How to Carry a Knife for Self Defense | Tactical Rifleman

How to Carry a Knife for Self Defense | Tactical Rifleman

how you doing guys my name is Chad I’m
here at t1G and today we’re going to be talking about some different
considerations when we’re looking at knives I’m not going to get into the
whole aspect of what makes a fighting knife and what does it but we’re going
to be talking about how to open them under duress it’s fine if you got a
knife on you it’s fine once it’s open but a lot of people can’t do that
transition from in their pocket or wherever they’re holding it out to
actually using it so that’s kind of what we’re going to talk about have a couple
of just a small sample of knives down here if you look at a lot of these ones
nowadays they like a lot of the spring action switchblade ish type knives and
I’m not bashing one knife over the other I’m just saying hey look at the pros and
cons between different knives with what you’re going to be using it for if it’s
nothing but for cutting wood and steaks and fine have you a utility knife if you
say you’re going to be a knife fighter then it needs to lean more towards an
actual knife that supports that type of use so if we’re looking at like push
buttons or spring activator or anything like that understand it yes they’re fine
but it does go off of a spring over time Springs where out break get loose
whatever if I’m looking at a knife personally I try to carry more of a
fighting-type knife so when I’m looking at the knife some of the considerations
I take into account are when the spring goes down if it doesn’t open do I have a
secondary way to open it or at that point does it become a blunt instrument
that I hold in my hand and then it start wrapping you in the head with it to get
a desired result so that’s some of that that’s a like a assisted opening some of
your other ones or more of your mechanical type openings where you
actually have to do something physically to open it besides just pushing a button
these are the ones I tend to carry a little bit more for me it works a little
better and there’s no springs or buttons or anything for dirt to get in wear out
break whatever if I don’t open this then it’s on me
that’s where the repetition of your training needs to start to come in and
it’s not just hey I’ve done it 2,000 times it needs to be done properly for
your perfection of your technique that you’re trying to do reality is is the
fastest way to get a knife out and into play is to have a fixed blade there is
no opening there is none of that stuff to go along with it there’s nothing to
worry about spring wise it’s just pull it and do whatever you’re going to be
doing with it whether it be in a bad situation
cut me rope tape whatever okay but those are the faster ones the only problem is
is they’re a little harder to conceal or hide or even wear around on you sitting
down standing up getting in cars out of cars so that’s why a lot of people tend
to carry folders and that’s what we’re going to be going into next is actually
talking about how to get to a folder get it out and open and ready to work under
duress alright guys so now we’re actually going to talk about how to open
a folder if I have it there’s a couple of different things you could do me
personally I like to have it in my pocket as it sits like this which is
called tip down there are different types of knives this is a training knife
that you can kind of get anywhere online look them up that way if I am practicing
with it initially I’m not getting the cuts and dropping a good knife on the
ground and chipping up the blade and everything else but it does have
different alternate positions that I can put this clip if I want to carry it tip
up if I’m left-handed then I can put them on the other side you’ll notice
that on mine I actually put skateboard tape or grip tape to help facilitate the
draw so when we’re talking about doing anything whether it be drawing a gun
drawing a knife or doing any kind of action to get it into play there’s kind
of three things that I go by one is I need to facilitate a movement to help me
draw it okay I either need to combine movements to help make it faster or
eliminate movements that can be taken out that are not needed for a certain
draw so when I look at that and take those three things into account that’s
kind of how we here typically do our drawing over knife so if I have it in my
pocket it can’t come back to the types of pockets are types of
pants that you’re going to be using blue jeans which are kind of cut down in a
cross are typically your best ones because it doesn’t have a slant cut
pocket if you’re wearing some of your five Elevens and things like that we
know that in that slant deep cut pocket the knife can kind of get turned twisted
and everything else but if I’m trying to draw my knife under duress the first
thing I need to do initially is just reach down and slap myself in my pocket in
the region of where my knife would be what that does is it lets me know where
it’s at if you think you’re going to come straight down and get into it right
off the bat maybe but it’s not an every time thing okay because it might mean
the knife might have been shifted during your scuffle or whatever so I’m going to
slap my pocket from there I’m just going to drive my thumb in and down then I’m
going to come up to what’s called a tabletop position notice I’m keeping it
close to my body I don’t want to have it waving around out here to where it can
divertly get hit knocked out of my hand I’m trying to keep it close to my
body at this point a lot of people will tell you to go blade side back to at
least get it open while I’m trying to fend with this hand a half a dozen to
one half there’s the other every situation is different
alright guys what I’m going to do is take it away from my body so you can see
it a little bit better on this one you can see that the mechanical opening is
this nub that sticks up off of the blade are you going to do is take your thumb
on it and like you’re shooting marbles could date some people if they know what
I’m talking about they’re okay but all it is is a mechanical opening of you
opening the blade once it’s open from here then I would turn it and get into
whatever grip I’m going to be holding whether it be a hammer grip saber grip
or if it was a double-edged blade a complete grip depending on my training
or what I’m going to be trying to do with the weapon so step by step real
slow as initially I want to slap my side of my pocket kind of find out where it’s
at drive my thumb in and downs draw up and out to the tabletop open and in turn
and get to the grip that I want from there it’s whatever techniques that you
need to follow on with if you have any comments leave them hopefully you liked
the video and we’ll see you on the next one.

