How to bypass FRP Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices without any PC or OTG – Version 6.0.1

How to bypass FRP Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices without any PC or OTG – Version 6.0.1

Hi guys, this is Fernando from Fixepedia.
Today I’m going to show you how to work around an FRP Google protection.
Google Account protection so what happens is, if you’ve got a… in this case I’ve got a samsung j5 2016 if you’ve got a password well a… any password, or a Google account configured on the device and you don’t remember the password you don’t remember your Google Account Settings
what happens if is if you try and reinstall the operating system and reset
it it’s gonna give an error and you’re not
gonna be able to access the phone unless you know those settings okay
so what we need to do is work around it that’s exactly what I’m gonna show you
right now so first things first we’re gonna turn off the device and we’re
gonna reset it. So the way to reset it. with the device turned off is you have
to press the home button, the volume up button … and at the same time, the on/off Button. So as soon as something appears galaxy j5 image appears just let it go,
wait a little bit, and here you got your little Android booting up. Normally this gives an error after a few
seconds. okay, nope, no no biggie. So all you have
to do is just press the on/off Button and the Up button once or twice, eventually you’ll go into the the menu that we want. You have to be a little patient here, I notice that on
some phones you just press it once… and some phones you just wait a few seconds and it appears, i don’t know exactly why. if it’s probably the firmware, that it’s gone at
the time… this has, I forgot to show you but it has 6.0.1 version so it applies
up to that version because of the security patches, what we’re gonna do is
wipe data/factory reset. just press the on/off button use the volume up and down button, just to say yes or no. Click on The on/off for the OK, and ok…Reboot System now… now it’s gonna take around… 3 minutes, that’s been sort of the time
that they’ve been taking so, we just have to wait a little bit… okay so the resets has been included now
what’s gonna happen is we’re going to go inside this do the initial configuration and there you go and and authorize the
temp has been made to reset your device to factory default settings connect to
Wi-Fi or mobile network to verify your identity so I’m gonna just connect to my
Wi-Fi ok we’re connected just to check let’s go next
agree okay so this is what happens your device
was reset to continue you have to sign in to Google account that was previously
synced on this device so if you don’t know your Google Account Settings your
password and everything you pretty much done all you have to do now is follow
the steps so you can go into your device and retrieve actually put in another
data so the way we’re gonna get around get around all this is we have to press
we have to activate talkback so we have to press the home button three times okay and this menu will appear so you
just go out return and we’re going to try and draw an L okay if it doesn’t
work the first time just try two or three more times it normally takes a few
tries to get this menu to appear this time the first time I’m doing it in
English so I’m gonna try and see if it’s the same way I think it’s text-to-speech
settings something happens to happen to the touch
here okay something happened to the touch okay this can okay you can press
three times the home button to turn off the talkback because it’s a little
annoying after a time I think you have to select google text-to-speech and go
to the little menu and we’re gonna click on install voice data we’re gonna click
on more options feedback now just write anything on on feedback because all you
want to do is double click to select and then type and click on assist what
happened now is it opens up navigator now we want chrome to ways that I found
out that works is just to write in Chrome select it and it opens up the
other way would probably be to write in some type of YouTube channel go to
videos go to youtube and select an hyperlink then it’ll ask you which
navigator you want to open it up with so this is the easiest way and it still
works so just use that accept and continue no thanks you don’t have to
sign in now we want to go to a site that is cold
let’s just go to Google sort of probably easier to select okay we want to go to
the sites it’s called La Vie lives tech service no just go into the program okay
we’re ready at downloads so what we want now is download number three which is
signing to Google account that’s downloaded it I think this happens in
it’s different from phone to phone but in my one you have to click on this link
again to download it it’s asked to update permissions just allow and ok ok
you don’t have to open it now just go back because we need the option number
five which is Google accounts manager 6e so let’s click on it okay go down again and click on the MIT
image to download okay and when it appears to open up your folder just
click on open if you miss it if you wait a few seconds it disappears just
download it again there’s no problem okay downloaded let’s go open both files
over yeah so the first one we want to install is Android 6 that’s installation
blocked so this is security settings let’s go to settings I know so unknown
sources we activate it and take off this little till ok install and this is where
the magic starts to happen just click on done and now we’re gonna click on FRP
bypass install ok installed open now all you have to do is click on these little
three dots on the top right browser sign in ok now just put in any Google
accounts you have if you don’t have one you can just make one up right on here
I’m gonna put on mine okay so it’s signing in and then pretty
much done all you have to do is go all the way back to the beginning right to
the beginning okay now next next next again agree and
just wait a moment Google Account added so next this just a sec normally takes
just a minutes or just two minutes so just three minutes depending on your
Wi-Fi connection I guess my case it normally takes around
three four minutes I don’t know it’s just a pain just have to the hold on okay so now you all set up all you have
to do now is just click on not now and just go next next next I’m gonna take
this off so I said to put any protection right now okay you don’t have to sign in
to your Samsung Account right now I can do it later agree to all just go next
next next okay okay so you win and all we have to do
now is configure the device if you want to you can now go into settings again
and this is up to you you can do backup and reset and just factory data reset
now that you’ve got access to your device it’s not going to give you that
error so feel free just to do it again just to be on the safe side and have
everything cleaned up well that’s it if you liked the video if it helped out
don’t forget to subscribe with small Channel we’re building up so it really
helps click on like and see you in the next one thanks bye bye

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  2. You are a wonderful man, my son infected the phone, I returned it to the factory settings and the phone stayed for 1 year thank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank you

  3. Thanks so much! This is an A+++++ / *** (5 star) fix!
    This worked for me!

    I was looking for a simple way to ROOT my Samsung A8 SM-A530W for a long time now to no avail, until yesterday, I did see in the past that the root file for an SM-A530F would work just fine for rooting my particular model number but I could never get it to work or figure out how to do it, so yesterday I found a set of instructions at (site address below the following warning):



    SERIOUSLY, If you get lost with those instructions and some of the words used confuse you, it's best to just move on and forget it, o.k.?
    and it asks you to download several files, ODIN, MAGISK, RMM STATE BYPASS, NO VERIFY OPT ENCRYPT, and the TWRP Recovery Image for a Samsung SM-A530F which I followed the intructions on that site to the letter and what do ya know? IT WORKED!
    I was getting a security error, this video tells you how to fix it properly, now I have a rooted SM-A530W and no popup errors! YAY!

    Thanks again to the poster of this video for telling us how to disable/get rid of the popup security error!
    Much appreciated!

    Email: [email protected]

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  5. For me, chrome did not show OPEN option so I used Samsung browser. Just navigate to bookmarks icon and then click downloads tab. You will see downloaded files.
    If your device has lollipop, you need to download option 5 instead of 6.
    Thanks a lot for this great tutorial.

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