How to Block the Haymaker Punch! – Self Defense 💪

How to Block the Haymaker Punch! – Self Defense 💪

alrighty Hey Movers we’re talking about how to defend against the haymaker punch I’m gonna actually show two options for this one if the punches of a little bit wider this is what’s going to happen Shh all I’m doing is that big very common street punch comes is I’m going to make a block my hand goes out I defend wrist to wrist i use the blade of my arm to make it hurt him i keep a bend in my elbow so it’s a block and I attack the attack i’m not thinking defense i’m thinking often it should hurt the other person but that’s not enough for us at the same time as I make that block making a simultaneous counter-attack that’s what I want to do any time and that big haymaker that sloppy punch is actually pretty common in a street fight not professional but common now if he’s a little bit better at making a punch his punch is not so big and wide but a little bit cleaner and straighter I have to change some things up I don’t have time to get my hand out that far so instead of blocking it I’m going to end up covering this way and then countering afterward all I’m doing if the punch came to the side of my body is bringing my hand up to block my forearm my biceps my triceps they all help me block if his punches are more professional that’s how i’m going to defend myself and as soon as they make the defense I’m countering afterwards punch or elbow and then i’m finishing the nice thing about this defense is it covers me very easily the only downside is it’s harder to counter-attack simultaneously so if he makes that big wider punch I want to make both motions at the same time if he’s better i can’t quite do that so I’m going to cover first and then counter-attack second this kind of punches be most common point you’ll see the street fight that’s how we defend against the haymaker

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  1. This is exactly what i was looking for, i love intercepting haymakers because it feels natural and doesn't require a lot of effort but you're right if the punch is tighter there is a chance it can slip through and hit me, I actually got caught during sparring on the side of the chin because his punch was tight and he was too close thank god I didn't get knocked out next time i'll pay more attention and use the helmet block.

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