100 Replies to “How to Carry a Knife for Self Defense | Tactical Rifleman”

  1. its always best to have a four inch FIXED BLADE knife on your strong side immediately accessible. and stop the 'knife fighter' moniker.

  2. That was very interesting video. Keeping the knife close to the body, that's very important point. When i had gun trainning, i had segment of trainning keeping the gun actually touching my side of belly to face the close encounter. I have a knife that requires two hands to open it up. Any suggestion on how to do it?

  3. I have a trick for quick opening lock blades. Holding it upside down and a quick flip of the wrist , and boom knife is ready and in reverse position for slices and punches.

  4. The police have a 15 ft rule, inside 15ft they shoot a person with a knife. Statistics say gun vs knife inside 15ft the knife will get you.

  5. This is pointless it’s not rocket science how to carry a knife and open it. Children can figure out how to carry and use them. Just like carry guns there are folding self defense knife company’s. Check out cold steel and they have videos

  6. Chad, getting your knife out is the first step, kind of like bringing a soccer ball to a soccer game. After the ball is out, you need to have the skill to use it. Hope to God you practiced 2 hrs a day 3 days a week for the last 6 months like your opponent did, if you want to stand a chance of winning. Knives are exactly the same. Push people to train to gain skill and familiarity with knife use, that will be more important to survival than focusing on how to deploy. Besides, knowing how to deploy comes naturally as you gain skill and familiarity.

  7. For california legal folders (because almost every other sate is actually in America) like non gravity knifes or butterfly knifes or switch blades the best folding knife hands down is one with a wave feature where theres a hook on top of the blade so when you pull it out of your pocket it catches on your pocket and opens as you're taking it out I have a cold steel voyager xl with a zip tie instead of a thumb stud and it waves open perfectly and it's a 12 inch knife when it's open

    Most dumb criminal knife attacks happen with a normal kitchen knife so when they hear the crack of this thing when it locks open then they see a 12 inch mini sword they'll think twice

    Also if you’re “lucky” and have time to prepare take your shirt off and wrap it around your non dominant arm to use as a shield against the other knife

  8. If 2 people committed to a knife fight and went in with the intention of doing as much damage to the other person, I suspect they would both die…

  9. If you are ready to carry a Knife for your safety then look for Pocket knives, they are the best lifesavers.

  10. A knife is a poor self defense weapon. They're only good when you attack someone by surprise. If you brandish a knife to scare someone off, all they have to do is stay a certain distance from you. A gun is better for both as a warning and to stop an attack from a distance.

  11. I love you show lots of great knowledge here lot of stuff I didn't even learn in the Marine Corps I learn from you thanks a lot and thanks for your service to our great country I want to go to your school and learn some more stuff I hope you have more schools opening

  12. I feel like this requires way more fine motor movement than is necessary. He came out of pocket and swished(?) his knife into the right position but describe the action. Then he flicked, "shot marbles", and still made an adjustment on his grip.

    I personally, coming from 15years if knife fighting training, have all of my EDC knifes adjusted so that they can be grabbed from the pocket, deployed, and implemented in one motion without adjusting my grip.

    Additionally, the "slap my pocket" is a wasted motion. Just train to run your thumb into your pocket top to bottom, eventually you'll run into your knife.

