watch your house 24/7.

  3. @198link not if your a nerd and your mom does all the shopping and besides you can just order games online now so you don't to interact with anyother human beings!!

  4. come on!! there ROBOTS! you don't sleep when your robots! you charge! but you can still run while you change right??? JUST USE YOUR LASER VISION!

  5. or rig up all possible intruder entry areas with contraptions like in the saw movies. so your protected and entertained.

  6. best security EVER: live in a deserted and uncharted island in the middle of a sea surrounded by military bases

  7. I have a Bay Alarm burglar alarm system. Last month b4 Halloween,my neighbor Richard's burglar alarm went off nonstop without any burglary involvement.

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