    Dear Karl, if you're reading this, I'll gladly provide a follow up video with info your subs will actually appreciate. 🙂

  13. if you're going to carry a knife specifically for defense, why carry a pocket knife when you can have a fixed blade that could be deployed a lot faster? you talk about facilitating movements to help you draw it, combining or eliminating movements to make it faster, well having a fixed blade is going to do just that. you could even have a custom sheath made so that the knife fits into it in such a way that you don't need any straps or buttons to unbutton or any of that, you just simply pull it out.

  14. The first lesson should be "DONT CARRY A FOLDING KNIFE FOR SELF DEFENSE"

    If you get ambushed by an armed attacker, there is simply no way your going to be able to deploy a folding knife in time. From drawing it, deploying it, then ensuring you have a proper grip, you have effectively turned what should be 1 action into 3. In self defense seconds matter, and that simply takes too long, with too many things that can go wrong when your under heavy stress.

    Double edged fixed blades are what should be used for self defense. In 1 action you can draw with proper grip and edge alignment, not to mention they are structurally superior.

  15. After the thumb insert what’s with the flip or Florish of the knife, he lets go of it????
    No way that’s a good idea

  16. Aside from the fact that it takes 2/3 of the video to get to the point of the whole thing, I disagree strongly with Chad. First of all, I have no intention of waiting until I'm grappling with someone. And second, assuming that possibility COULD arise, I would not deploy a razor sharp knife close-in to my body while trying to fight someone off with my other hand. The best way to win a knife fight is to be aware and avoid it completely. If contact cannot be avoided then it's best to have the knife already in hand, not slapping at your hip.

  17. Just to qualify my response. I served, my father served. Unlike my dad who was an unarmed combat instructor in the British army in WW2, I never actually had to worry about a confrontation utilizing an edged weapon…but he taught me anyway…its a Scottish dad thing lol. 
    His advice? "Always walk away if you takes a bigger man to walk away." "But if you can't walk away, here is what you do lad…" 
    NEVER show your knife/pipe/brick/rock…whatever you have at hand. It should ALWAYS be tucked in behind your thigh…tight. Why? so it can't be kicked away. You would have to be unconscious for an assailant to take it from you. He also showed how to inflict maximum damage with any such weapon…but primarily an edged weapon. There is a reason why the commandos carried Fairbairn-Sykes knives. I won't get into the nitty-gritty details, as it is more of a show than tell thing, but trust me…if you pull a knife and hold it ANYwhere out in front of you or wave it around like a movie star, you will end up in the ER with it stuck up your a**…IF you are lucky.
    Walk away, run away, drive away, avoid confrontation at ALL costs…it won't end well for you.
    Enjoy your knife collection, open your letters, break down those Amazon boxes, and whittle away.

  18. The best thing to do is the minute you suspect your in a bad situation either run away or preemptively open your blade and conceal it open in your hand. That way you're all ready and not fumbling for your blade in the final moment. Good chance I'd have that person dead and they'll never even know I had a knife

  19. I've learned that holding the knife with a wide stance, blade down, and occasionally sending a quick modest poke downward will keep MOST aggressors away, for the most part it is intimidation, because who the hell wants to get stabbed? Also take into account your grip, ive tried to stab through a door with a Buck 119 when i was 14 and had my hand slip down onto the blade, and was miraculously unharmed.

  20. I like the Gerber tactical knife with the "tanto blade" I live in the Communist state of California and one of Oaklands finest tried to rearend me then went around me tried to stop me by running into him. He jumped out of the car and came out like he was going to come at me I pulled the "flip Blade tanto" and he stood still as he saw me go into a stance that( LA PD taught us at a local college when I was in Law enforcement) this fellow was taller than me (6'2") and he stopped in his tracks after he saw the the blade and spit on my car and threw a full water bottle at my car.then took of weaving all over the road. I have the flip knife in a switch blade, but the Chief of Police of Vacaville, CA. , said you can't carry it, but you can carry a flip blade. So I carry one I bought at the uniform shop at Travis AFB, my sons was his combat knife in Iraq and he gets them as he is Special Forces. Gerber will not sell that knife to unless you are Military or Law Enforcement. It is a credentialed knife. It saved my life from a carjacker that day.

  21. Back 4 refresher anyway just reviewed Lynn Thompson 2 knife techniques make so much sense over other fighting methods what say U ?? TY

  22. To parry a knife coming your way you gotta be lightning quick. You don't have time for pocket slapping, for handle grabbing, for pulling out to then maybe opening the blade and only then doing the business. No way. The straight line of attack can only be countered with a straight line of counterattack. I suggest (when running shoes are not an option) to carry a ringed wave featured folder or a fixed kerambit-type blade in your left hip-pocket. All you have to do is thread your index finger through the ring and pull the knife in a single line straight toward the attacking hand to parry it. You may consider for the purpose Boris Manasherov's Boker Wildcat for ladies and Boker Toro for men. Though Wildcat needs some file work to make that wave hook.

  23. I wouldn't never flick a manual knife open if my life depended on it because it's too easy to screw it up and be standing there with a half opened knife. If you hold the knife too close like he did, the blade may hit you which he unintentionally demonstrated here at 6:23. I just recently started following this channel because Karl really seems to know what he's talking about. I don't get that from this guy.

  24. Zero Tolerance 0808 perfect for all occasions, from cutting up steak and veggies too defending your life, this knife will perform, remember the tool is only as good as the operator, so if u carry for your last line of self defense, make sure too PRACTICE!

  25. Emerson wave knives or any wave feature are probably the best pocket knives to carry. every seconds count in a duress situation

  26. Best defense in a knife fight is a 4,000 pound car and an accelerator pushed all the way to the floorboard. if you don’t get him the first try hit the reverse and try again.

  27. I am 56 years old with a bad knee and ankle, so I always have a cane with me. Some one pulls a knife on me and I will beat them like a drum. then calmly walk off. No fuss no muss and I'm not bleeding. I have several friends who are in the Army or where and like another comment said, you don't win a knife fight you either survive or loose. Yes Pepper spray is very useful. Just learn how to use it.

  28. I prefer an OTF because if the lock on the blade breaks on that, the blade would just go back down instead of the possibility of the lock on a folder breaking and the blade comes back on your fighters.

    Carry consistently & always in the same position so you're never searching. Just like dry firing, practice your draw daily.
    I wish I could carry my M7 bayonet, but it's a quick way to land in the can.

  30. well what a about a full knuckled karambit- i can hold it four ways and its a fidget spinner… u didnt show that lol

  31. My apartment was recently broken into & my tv stolen. I'm scared that homophobes might try to kill me or something like that.

    So my parents bought me an Ozark trail folding pocket knife.

  32. Ha! I love the overweight dude explaining how to draw a pocketknife! A trained man could have punctured his left lung three times during his "draw".

  33. 1. It is possible to win a knife fight
    2. There is a very high percentage chance you will get cut defending against a blade
    3. it is possible t not die in a knife defense situation
    4. Knives can be more handy than a gun in a lot of situations and are always loaded
    5. Your best chance is to train seriously in bot empty hand martial arts and bladed martial arts like Kali.
    6. Training to defend empty hand against a knife is important and can work and save your life and you won't ONLY die if you train.
    7. Learning to use a knife as a weapon to kill an attacker gives you a better chance to survive.
    8. Don't believe martial arts or MMA dudes or tactical dudes myths that it is pointless or stupid to train for use of a knife as a weapon or believe you could disarm someone.

  34. I realize these videos are really just to let us know what kind of training you offer over there, but I feel you missed one major point which is that certain types of knives are restricted or illegal to carry concealed or to wear around town. This is why most of us have to carry a folding knife otherwise we can be stopped and questioned or arrested by police.
    Also, while I imagine you guys address various issues, knife choices and carry options, your video as I saw it, focused on wearing the knife clipped to the seam of the front pocket. I have observed seeing knives in a sheath, clipped or slid into a rear pocket and so on. As expected, those in law enforcement can be more open or more covert while civilians are often limited.

  35. I've been told I'm a dangerous person slash weapon because of being a younger combat veteran 89B , all my open court cases involve knives and striking other flip side of that coin.
    I have been jumped by a biker gang full of off duty police officers, firefighters ,fighter and rescue personal ,hospital personal ,dept of corrections and small town young men who do not like me, I've had my head broken in 4 spots (now have TBI),stabbed in left shoulder ,tripped, punched

  36. Lots of interesting, realistic comments here. I rarely comment on videos, but thought I'd ad something to this thread.
    My nephew is a police officer. When I went over to his place one afternoon with a fixed blade knife on my belt, he about shit. According to him, that's a concealed deadly weapon, and if I get caught carrying one I'd be charged with a felony.
    My rule # 1: don't do crimes.

  37. Have a gun or a good pair of shoes to run fast. Knife fights are always messed affairs, even more since usually there's no "fight" at all – who attacks you will do it before you take your blade out of its sheath.

  38. There are knife fights…..not too sure if there are knife fighters?

    The picture of the free fall warrior on the wall is cool

  39. Could I use a knife for self defense when a person who has been coming to my job and Getting into my face and trying to get onto me about things I'm about at my wits end please help me

  40. Springs wear out???? LOL! I carry & use a assist knife daily. Using it dozens or sometimes hundreds of times a day (working) , it's as fast and natural as snapping my fingers. My assist has NEVER "weakened".. They can get dirty.. But worse is carrying loose change in your knife pocket. I've had dimes & pennies get stuffed into my knife & it's something to think about…
    Oh, & put a edge on your blade daily. Brush your teeth, & diamond hone the edge before you head out…

  41. I have never understood fighting knives its a knife it wasn't designed to give you an extra edge over your opponents blade any knife can be used as a fighting knife IF one knows how to actually use it me I am trained in various weapons my favourite knife is the Karambit that is the only true proper fighting knife no other knife is designed with for the sole purpose of just killing a human being a fighting knife can be used for VARIOUS tasks around the campsite but a Karambit can't be used for camping its one and only purpose is to slide tear and kill

  42. Knives are cool, quiet, effective. Only problem I have with folders is the hold open mechanism breaking then boom, you slice your finger

  43. Or you could just get the knife and stab him😂 just be more aggressive act like your a demon on a rampage and make them regret attacking you

  44. Great pointers here.
    You're almost guaranteed to get cut when you find yourself in a fight where a knife comes out. Accept that fact and just keep fighting until you win. A lot of guys who pull out a knife in a fight lose control over it- it gets taken away or they're not prepared for how it reacts in their grip when fighting another person and it's knocked out of their hand.

    Get training in proven knife fighting styles if this is in your game plan. Kali or Arnis are superb styles- certain Japanese sub styles like Kenjutsu are good too- and quick to acquire basic functional skills. Fight training partners using blunted blades and put lipstick on the cutting edges- wear light colored clothing while sparring. It's extremely instructive as to where you are leaving yourself vulnerable. Train hard and when the real thing happens commit your mindset to never stopping until the threat is down- it's going to get messy and you will be cut at some point.

  45. Using a knife for self defense is legal and essential to survival in the event of sudden attack. Turning to run = you are stabbed or shot in the back. Kill or be killed. Knives are allowed places where guns are not. I am amazed at people who claim they would defend themselves by gun but not by knife> Check your knife. Practice often pulling it from your pocket and opening it with one hand W/O looking. Ensure the knife has a solid lock, finger guard, correct length, and never let them see the knife. Only use for self defense. We are not assassins.

  46. In some part of the Philippines, when you have a disagreement with someone, your answer is to tie you least dominant hand with another person and you survive to prove your point.

  47. Very dangerous topic to put on YouTube knowing the audience. Little boys to drunk old men. Having said that…

    Folding knives..IMHO…should only be used for "utility". A true "fighting knife" as mentioned are "fixed blade". They are at the ready out of the sheath. A folding knife is pulled out of a pocket from one end..then you have to quickly shift it into position (if used defensively or offensively)…time is wasted and things can go so wrong in the draw…add the unnatural position in a critical time where fractions of a second matter. Common sense.

    Which is why fixed knives are used as "fighting knives" by military and "knife fighters" only….for combat.

    I'd add, a shoulder holster would be advised for concealment and quick trouble free access. The reaching motion is more natural.

    And not that any one should learn from a film…there is one film I know of that did a very raw and realistic portrayal of "knife fighters" called The Knife (aka "Exposure") starring Peter Coyote and Amanda Pays. No CGI used I believe. Giving us a glimpse into what is likely how that world exists for real. The types of knives "popular" among those in that crowd. What happens in a real fight. The training I assume they actually use.

    The camera work/style they used added to the realism. As there were no comera tricks you commonly saw in a Van Damme film or even in the Jason Bourne films (e.g. lots of action close to the camera to the point where you couldn't always see the moves used).

    Maybe you could do a video about actual "fighiting knives" next if you haven't already. Just for fun.

  48. I forgot where, but something that's really stuck with me that I heard is that knife fighting skills just determine how badly you get cut, not if you get cut.

  49. To the people going on about not wanting to get into a knife fight and running away from the assailant: you don't conceal carry a gun because you want to get into a gunfight. Likewise, you don't carry a knife because you want a knife fight. They're both last resorts to protect your life.

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